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  1. SO My Computer is also on WIFI betwen NetBox. with
  2. van den abbeele Eric

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello I Need Help I m stil trying to connect FLX to Capture... Write on this Topic Thank for your help...
  3. So I disconnect all and reconnect all and now stil yellow led on preference but IP change... It s now and when I m going on Z "Info", there is - no DHCP IP adress - Not transmitting... Must I do something on Art Net configuration.... PS : Then I never have anyone who managed to make me understand the operation of IP addresses. I understand that each machine must be able to be identified, But when I connect things between her I go unfortunately still to great Hazard ... and I'm still galley. I already had this problem with Lanbox which also worked with IP address or USB ... And IP, I have rarely managed to connect IP ...
  4. van den abbeele Eric

    French User ? Utilisateurs Français ?

    Salut Peter. Hello Peter, your French looks better than my English... Take care
  5. Hello I bought two days ago Capture with two worlds, because that's what I'll use quite often. I managed to understand how Capture works. But now I'm blocking the connection between Capture and FLX. So I bought a thunderbolt / Ethernet cable, I have an Ethernet cable. I opened Capture, I at the patch allocated the projectors A.1 - A.20 - etc ... I have on the open FLX the things listed CAPTURE, But where I block it is at the table network (Preferences systems) the LED remains orange, as if the connection between the FLX and MACbookPro was not done ... Unfortunately I still have problems with all that is IP with subnet ... The LED remains yellow and indicates that the address is auto-assigned but can not access the Internet ... What should I do ? Thanks for the help
  6. van den abbeele Eric

    French User ? Utilisateurs Français ?

    Bonjour à tous, Hello, Y a t'il des utilisateurs de FLX sur ce forum ? Are there any FLX users on this forum? Peut être que nous puissions nous retrouver en Français tout en assurant la traduction (Google ou autres) pour que les sujets puissent aider le plus grand nombre. Je suis une jeune utilisateurs de FLX, je n'ai maintenant depuis 15 jours. Maybe we can find ourselves in French while ensuring the translation (Google or others) so that the subjects can help the greatest number. I am a young FLX users, I have now for 15 days. Une bonne fin de semaine à vous tous, Amicalement, Eric A good weekend to you all, Sincerely, Eric
  7. van den abbeele Eric

    Intensity effects

    Maybe the solution is to have effects that are towards: Chase (different effect) Colors (changes or variation) Projector movements Gobo / prism As we can be certain when entering a menu, we can act directly. I do not have as much concern about the effects, but often I ask myself the question about an option, what will it play on ... And I think that if the buttons "Color", "Beam" "Shape" "Pos" we send on clear things, The button "effect" sends us on things less clear ... So it may be that by pressing on this bonton effect that we can have more certainty on what option will intervene. Thanks for your help !
  8. van den abbeele Eric

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Good evening, I recorded this solution (Auto Select Channel on Fader Movement mode off) In fact I may be able to keep this option when recording and turned off during shows ... Then I remember the color screen ... But it seems to me that the color was white ... But to be sure, I must check next time it will happen and if I can take a picture ... (if it is short of repetition because in spectacle the priority is to be able to put out the lights which could turn on by mistake) Then I expect to buy Capture to continue working with the control room without having installation ... (I asked for a Quote, certainly it is not given for my association, in view of the expenses already made with the FLX + Wings + touch screen, but on the other hand it can allow me to explore further the other functions of your desk. I hope as soon as possible to make videos in French to help and envy future users. Thanks for the help bring!
  9. Hello, New question ... Sunday putting the boards back in their boxes, FLX and Jester 24/48, I could hear a noise in the Jester, as if there was a small screw or a small nut ... I wrote to Thomann, to know if I could open the console to verify that it is indeed a small screw or nut fell ... And he sent me a good return ... As I was able to tell them I have several shows to come ... and I find if it is indeed a small screw or nut, a large displacement of France / Germany .... Of course I do not want to blow the warranty ... But is it so complicated to open? I open regularly my MACBOOK PRO to remove the dust and I am careful to do only things that seem to me possible ... Thanks for your help... Eric
  10. van den abbeele Eric

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hello, Thanks for your help. I will do it. Then the only trouble to do this is that to gain access to a projector, it will be necessary to alleviate the button (activation of the LED) then open the fader. This is two actions instead of one ... A bit of time wasting on a long encoding ... So if I understand correctly it is a great sensitivity of the Faders that makes that from time to time put the LED function of the MMF fader ? By cons what I do not understand is that during my first show, I had indeed the LED of a MMF button that was lit, but without I move the Fader, the intensity was mounted all alone at 30/35% (Fader was on Zero). And so I had to mount the Fader to reach the value of the intensity and to lower it to zero to turn off the projector on stage ... In fact it looks as if there was an invisilble order to turn on the LED + the projector on stage during the performance ... Thanks a lot for your help! Eric VDA
  11. van den abbeele Eric

    Contributing notice ....?

    New topic on creating a more current record to better help new users. Indeed for a lot of things, there is a lot of novelty compared to basic instructions. And in general when we start we need a maximum of information and especially effective information. I understand that on the side of Zero 88 they work thoroughly on product evolutions, but they are not really in the desire to make records. (It's tedious and less interesting than taking care of new products and making the old products look bad ... Perhaps it would be wise to see with Zero 88 to open a contributory page of sharing or each user (at ease with English) could participate in the elaboration of a record that would always be up to date and that would follow the evolutions of the updates. (this would be validated by the team of Zero 88) I think that this could greatly help new users from all countries ... What do you think ? See you soon dear friends of the lighting ...
  12. van den abbeele Eric

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

  13. van den abbeele Eric

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Last photo can not upload... But we can see on the photo, Two chanels selected...
  14. van den abbeele Eric

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    ole still a problem during my encoding this Sunday. I was working on two faders and suddenly without touching anything a led that turns on another fader and 30 seconds later a second LED that turns on ... And we see on the screen that the selection is active ... My ghosts are still here ...
  15. van den abbeele Eric

    chase on Tempo / speed / fade time

    Actually I wanted a few days ago to go to the CHASE section ... So I followed the instructions without finding solutions ... Which makes me look a little tomorrow or after tomorrow to understand how it works ... Kevin told me things, but I thought of creating a topic to share your experiences. So I wanted to convert a cue (with fades) into a chase and I lost all fade times. I searched without finding solutions how to change the scrolling speed of the chase in question. Knowing that I would have preferred despite all to be able to choose the time between each step, to thus create a chase with variable time ... Here is my subject. 1 / From a cue create a chase keeping the fades? 2 / From a cue create one each but have access to a scrolling time. Thank you to you and your contributions!

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