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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry to be posting again but haven't used the desk very much since the update. When recording positions to subs, you cant record the position from a palette. I can only seem to do it it by manually setting where the lights are and then recording it. Any thoughts, Thanks, Harry
  2. Recording Positions into subs from position palettes

    Edward, Thank you very much! Thanks, Harry
  3. Overlapping Prism and Gobo Effects

    When Using Robe 600 spots on Orb XF Desk, How do you record the separate beam-shape perimeters so you can overlap prism and gobos. So when removing a gobo, it keeps the prism effect or visa versa? (This is using the beam shape pallets) Thanks, Harry
  4. Overlapping Prism and Gobo Effects

    Edward, Awesome help! Thank you very much. Made my life a lot easier Thanks, Harry