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  1. Transient dimmer chase

    Is there an easy way to create a transient dimmer effect with an offset across the rig. I can see how to do it for colour but am struggling with dimmer. An idiots guide would be great.
  2. Touch screen not working

    It was a loose connection inside the desk.
  3. Touch screen not working

    Thanks guys for your help. I have managed to fix the issue.
  4. Touch screen not working

    Thanks Kevin for the quick reply The screen just does not display anything at all. I am gapping it is a quick fix rather than having to return the desk as I need to use it on a show starting a week on Monday. Mike
  5. Touch screen not working

    Recently purchased a new FLX console. When I turned it on for the first time the touch screen is not working. I have run the front panel reboot test (holding down the setup key during the boot process) and this enabled the keys to light up when pressed but the touch screen is still blank. Has anyone seen this issue before and could offer advise on how to fix it.