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  1. Professional degree qualified ZerOS programmer/operator. Worked as a lighting designer and board operator for acts such as:- Jethro, Jim Davidson, Toploader, So Solid Crew, Peter Andre, Bad Manners and Hawkwind. Has own Zero 88 consoles, for more information reply on this topic.
  2. RigSync pulsing ShowTec active SunStrips

    Hi Edward, Yes it seems even though these are the newer MK2, Highlite haven't included RDM. It's not really a big problem, just gave me a bit of scare when we upgraded to the new version of ZerOS and all the SunStrips started pulsing every few minutes.
  3. Has anyone else had the issue of RigSync pulsing SunStrips? This stops when the RigSync is disabled, put as soon as you enable RigSync it starts again.