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  1. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    thanks a lot Jon. If I can buy a FLX in a while, and my learning is at best, I could make videos of presentation in French to appeal to the light technicians who can not go on Grand Ma or other big consoles to go on the alternative that you propose at Zero88. So I Download Winebottle I will test ZerOS as soon as possible ... Thank ! Take care and have a good week Eric
  2. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

  3. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello Edward, thank a lot for your help ! I will try in 2 or 3 days... Do you think that ZerOS will exist an Mac OS ? I dont have facilities on PC/Window. (In Mac OS since 1993) Other question : When we sending manuel with Map to the fixture support, how is it working ? Fixture creation takes a long time ? New fixture are only available with futur update ? Thank for your help and answers. Have a nice day, Salutation from France ! Eric VDA
  4. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello So a friend give me for few days a PC laptop. And I try to install the Zero OS ... I have a question, about installation, I try to do it and it's telling me that it will erase the disk... That is mean that this software must have a special disk without other software or documents ? Thank for your help Eric
  5. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello Yes excuse me, I did error in my syntax. I speak about Wing and not about Moving fader. You re right ! But I ve so dyslexic problems... So It was clear in my head about FLX and Wings extensions ! Take care, eric
  6. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello, Thank you Kevin for your answer. In the first place that's why I asked the question of whether there were users of FLX in France to Edward, because it seems to me to be able to see in real what it gives. Then I think and imagine that the FLX with its numeric keypad should allow me to call a particular projector Or group of projector to allow me to access it quickly ... and if it is indeed it is LED that I can access the parameters ... (7 or 8 channels) When to automatic lyres, I do not think I would go beyond a dozen machines. So having 1 or more Flying Fader can allow me to still have under hand more projectors to be able to work faster ... But indeed it is certain that Solution XL will offer me 96 fader + 36 subgroups at no extra cost, but with older processors. On the other hand by going on the FLX + 1 flying Fader, I will have less access, but I can later add flying fader if the need is felt ... Thank you for the time you take to answer me. It's really cool ! There I download the user manual, so I'll already be able to see things and see the menus. thank you Eric
  7. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello, the answers help me well ... And FLX looks to be the best ... Kgallen. In fact for dance, I have on each side of the scene: By slide: 1 floor projector (About 8 to 10 projecteurs) 2 or 3 side projectors on feet ( About 16 to 24, traditional and LED) And at the end of harrow sideways very high. (About 8 to 10) Then on the harrows. I have PAR LED rows and lines that allow me to design rows, rows and diagonals on the ground. (About 24 to 36 Leds) And some feww automatic... So teachers / choreographers can ask me for any projector of any slide or group of projectors and having the things in question at hand allows me to go faster indeed. So on the LANBOX I had the drawings of the scene on my screen and I could with a click have any projector or group in 1 second. I know that it will not be possible for me anymore. But having several faders to launch projectors is a saving of time in encoding. Then of course all this show serves me more than anything since I will run the effects one after the other. In general between 150 to 300 effects that follow on the driving ... Anyway going to a new environment I know that I will have to change habits and create new work automatism. With the LAnbox I prepared everything at home projector on the screen, subgroups, and fixtures. So I just had to encode once in the theater. With FLX I would do the same thing, a preparatory work at home ... Thank you for your help and advice that I value! I will try in the coming days the soft ... And especially read the user manual to understand the operation of the FLX. Question: Are there FLX users in France? Because I seek to be able to speak with someone who already uses it .... Thank you again for your help... Eric
  8. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello Thank you for your answers. Indeed on the side of the controls, I need to have faders for direct access, and encoding (that's why I was looking at Solution and Solution XL) Example on dance competitions, the rehearsal time of each choregraphy is short. So I have to be quick to program! But on the other hand, if leaves the Lanbox, it is for a reason of lack of power. For the traditional with 150/200 DMX circuits things were going well. But with LED / Automatic and 300/350/400 DMX Circuits it was gone! Question: If ZerOS is on Solution and FLX, does that mean that the menus and possibilities will be the same? FLX is more powerful than Solution? How many Wings maximum on FLX? It's sure that I thought I had to go deep inside myself that I had to go on either FLX + wing or Solutions XL .... Simply in case I have to rent equipment, I have less limits with two consoles more powerful. I do not have a PC but 1 mac so hard to try the ZerOS. But I will still see if in my knowledge nobody can lend me a PC 1 Week end. It's for the same reasons that I can not edit fixtures, because for that you need a PC that I have never used in my life. Have been for 35 years on Apple. (No one is perfect ... hey hey) Thank you for your help and listen to you! Eric
  9. Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello, I am Eric (France) and I come back to this forum to clarify my choices. I currently have a Jester 24/48 so I'm happy and working with a LANBOX + Apple computer. this solution Lanbox + computer begins to be unreliable. And I look towards 4 directions ... Purchase for April / May / June ... Solution or solution XL or FLX + wings Or FLX S 48 + wings Material in use: - Traditional dimmers (PAR / PC ) between mini 24 circuits max 300 DMX circuits. - "PAR LED" 100 to 250 DMX circuits - Automatic Lyre 100 to 200 DMX circuits. Type of show: Theater with driving 1, 2, 3, etc ... which follows a music with precise top. More rarely need to send live ... Difficulties: Work with dance associations that rent in a very short time venues. So the encoding must be done quickly and with ease! My questions. When I look at the videos as the specifications, the different products all seem interesting and have big advantages. The prices (Solutions XL and FLX + wings on one side and FLX S 48 + wings and Solution on the other) seem close ... There are more videos about FLX and FLX S solutions and not much about XL solutions and solutions ... So I need your help ... What is the most logical for the traditional mix and Automatic / Led? What encodes the easiest? And if I understand correctly the OS is the same for both consoles? (solutions and FLX) Thank you for your help, Eric VDA Last question : I have some low cost projecteur (Stairville, Cameo and Electroconcept) and I think that this fixture will be not on Desk OS. Can I send you MAP for creating fixture ?
  10. Jester 24/48

