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  1. Random intensity effect

    or can you make for me in the next update?
  2. Random intensity effect

    Is there any way to make this effect and upload through usb to the os?
  3. Random intensity effect

    But i have to change the minimal and maximal value often it will be much easier with effect insted of generating new chase for every adjustment
  4. Random intensity effect

    Thank you Jon but offset is another thing, not what i need because its just pushing the starting position of several lights with the same effect. I would like to create a flickering fire effect on 1ch regular dimmer. For example: I set up the fader 80 percent give 10 size and 50 speed. Then the effect gives random intensity value between 80% and 70% changing with 50 speed. Something like that. Its really important to me because i am working in a movie with a lot of candle light or fire light and i have to reproduce these lights through the flxs quickly. Thank you Daniel
  5. Hello, How can I do a random effect on intensity? I mean I would like to set the size and speed. Like the fader intensity effect just in random not in linear. Thanks Daniel
  6. Rosco/Lee Color filters

    Mood board is not good when the DOP comes with his gel color ideas and i have to find it quickly
  7. The solution: in playback settings release on lower setting was ticked.
  8. Hello, Is there a way to use lee and rosco filters library somehow instead of this mood thing? Thanks Daniel Flx s24
  9. Hello. I am using flxs 24 I trying to control digital sputnik ds6.its got 6 seperate head in it. I am using arra skypanel 30 mode 1 profile for it because it’s got the same channel distribution. Its got intensity channel,cct channel green magenta, color fade and rgbw channels i pushed all the six intensity to 100% set the desired cct value and push record and assinged to a playback. Clear. When i am pulling the fader to 0 its changing the cct channel as well with the intensity. How can i set to pull just the intensity nothing else. Thank you Daniel
  10. Thanks a lot i will try it tonight
  11. Hello I bought an flx 24 - 512 yesterday. Its got 7.9.2 software on it. I tried to update to the latest software. Downloaded the usb maker made the bootable stick with 2 different usb stick. It said i just have to plug in to the closest usb to the ethernet and power it up. When i do that nothing happening just boots up normaly. What am i doing wrong? Thank you Daniel