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  1. iank99

    Chilli Dimmers

    Not in the Chilli range... The iLight range uses the same chassis and shares some of the electronics of the Chilli range but offers a better mix of control protocols to replace existing architectural controls. The good news is - Keith Roger does some commissioning of iLight kit so he can answer some basic questions to get you started...
  2. iank99

    Fat Frog Update error..

    Yeah - it will be the battery. Fingers crossed it's a STmain2 desk with the 2032 cell onboard
  3. iank99

    Sirius 250

    Just to say - raystream found my website and also asked the question, I've passed on an old doc from the 90's that referred to upgrading the Sirius 250/500 storage tray and that had Bios settings detailed. Hopefully this will solve the issue and breath some life in to his desk
  4. iank99

    LF48 No Worky

    Is the desk being toured i.e. moved about a lot or is it "living" comfortably in a control room in a venue? There are a couple of likely faults depending on the answer to above. If you can't find a dealer to give you a sensible timeframe for sorting it then contact me and I'll see if I can help.
  5. iank99

    Zero 88 12/24 error code 003

    Kevin's hit the nail on the head - you need to Reset the desk in Super User - simple power cycling won't help.
  6. iank99

    Betapak 1 Problem

    I'd be looking at the control cable for that rack first (they do fail!) - sounds like a whisker touching two pins. After that, you'll need to take the mainboard out to check that - if you're happy fault finding a PCB using a multimeter and a soldering iron, then it should take about an hour plus removing/replacing the PCB. Or... You could send it me to look at - The Service Guy
  7. iank99

    Alphapack faulty

    Did you get this sorted eventually?
  8. iank99

    Elara Zero88

    I specifically bought a second hand Alcora Mk2 to use as a "slave" desk if I needed to loan someone a desk during repair - 24 channels of rock solid DMX and easy to use event after a few years - I can't say that about some of the generic chinese 24 channel desks
  9. iank99

    Elara Zero88

    The Elara/Alcora series desks are a cracking little desk - very robust and easy to use once you get a hang of the basics, they're also relatively trouble free in terms of maintenance - generally only needing new faders. The Mk2 versions have a little more functionality as they allow DMX patching but otherwise there's little difference between the two marks.
  10. iank99

    Alphapack faulty

    Which model Alphapack is it - does it have just two DIN sockets or two DIN sockets & 2 XLR Connectors? Whilst they're functionally similar - internally they're different beasts to work on and will need two different repair solutions... It sounds like the overload sense coil may have become disconnected from the PCB (this can happen if the unit is moved about a lot without being gentle) or the sense circuit has failed. If it's the model with 2 DIN sockets then I can likely repair it (my contact details are in my profile ) - the other model will probably need to go back to Zero88 because of the internal design.
  11. iank99

    any help welcomed

    Hey now! Did I miss a memo? It's my week to be the kicking board?
  12. iank99

    RWT - Green Output Channel Lights always on

    Yes - I could look at your rack but I try not to advertise here overtly (it's just good manners to my mind) - let me know if you need me too. Kevin - you didn't get the £200 in used tenners I left at reception for you in the brown envelope then?
  13. iank99

    RWT - Green Output Channel Lights always on

    It's going to be a dry joint on the DMX PCB or the test/input card - BetaPack 2's can be a pain for this sort of thing - it might even be that the preheat/test levels need resetting, some folks like to turn them up full so they don't need to connect a desk for some basic lighting. You're going to have to open the rack and remove the DMX card to give it a look over or get it to someone that can repair BetaPack 2's - should be about an hours work in total. There may be a failed IC on the input card but anyone who's been around these racks for long enough will know what to do.
  14. iank99

    any help welcomed

    Andy - you also need to bear in mind that if the desk is a "Frog" (and there are still lots about) then it won't do any fixture control at all no matter the software - it needs to be a "Fat Frog" - the easy way to tell the model is whether there are fixture select buttons on the right hand end of the front panel. You'll also find that if the LED's you're trying to use don't have a discrete dimmer channel - the Fat Frog, Bullfrog series don't "understand" the virtual dimmer channel that can be defined in fixture tools so fades might well become a rainbow of colours going to black rather than a simple fade.
  15. iank99

    replacement buttons for fat frog

    The switch mechanism is still available as a spare from Zero88, so you should be able to order from your local Zero88 Dealer or from a Zero88 parts supplier *coughs*. Each mechanism comes complete with the cap so you don't need to faff swapping that but the LED's aren't interchangeable as they're embedded in the mechanism case. From experience - it takes about 20 minutes to desolder/solder the button mechanism in place once you've opened the case - if you've not changed the battery in the desk for a while, do that whilst it's open.

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