    Thanks for your information. I've only a problem, I working on MacBookPro. I never use window. It was for this reasons that I was working with Lanbox. Lanbox was right with old OS. (MAC 10.7 Lion) So I can try to see with people around me, who having Window. Thank for your help. Eric
  11. Jester 24/48

    Thank you for your answers. (Sorry for my bad english, Google translate helps me ...) In fact FLX and FLX S, of course the price indicates that the two types of consoles do not do the same things. Even if the philosophy is the same. What I loved about the Jester is the great ease of programming ... When my LAnbox broke down, I was able in 1 hour to read the instructions and save my show. Encoding of 35 effects with LED, Moving Light and PC. For me the difficulty on dance shows is that I have projectors everywhere on stage. By slide: 2 Laterals / 1 floors (LED / PAR 64) Which is about 20 lateral and 10 floor projectors. Against: 8 to 12 per harrow (LED / PAR 64) What makes 24 LEDS and 12/24 PAR64 Some moving head several showers (PC) and of course on the Face. These are dance competitions, so each group has a short time on stage. And I have to be able to encode very quickly so as not to overrun time. So I must be able to intervene very quickly on any projector or group of projectors, to enter the effects one after the other. Knowing that during the rehearsals, the groups of dancers are not in the order of the show. And so to make the 150 to 200 effects (Cues) I have a morning and an afternoon. So I have to have a rule that allows me to be able to search very quickly projectors, which is instinctive enough to go fast and that especially allows me to make corrections quickly. Here. So in France we have especially the Big MA, Avolites, some Chamsys ... So hard for me to realize the capabilities of FLX and FLX S. And the videos that exist show little in a show situation, to realize the flexibility and capacity of the machine ... That's it! Thank you for your attention.
  12. Jester 24/48

    Thank a lot for your answers ! It 's clear and like this I know exactly what I have ! So Now the further question will be for 2018 what direction to take... FLX look really good, but expansive... FLX S 48 (1024 ) I know that for instance I need only about 350 /400 DMX channels. 36 LEDs (7 and 8 channels) 5 Lyres ( 14 and 16 Channels) Dimmers (24 channels) But in the future, if I buy 12 Leds and some few Lyres, I will go on about 600 / 700 hundred DMX channels... So FLX / FLX S will be the right solution. So I will go in a few days in the FLX Forum fr asking questions and be sure that FLX/FLX S will be the right solutions for me ! Thank for your help !
  13. Jester 24/48

    Thank you for the answer... in fact on the Jester instructions for use it is indicated: "Low Memory Warning: The Jester has a maximum capacity of 500 memories, ...." As indicated in a previous post, when I could do a test with this console and a older soft, I had access (Memory empty of course) to 49 memories + inserts. = 500 memories. And so on the console that I just received, I have in program mode, 999 memories. So if physically (RAM) I have 500 memories but on the soft I have 999 memories, I tell myself that in fact everything that exceeds 500, 501, 502, 503, etc, it is useless since the memory will be full! It's a bit like a car that rolls at 180 KM / H and the meter goes up to 240 KM / H. From which my logical question to know if on the last models, it is just the soft one which allows to go up to 999 memories or if on the side Hardware, the capacity was heard! FLX or FLX S 48.... Then of course I expect to spend well in 6 or 7 months, when I have the money, to an FLX. The jester will become a backup console AND / OR a secondary console. I often have 2 consoles. 1 which is for programming (LANBOX) and a traditional control room to access live a number of projectors. And that is handy! I use some few moving head, lots of LED (PAR 64) et few traditional PAR and PC. And all of this for Dance Show. I work in theater way. Work with a written conduct. part after part, and most of the time between 150 à 300 effects ! thank you for your attention Eric VDA
  14. Jester 24/48

    So thank. Indeed on the manual, it was indicated that in "Run" mode we have half of the faders in preset mode and the other half in submaster mode. But with the update, it could have evolved to have on both rows of Fader, while preset or while submaster. Question 1 to Jon: About the cues on a Jester model that I was able to try a few days ago with an older version of Soft, there were only 50 Cues available. With inserts 0.1 to 0.9, it allows to have 500 cues. On the Jester that I just bought there are 999 cues. And the inserts still exist. Was there just a soft evolution? Or is there more memory? Question 2 to Jon: Is there a more user manual that I can download? Because between the PDF version and the version of Soft, I imagine that there must have been evolutions ... Thank you for your reply.
  15. USB Keyboard

    Thank a lot. I will try with PC Keyboard. Eric