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  1. Still waiting for my FLX S24 512 - it is in backorder here in DK :-( Reading alot in the manual and the setup is ready to be loadet when I have the deck/controller in my hands. But how do I make a palette where the moving heads only are working on the "dancefloor" - can´t find it in the manual, do I miss it? What to do so I "restrict" the movements on moving heads for a special area?
  2. Great - thank you for the help. I´ll come back with more fixture request in the near future :-)
  3. Hi Jon, Yes, it is a Stairville CLB4 compact bar running in 14 channel mode. I have attached the manual as a pdf Stairville CLB4 Bar manual.pdf
  4. Think I´ll will buy a FLX S24 in the near future for my small mobile disco. I just have a simple question. Can I program a single bar with one DMX address and four spots so all four spots are working with the effect generator and can be controlled as four individual spots? I am using the fixture in 14 channel mode - ch. 1: Red, ch 2: green, ch. 3: blue, ch 4: red, ch 5: green, ch.: 6 blue, ch. 7 red....... and so on. Ch 13: strobe, ch 14: dimmer. Hope somebody can help me with a solution. Regards. Carsten Poulsen, Carpo Roadshow www.carpo.dk