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  1. Fixtures on fingerwheels on fat frog

    ok cheers just wanted to make sure before i get the tower out
  2. Fixtures on fingerwheels on fat frog

    ok thanks ive got it sorted now - manual patch the only thing is iv'e got 4 of those scanners and i just figured out that the numbers on the DIL switch have to be the same as those of the fixtures problem is ive got them on 64, 128 and 256 those are the only available numbers i wondered if i could put down to of those switches ? e.g 64+32 to make 96 ?? would have experemented first but this whole dmx stuff is a bit new to me and they're allready rigged so not really all that accesable thanks
  3. Fixtures on fingerwheels on fat frog

    i'm pretty sure ive allready done that, the text and values appear on the screen but the wheels don't do anything
  4. i've got a little problem, i recently added some ACME Dynamo scanners to our fat frog, everything seems to be o.k. apart from the fact i was expecting them to be controllable by the wheels however they are on the main faders. does anyone know how to move them across ??