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  1. Hi Mac,


    Effects Palettes will by default only Record the Effect with its associated Size, Speed and Offsets. Therefore Position data will not get recorded in with them.

    To create the effect you want you will therefore have to apply your Position Palette, followed by your Effects Palette. You can then Record this to a Playback/UDK.


    The only way of including Position data in an Effects palette is to do a Record All. To do this rather than tapping Record, followed by an empty Effects palette, hold SHIFT and tap RECORD and then tap your empty palette.

    You will notice this brings "Record All" into the command line, and "Snapshot" will be highlighted in the Record Options pop up. Doing this however will also record Intensity, Colour and Beam data into the palette as well as Effect and Position data.


    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


    Kind regards


  2. Dear All,

    Zero 88 Fixture Library version 34 has now been released.

    For full information, please visit: http://zero88.com/software/library

    This release contains 6155 fixtures from 290 different manufacturers. For a list of fixtures in the library please click here.

    The library is released in 2 formats:

    • Full version for desks running ZerOS software (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX Series, FROG2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96).
    • Filtered version for other Zero 88 desks. This removes data that is not used by these other desks, so that the file is smaller. When using a floppy disk (original Frog series, Illusion 500) it is recommended that the floppy disk be freshly formatted before using it.

    Download & Installation
    The correct format of the library for your desk can be downloaded by clicking the product name below.

    The library (.ift file) should be placed in the root directory of the floppy disk or USB stick.

    ZerOS desks (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX, Frog 2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96)
    To load this file into your console extract it to the root of a USB stick and plug into your console. Then tap SETUP, tap "Load File", then select the GFT.ift file.

    JesterML & JesterTL
    The fixture library is installed on the desk at manufacture, however this can be updated from USB if required in Setup -> Update Fixture Lib -> Update Library.

    Frog Series and Illusion 500
    Use 'Common Fixture Manager' (included in the Fixture Tools download) to select the fixtures you wish to use, and save this as a file to a floppy disk.

    The fixture library is used with the Diablo Fixture Manager PC software.

    Sirius 250/500
    Use the Fixture Type Editor to import fixture types from the fixture library, and then use the ‘Export Sirius UFT’ function (under the ‘File’ menu) to generate data in the correct format for the Sirius 250/500.

    Further details of assigning fixtures on the desk to fixture types in the fixture library can be found in each desk’s operating manual.

    Additional Fixtures
    If you need a fixture type which is not in the library, please read the following thread:


  3. Hi geevee,


    It wasn't clear to me which was the fixture definition in the Zero88 library for the COLORdash Par-Hex 12, so I've built fixture definitions fresh from the manual for 3,6,8,12 and 13 channel modes.


    Find attached. Please give this a go and hopefully you'll get your lights working.


    On the 3ch fixture I'm not sure what to set the defaults to for HSI/HSV so maybe Ed could take a look at this and add to the Zero88 library.


    Many of these definitions have multiple pages of parameters, so press colour/beamshape repeatedly to get to the other pages. Where the mode does not have a dedicated dimmer channel, I've added a virtual dimmer so you will need to use the Brightness button and wheel. The Home values are R=G=B=dimmer=255.


    Let us know how you get on with this!





    Hi Kevin,


    Thanks for making that. I have ensured that the Chauvet COLOR series fixtures are clearer in the next fixture library update.


    Default values for Hue: 0, Saturation: 255, Intensity/Value/Dimmer: 255.


    Kind regards


    The Chauvet COLORdash PAR-Hex 12 can be found in Fixture Library Release 34 here...


    Kind regards


  4. Hi Kevin,


    Currently you can't change the function of the fader buttons when in channel mode - they are select buttons.

    However we are looking at giving the option to configure the buttons to be Select, Flash, Solo and Latch functions.


    This option won't be coming to ZerOS 7.9.3, but will be soon after.


    Kind regards


  5. Hi Peter,


    Hmm thats very strange, Ive been trying to recreate this for a while and havent been able to. Channels page 5 using the bottom row of fader buttons selects channels 109-120.


    Can you confirm the faders have control of your lights intensity, however its just the buttons that arent selecting? If you send me your showfile Ill take a look to see whats happening.


    Kind regards


  6. Hi Kevin,


    Currently there is no way of typing the 8 bit/16 bit value for parameters.


    However to quickly get RGB(W) values to 0, in the Colour Picker use the Value slider on the right of the touchscreen to scale down the RGBW values.


    We are looking into refining encoder sensitivity across all ZerOS consoles for ZerOS 7.9.3.

    This will bring similar sensitivity on all consoles irrespective of the encoder type.


    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


    Kind regards


  7. Hi Jon,


    Looking good! Worth you having a read through each page to make sure the context and references make sense. Some read like an email to a customer, refer to non-existent attachments or are a bit blunt. I realise you don't want to spend too much time on this but a couple of lines for each product would be nice to see with release and discontinued dates.


