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  1. PLASA: Pub or Stand?

    Hi Don't worry - the pub is still on!! We have decided to take a small space in the halls this year to act as an information station within the exhibition. This allows people who are not familiar with the pub to come and see us. As with last year we will be in the Tournament for the whole duration of the show, with all our latest products, the chance to get some advance product training (on FRogs and Illusion 500) and of course our usual hospitality. See you there!!
  2. Free promotion!

    Cheers - keep an eye out on the www.zero88.com for the story......
  3. Frog Lanyard's

    What is a cucumber walk :? !!!!
  4. Free promotion!

    Great pics Do you have a little more info on the tour itself? What was it for? Was it just the one venue - or if not how many? Any quotes from you on how the desk performed - you know how manufacturers love testimonials!! :wink: Cheers
  5. Free promotion!

    Zero 88 are always on the look out for examples of projects, installations or gigs that have used our equipment. Newsworthy stories are automatically published on our website and are circulated to industry publications where relevant. If you have used Zero 88 gear and would like your activities promoted for free, please forward details to me. Photo's are always a bonus