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  1. About "Copy" & "Record"

    No, it's just a question of copying everything in one time without returning back each time to the playback i'm copying from. But you're right, if i put correctly at the right place the "Key" cues that i often use (ex 1 to 5, page 1), "Page Lock" can help keeping it in other pages (1 to 5, every pages used) Thank you, i'll make a try and let you know Regards, Thierry
  2. Hi everybody, two questions today : - 1 : is it possible to copy several playbacks of one page at same time, and then paste in another page ? - 2 : is it possible to record scenes from playbacks ?
  3. Editing chases on 7.9.2+

    Hello TomM, here's what Edward answered to me about the same topic, but on 7.9.3 : To update a cue/step of chase, you need to go into it using GO Snap. You can do this by holding SHIFT + tapping the chase's button. You will find that rather than acting as a tap tempo, it now acts a GO Snap and pauses the chase from running. This allows you to go to the step you need to edit, make your changes, tap UPDATE, and then tap the chase's button. You can then tap the chase's button again and the chase will resume to run automatically. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward Regards, Thierry
  4. LED snap in cue stack

    Hi, A Submaster Set Up issue or perhaps a "rigsync" issue ? Take a look at your Submaster's behaviour and see if "rigsync" is disabled in the General Set Up. I had a problem like yours, and it was "rigsync" that i had to disable. Hope that will help, Regards, Thierry
  5. update problem

    Hi Pawel, Firstable backup everything on a USB stick before doing anything : Setup...Save... Download the last firmware (.zip), then extract and run the (.exe) file. Put a USB stick (different from the first one ) to complete the process as required. Now your USB stick is ready for the update, just plug it in the USB port close to the LAN port, then "switch on" the desk and follow the instructions... You can now reload your Show and check the new Setup. Regards, Thierry
  6. Hi everyone, and firstable : happy new year !! Here's the problem : i've updated the system to 7.9.3 Since i've done this, my old playbacks are not reacting the same way : when i raise a fader, it's not dimming smoothly as before, but instead i have a kind of graduated levels of intensity. (only with playbacks of LED fixtures, not with traditional halogen fixtures) I didn't found why, so i've downgraded to and that's ok now Any idea ?
  7. Update 7.9.3 problem

    That's it !!! And I have 10 Selecon PLCYC2 too, and i don't want to "re-address" & "re-patch" all. My setup is stable, i keep it like this. too much technology "kills" technology Regards, Thierry
  8. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Kgallen, I think i've understood, but in the room where i'm working there's only one "DMX" cable connected to a splitter far away in an other room, then several "DMX" cables are dispatched where i need them. It's not physically possible (well, very complicated...) to install a second even a third cable, so that i could use several universes. I'm obliged to work like this and i can't do nothing about, 1 Universe and that's all, and with 1 Universe : no "workaround" , and with no "workaround" : no "RigSync" Regards, Thierry
  9. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Edward, I have read yesterday the same link and the link with the compatible fixtures. Unfortunatly, even if i own 4 Robe Robin600E wich are compatible, my other fixtures (LinearLeds 36x10W RGBW from Linear technologie) are not, so the option "RigSync" has to stay disabled, if i've well understood everything. Thank you again, regards Thierry
  10. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Edward and thank you for your mail. So i have updated again to 7.9.3 and reloaded my show. You were right, RigSync was enabled (i don't remember having touched anything about this, i don't even know what it's made for...). I have disabled RigSync and everything is fine now. You rule !!! Thanks for all, regards Thierry
  11. How to update a chase

    Merci, c'est ce que j'ai toujours pensé, faut se mettre en "Tracking Advanced" pour garder la main sur tout. Faut faire plus attention à ce qu'on fait, mais au moins tout est plus clair. Bon ben je m'y recolle demain, je vais tout faire bouger et clignoter dans tous les sens... Cordialement, Thierry
  12. Hello everybody, I've created a simple chase (4 linealed ,colour white, 4 cues in one playback, bounce 1234321). So far so good... I want to change the colour without "re"-creating the chase... I run my playback where the chase is stored, then i select my 4 linearled, i choose the new colour (for ex: red) from a palette, then i push the "update" button and the "update windows " appears... At this point i need help because i've tried all the options but never got it working ( excepting if it's a single cue in a single playback, but in a playback turned into a chase... nothing) Sure i'm doing something wrong, but what ?
  13. How to update a chase

