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  1. Flx s48 not working

  2. Flx s48 not working

    Hi Ed Done the upgrade all seems to be working well with one fixture am putting the 20 other fixtures in now. But what does patch offset 6 min mean
  3. Flx s48 not working

    Thanks Ed will try again tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. And help at this late hour Pete
  4. Flx s48 not working

    No it's the original software. It crashes at the same point. When I try to put 20 fixtures in the 1st field then it won't allow me to tell it where I want the fixture or the address. Then it crashes. I've tapped the full 96 channels don't know whether that's got anything to do with it. Need to be up and running by Monday. Happy with playback and the stack First fixtures tried to get going
  5. Flx s48 not working

    Keeps crashing
  6. Flx s48 not working

    In fact crashed
  7. Flx s48 not working

    Hi Ed Got 20 Chauvet Rado 1 tour art+d 5 chanel led's. I go to put in Quantity it will only allow me to put in 2 won't allow me to put in fixture number and will not allow me to change the Dmx address Peter
  8. Flx s48 not working

    Hi Ed Sorted. Many Thanks
  9. Flx s48 not working

    I'll give it a go tomorrow
  10. Flx s48 not working

    Hi I purchased a flx s48 on Wednesday tried it today and just plugged a couple of generic lights into a dimmer and the faders on the desk don't work with the lights the display is only showing the save button and the groups button. The output button, Cue list window and the playback window are missing It will allow me into the set up window but have not touched anything there incase I make matters worse. HELP