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  1. Using Phantom ZerOS with WYSIWYG

    ok.. doesn't matter! I'm curious about the new software.. do you know the scheduled release? regards from Hannover
  2. I'm trying to connect phantom frog with wysiwyg but it doesn't work. I'm using the zero88 wysiwyg driver and wysiwyg R.22. Is there an opportunity to type in an IP adress in phantom frog?
  3. Patching

    hey, I want to patch more than one DMX address to a preset fader but it doesn't work. I know that it was possible on the FatFrog by pressing the insert-button in the patch-menu. And another problem. my leap frog is working in the basic-partial mode, when I chose a preset-fader (for example for a par-can) I can't activate the same DMX address with a submaster (the right DMX address is programmed!!) until I press the clear-button. But at that time all DMX output get lost!! In the basic - full mode both preset-fader and submaster-fader are equal... did I do anything wrong?? I hope you can help me!