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  1. Age Limit

    Well you've got two people intrested, Myself and Sparks
  2. Phantom Frog - can't read button names

    Ive downloaded Phantom Frog 9.2 to use it to get to know the Fat Frog as we will be purchasing the Fat Frog Soon. But i can't read any of the buttons as the text is so small do they have any manuals for it. I've figured out the Basics e.g Programming memorys etc. but how do you add fixtures etc.
  3. Irritating background refresh issue with front panel

    It Occasinoly (spelling) does it with my Windows Xp
  4. Load Show

    True, I could install one, but in the two years I've had this PC this is the first time I've ever needed one. I normally move any data around either using my home LAN or a 64Mb USB memory drive - a floppy is soooo 20th Century :wink: It won't be long before th Frog's are shipped with USB ports I'm sure :idea: Cheers, Dick Floppy drives only cost between £5-10 and there always handy to have around its worth having one.
  5. Age Limit

    Whats the minium age for training as im 15 coming on to 16 in march
  6. Newbie!

    Weve got 4 mini macs, 15 Acclaim Fresnel's, 4 Acclaim Axial's, 25 Acclaim Range, And 6 Acclaim Flood Luminaires. And in the progress in getting more
  7. Newbie!

    Ive ordered A fat frog Any tips i should know about it