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  1. Jester 24/48

    Thanks for your information. I've only a problem, I working on MacBookPro. I never use window. It was for this reasons that I was working with Lanbox. Lanbox was right with old OS. (MAC 10.7 Lion) So I can try to see with people around me, who having Window. Thank for your help. Eric
  2. Jester 24/48

    Thank you for your answers. (Sorry for my bad english, Google translate helps me ...) In fact FLX and FLX S, of course the price indicates that the two types of consoles do not do the same things. Even if the philosophy is the same. What I loved about the Jester is the great ease of programming ... When my LAnbox broke down, I was able in 1 hour to read the instructions and save my show. Encoding of 35 effects with LED, Moving Light and PC. For me the difficulty on dance shows is that I have projectors everywhere on stage. By slide: 2 Laterals / 1 floors (LED / PAR 64) Which is about 20 lateral and 10 floor projectors. Against: 8 to 12 per harrow (LED / PAR 64) What makes 24 LEDS and 12/24 PAR64 Some moving head several showers (PC) and of course on the Face. These are dance competitions, so each group has a short time on stage. And I have to be able to encode very quickly so as not to overrun time. So I must be able to intervene very quickly on any projector or group of projectors, to enter the effects one after the other. Knowing that during the rehearsals, the groups of dancers are not in the order of the show. And so to make the 150 to 200 effects (Cues) I have a morning and an afternoon. So I have to have a rule that allows me to be able to search very quickly projectors, which is instinctive enough to go fast and that especially allows me to make corrections quickly. Here. So in France we have especially the Big MA, Avolites, some Chamsys ... So hard for me to realize the capabilities of FLX and FLX S. And the videos that exist show little in a show situation, to realize the flexibility and capacity of the machine ... That's it! Thank you for your attention.
  3. Jester 24/48

    Thank a lot for your answers ! It 's clear and like this I know exactly what I have ! So Now the further question will be for 2018 what direction to take... FLX look really good, but expansive... FLX S 48 (1024 ) I know that for instance I need only about 350 /400 DMX channels. 36 LEDs (7 and 8 channels) 5 Lyres ( 14 and 16 Channels) Dimmers (24 channels) But in the future, if I buy 12 Leds and some few Lyres, I will go on about 600 / 700 hundred DMX channels... So FLX / FLX S will be the right solution. So I will go in a few days in the FLX Forum fr asking questions and be sure that FLX/FLX S will be the right solutions for me ! Thank for your help !
  4. Jester 24/48

    Thank you for the answer... in fact on the Jester instructions for use it is indicated: "Low Memory Warning: The Jester has a maximum capacity of 500 memories, ...." As indicated in a previous post, when I could do a test with this console and a older soft, I had access (Memory empty of course) to 49 memories + inserts. = 500 memories. And so on the console that I just received, I have in program mode, 999 memories. So if physically (RAM) I have 500 memories but on the soft I have 999 memories, I tell myself that in fact everything that exceeds 500, 501, 502, 503, etc, it is useless since the memory will be full! It's a bit like a car that rolls at 180 KM / H and the meter goes up to 240 KM / H. From which my logical question to know if on the last models, it is just the soft one which allows to go up to 999 memories or if on the side Hardware, the capacity was heard! FLX or FLX S 48.... Then of course I expect to spend well in 6 or 7 months, when I have the money, to an FLX. The jester will become a backup console AND / OR a secondary console. I often have 2 consoles. 1 which is for programming (LANBOX) and a traditional control room to access live a number of projectors. And that is handy! I use some few moving head, lots of LED (PAR 64) et few traditional PAR and PC. And all of this for Dance Show. I work in theater way. Work with a written conduct. part after part, and most of the time between 150 à 300 effects ! thank you for your attention Eric VDA
  5. Jester 24/48

    So thank. Indeed on the manual, it was indicated that in "Run" mode we have half of the faders in preset mode and the other half in submaster mode. But with the update, it could have evolved to have on both rows of Fader, while preset or while submaster. Question 1 to Jon: About the cues on a Jester model that I was able to try a few days ago with an older version of Soft, there were only 50 Cues available. With inserts 0.1 to 0.9, it allows to have 500 cues. On the Jester that I just bought there are 999 cues. And the inserts still exist. Was there just a soft evolution? Or is there more memory? Question 2 to Jon: Is there a more user manual that I can download? Because between the PDF version and the version of Soft, I imagine that there must have been evolutions ... Thank you for your reply.
  6. USB Keyboard

    Thank a lot. I will try with PC Keyboard. Eric
  7. Jester 24/48

    Yes I think that between versions of software and user mode, there is a big gap ... I will try to see at Zero 88, if I can have more information on the evolutions between the old versions 3 and the version 4 ... To know if there was just software or software/hardware evolution... And also to have the answers at the level of the memories as possibilities from this console. Knowing that as I said above, this console will serve me as a backup console when I have a FLX / FLX S ... thank you for your help Eric
  8. Jester 24/48

    I agree with you. If a memory can contain "X mega", it will not be able to store more than its physical capacity! But since the notice that I have is a version 3 something and the console is version 4.1, there is a lot of questioning ... In fact on the basic specifications, and on the menus of older models of the Jester, the display corresponds to the technical specifications. In my case, I just want to know if in this version 4.1, the display is just a software improvement, or display 1 to 999 (+ inserts) without being able to write more than 500 memories ... Or if there have been changes to the latest models produced by ZERO 88. In fact on the instructions for use of the Jester 24/48, a lot of things are not indicated. For example, there is no representation on the record of what is displayed on the video screen. Memories, submaster, keyboard access, display of USB memories, etc ... Thank you for helping you
  9. USB Keyboard

    Question about the keyboard. So I have a Jester 48 version 4.1R2. What Keyboard doing / working on ? Calling memory ? writing name Effect ? Other things ? I try a keyboard, (Apple) and it s not working... And on the notice there is no explication about keyboard connecting... Thank for your help
  10. Jester 24/48

    GM = Grand Master ... Thank you
  11. Jester 24/48

    Side memory: I could see a Jester 24/48 which was listed software version 3 something. At the memory level it went well from 1 to 50, + 10 insert. On my new console version 4.1R2 I indeed 1 to 999. And I tried a few minutes ago the insert and it works too. That could make 9999 memories ... which seems to me a lot ... So is this an improvement of memory? A bug ?
  12. Jester 24/48

    Hello, I know this console is stopped at ZERO 88. But I could find one at Thomann. It meets my needs while waiting for next year to go on an FLX or FLX S. I have many qustions : A/ For memory, on the specifications I could see 500 memories on website. 50 memories + the 10 insert which goes up to 500. Yet last night by plugging my console for the first time, I could see the figure of "999" ... Have there been any changes in specification? More memory ? Insert still possible ? B / When the VGA screen is plugged in, I could see "GM = 100%" What is "GM"? C / In program mode, is there a way to access Presets 1/24 (Up) + 25/48 (Down) live? Or is it possible to only have 24 presets and 24 Submasters? thank you for your reply Eric VDA