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  1. Hi Alex, Here is the manual to help you http://zero88.com/manuals/7340300_jestermanual_3_4.pdf However... there are three modes of operation for this desk:- `Program`, `Run` and `Preset`. `Program` is used when you program the desk (with certain faders for certain lights). `Run` is for running the show - here you can test all the programs that you have entered. HOWEVER `Preset` is used to show all the lights attached to all the faders `Preset` is the mode that you need to use so you can see which light is attached to which fader. To help you, each operational mode (Program, Run and Preset) appear in slightly different colours on the screen. (If you have an attached monitor) ((Very useful if you do not have one)) `Program` has a background title of Red `Run` has a background title of Green and `Preset` is Orange. To switch over from `program` and `run` mode you press the `mode` button. To switch to `preset` mode you press the mode button for a couple of seconds. (If I remember rightly) So, the first thing you need to do is to go into `preset` mode and test all the faders. If everything works ok you will see each of your 42 lights dim and fade with your 48 faders. (I am telling you this from memory - so i am sorry if i have got this slightly wrong) (This will prove to you that all your lights work and which faders are for which lights) If this doesn't happen then you need to check your hardware (cabling, dimmer packs etc) If this does happen you now need to read the manual and learn how to program the desk. I hope this is basic enough for you to understand. If I have got anything wrong I am sorry (and I don't need flaming from anyone else - I am trying to help this guy) If you need any direct help email me (link is on my website) and I will see what I can do to help. Best of luck Kind regards (Please let us know how you get on)
  2. Zero88 Desk-Screen Font Choice

    I agree, Monospaced fonts are ideal for this situation. There are a few different monospaced fonts that could work. Perhaps one with no fancy topping and tailling of the letters. Maybe something like Andale Mono - this is very popular. or maybe Letter Gothic Kind Regards
  3. Zero88 Desk-Screen Font Choice

    Hi I think this is a question for John and the Zero88 team but... Has anyone else besides me ever wanted a different font that is displayed on the screen we can attach to our zero88 desks? I have used the frog desks and I am currently using a Jester. The font that is displayed is similar to Times Roman, and it would be really good (especially for us lot whose eyesight is not that great) to have a more modular font with no fancy pieces around the letter. The Ubuntu common font is a good all-rounder, or perhaps Arial or something similar (or even a few choices). ...any ideas anyone? Thanx pj
  4. I.R. remote

    Hi again - I have now had chance to soak up what you have said. Mmmm interesting - yes I have messed around with arduinos (and rasp-pi's and now nodemcu's) and love doing that. I think the point about setting up a dmx controller onto the wired switch is a good one. I have several wireless dmx receivers and have used them a lot and they are really good and helpful (to us lighting folk) and I think that would be the better option. Thanx Derek Kind Regards pj
  5. I.R. remote

    Hi, Thanx for your input. (More later)
  6. I.R. remote

    Here is a strange one. I want to operate a I. R. Remote operated projection screen at the back of a hall by my Jester 48 lighting desk. I reckon I need a dmx operated learn able I. R. Remote control but before I reinvent the wheel has anyone done this or bought / made one? Thanx
  7. programming a flash

    Hi Kev, thanks for that - I fear you may be right.
  8. programming a flash

    Hi I have a specific need for a flash of certain lights and this needs to be in a scene memmory. I have tried a chase but this keeps on repeating the sequence of on off on off etc. I have tried a snap fade but this just leaves the lights on (obviously). I need certain lights to come on - stay on for, say, 0.5 seconds - then go off. The only asnswer I have come up with is one scene memmory for the lights to come on and the next for the lights to go off, and I have to press the go button twice quickly. I dont like that very much though. Any ideas guys please? desk=jester 24/48 R2 o.s.=v4.1
  9. Loading crossfades into memory.

    Hi Kevin, Yes I got it now thanx. Thanx for replying, Kind Regards
  10. Loading crossfades into memory.

    Ah ha - I think I have spotted my problem (not the board - me!) Thanks for your input
  11. Loading crossfades into memory.

    Thanx for all the replies guys. OK let's say for ease of explanation lx1 is channel 1 and 2 fade up. I need the next cue (lx2) to fade down channels 1 and 2 and fade up channel 3 and 4 at the same time. Thanx
  12. Loading crossfades into memory.

    Hi This probably sounds an easy operation but for the life of me I can not get this to work and would welcome some input please. I am trying to fade out a few channels and fade in a few channels into one operation I.e. one memory. It just won't work and I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone spare me a couple of mins to explain this to me. Thanx very much.
  13. Numeric Keypad via Usb Keyboard?

    Great - thanx Jon.
  14. Using midi functionality

    ok thanks v m
  15. Using midi functionality

    Hi Zero guys Is there a link you could give me so I can read up about the midi signals that need to be generated in order to control my jester. thanx pj