    Salut Ziglight, merci pour ton aide, tes explications sont assez claires, c'est le mode de fonctionnement de la console qui ne l'est pas... J'essaie juste de façon empirique de comprendre comment les menus fonctionnent et à quoi ils me mènent en mémorisant des scènes. Pour l'utilisation "congrès" que j'en ai, ce que je sais faire avec la SolutionXL est très largement suffisant , d'autant plus que je ne suis pas "electro" dédié car je gère plein d'autres choses en parallèle sur une presta (vidéo, infographie..). Mais comme je suis curieux, par principe, et pour avoir du répondant en cas d'accueil d'un gars (ou d'une fille) sur la machine, et ne pas passer pour une truffe, j'essaie lors du temps libre (je suis permanent et le light reste mon poste préféré) de faire tourner un peu des trucs de façon à pouvoir être réactif (et un peu créatif de temps en temps...). Ma config est de 4 lyres Robes Robin600e, 16 par led rgbw linearled, 10 plcyc2 selecon, le reste traditonnel en pc/découpes/cycliodes ADB & Juliat Le traditionnel pour les wash plateau et ponctuels, les leds et lyres pour la déco, le tout géré en pages de playbacks en live, je ne suis pas adepte des conduites car de toute façon ce n'est pas adapté aux évènements que nous accueillons. - créations de cues : no problem - rec de cue (ou multi cues) sur playback : no problem - manip de lyres (malgrés la non ergonomie) : no problem J'arrive à peu près à faire ce que je veux mais c'est dans les enchainements que ça se gâte ( tag, pas tag, rouge/vert à cocher dans les menus Record & Update), il faut que je m'y colle un peu plus. Je commence à patauger dans le menu "update" pour savoir quoi cocher ou décocher (en rouge) pour arriver à mes fins (en l'occurrence, quand j'essaie le fameux update de couleur sur mon chase, les cues et la palette couleur sont bien dans des cases à cocher ou pas) mais comme Edward et toi même dites qu'il faut l'éditer pas à pas, je comprends et je le fais, ça marche. Ce qui m'induit en erreur tout le temps c'est de tomber sur des menus fenêtrés qui laissent à penser que la manœuvre est possible alors qu'en fait ça ne l'est pas. Si on ne peux pas éditer globalement un playback contenant un chase, alors pourquoi la touche update nous fait croire le contraire ?
  14. How to update a chase

    Another question, is it possible to merge 2 chases (in two different playbacks) by running them and recording them in another third playback (so far i didn't found how to...)
  15. How to update a chase

    Hi Edward, Everything worked fine, thank you. I just thought that it was possible to make that kind of change in one time, but it seems that we must consider all the steps of the chase " step by step"... Okay
  16. Hello everybody, I think that Ziglight said it all... In my case i work in a small place with a small configuration, most of the time conferences (static show) and once or twice a month something "bigger" (dynamic show). And everytime it's the same, no problem with the first ones (cues in playbacks with different colours, nothing moving), and stress with the other ones (moving heads...flash everywhere...). Using too much things on the SolutionXL can create an issue (not always but often). An other thing : because of the strange behaviour of the console, when i make some experimentations, it's sometimes not easy to know if i've make something wrong or if it is the console itself which is in "bug".
  17. Hello, i totally agree with Ziglight... i only have 4 Robe Robin600E, 16 LinearLed , 10 PLCYC2 (as fixtures), and classics PAR64, PC... it's supposed to be easy to manage but it's not, according to what Ziglight said..., and because the console itself is not very intuitive
  18. problems with tags

    hi everyone, i create and record a cue with 6 linearleds (full intensity, colour 139 lee) and just keep in "red" in the "record window" the intensity & colour parameters (no beamshape, no effect..). When i hold "memory" button and the playback button concerned by my cue to see the cue settings, i see beamshape fade 0.0. i don't understand because i'm in non tracking mode and i didn't select beamshape in the record window... And of course, when i use this cue after this other one (moving heads with strobe), it cuts the strobe of the moving heads... Any idea ?
  19. problems with tags

    I've changed into "tracking advanced", and it seems to sounds good now... I had to "re-record" of course all my cues in this new mode.
  20. Hi everyone, i'm new in the forum, i'm french from Aix en Provence so excuse me for my bad english. I've just updated the desk to 7.9.2, and there are many things that i don't understand: 1- what is the difference between the green & red colors on the buttons in the "playback settings window" 2- after recording a cue, it's not possible to "playback" it by raising up the fader. I must flash the "playback" button first, and then i can playback the cue by raising up the fader. Is it normal ? Am i doing something wrong ? Is it a "bug" ? 3- I record a cue in the playback 6 (ex: 5 linearled rgbw full blue). I clear all twice. I play it, it works. I record a another cue in the playback 7 (ex: same 5 linearled rgbw full red). I clear all once again. I play it, it works. but the playback 6 is not "blue" anymore and has become "red" !!! Any idea ? 4-Is it possible to specify to the desk that a dimmer is a "on/off" simple switch (as i do with my ADB rack circuit which is concerned) so that i can use the "blackout" key without switching off my "moving heads" at the same time ? Waiting for your help... thank you all Thierry
  21. Several questions about 7.9.2

    I'm back again !!! 1 - OK 2 - OK 3 - OK 4 - OK with the "park / unpark" way, i'll try later your "MFK relay" method which is, i think, the more logical So far so good, you saved my life The problem is that i can't be at 100% with my brain on this machine cause i need to manage an ascender32 and three PC's at the same time, and take care of the powerpoints, keynotes, videos... with two arms and only one head... but i'm lucky, there's someone at the soundboard... So i need to optimize the best i can thank you so much, i'll be soon back with other problems regards Thierry
  22. Several questions about 7.9.2

    Hi Edward, and thank you for your attention. 1 - you're right, i meant "record options", i'll make some tries... 2 - I have no problem with my old show and the memories in my old submasters, just an issue with the new cues, i'll make some tries... 3 - I'll see if managing n°2 resolves something... 4 - I thought "relay" was made for this but was not sure, i'll make some tries... I'll let you know as soon as i can ... let's go and switch on the beast... regards, Thierry
  23. Salut à tous, après avoir lu tout le forum pendant des mois, et ne trouvant toujours pas de réponses à ce qui me tracasse, j'ai donc crée mon "account" et me voila parmis vous, un français de plus... je pensais à peu près maitriser les basiques en 7.8, mais mon update en 7.9 me laisse perplexe. merci pour votre aide future