    I was going to say I couldn't find Linebacker (under Legacy Data), but then I found it under "consoles" (note you used lower-case C unlike the other sections :P ).


    Just keep the layout clean with all the data on there, with a search that works and is not too fussy - better that you return more hits that could be false positives as your database will not be that large. Search looks good on this new site - on the existing KB site, "alphapack2" (no spaces) returns nothing which is not useful! (Oh and tonight for some reason, trying that out took me straight to the German KB site as I was mentioning above!)


    If you can add other "service" data for the old stuff where you're less worried about IP and service centre trade then that would be good. I understand you'll always be worried about "No user serviceable parts inside" but for some of the really old stuff "user" might be as good as there is.


    Keep up the good work!





    Hi Kevin,


    Thanks very much for your comments.

    I will incorporate your suggestions as we continue to build up this new knowledgebase.


    As Ian says, we are not going to include any further service information on the knowledgebase than what is already there.


    Kind regards


  8. Jan - did you ever get any alpha code to have a play with? I'm interested if there has been any progress with the development of the Effects Engine for FLX - I don't recall seeing anything in any of the recent Betas.


    I know the Zero88 team have (it appears!) been busy with the new FLX S24/48 desks and this should be good for the longevity of the FLX brand. However I'm eager to see some of the much promised and much awaited features that have been raised and discussed on this branch of the Forum actually make it into the released software, e.g. Correllian fixture library, Effects Engine. My reading of some of Jon's comments looks like the team have been a bit stalled resolving Solution compatibility issues and trying in vain to continue FROG2 support. Hopefully these are now out of the way and there will be more traction on the FLX wavefront and maybe a more predictable schedule?


    Let's hope that Jon and Ed come back from PLASA enthused and motivated to bring us both great new ideas and solid fundamentals over the next months!


    A rallying cry not a criticism...! :P We all want to love this console unashamedly - but the Forum has been relatively quiet for some weeks even months now, especially the generally active contributors - and I'm hoping that user's aren't drifting away...


    Hi Kevin,


    Yes we have indeed been busy with! However as you know ZerOS 7.9.3 will be coming soon for FLX.

    The Effects engine hasn't been overhauled for this update, however it has had some new features added to make it simpler and quicker to use.


    In ZerOS 7.9.3 you will notice there are some preset "Offset" buttons along the top of the Effects screen. These can be used to quickly offset effects across individual fixtures, or groups of fixtures. The ability to fan offset across your lights remains (holding SETUP + EFFECT to set the fan mode, and then holding SHIFT + dialing the offset encoder to fan)


    Kind regards


  9. Hi Ovidijus,


    Currently there isn't a way of a Playback controlling Size/Speed separately when Fader Controls Effect.


    What you could do however is program a Macro that select the fixtures within a Playback and goes to the effect attribute.

    You can then trigger this Macro from the Playback, which will then allow for live effect control on the encoders.


    There is a plan for the effects engine to be updated which will allow for separate Speed/size control on faders, however currently there isn't a time frame for this.


    Hope that helps.


    Kind regards


  10. Hi Ovidijus,


    To record positions onto Playbacks without intensity you will need to ensure SmartTag is off.

    To do this, when you press RECORD to program your first position without intensity, tap the "SmartTag" soft button in the Record Options popup. You will find your position is now saved with no intensity.

    SmartTag will now remain disabled until you enable it again in the same way.


    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


    Kind regards


  11. I'm back again !!!


    1 - OK

    2 - OK

    3 - OK

    4 - OK with the "park / unpark" way, i'll try later your "MFK relay" method which is, i think, the more logical


    So far so good, you saved my life :)


    The problem is that i can't be at 100% with my brain on this machine cause i need to manage an ascender32 and three PC's at the same time, and take care of the powerpoints, keynotes, videos... with two arms and only one head... but i'm lucky, there's someone at the soundboard...

    So i need to optimize the best i can


    thank you so much, i'll be soon back with other problems :)






    Glad that's helped.


    With Solution consoles you do have the option to purchase a Remote Triggers expansion card.

    Then once you have your Solution programmed, using MIDI you could trigger the Solution from your computers - that may save having to have a third arm!


    Kind regards


  12. Hi Simon,


    Currently you can do this when Highlight is active. To do that select a light, hold SHIFT + tap HOME, and you can then use the Left/Right arrow keys to move to the next/previous fixture.

    In the next software release coming soon holding SHIFT + pressing Left/Right arrow keys will select the next/previous fixtures without highlight being active.


    Hope that helps


    Kind regards


  13. Hi Thierry,


    Welcome to the forum!


    1- There isn't any green on buttons within the Playback Settings window in ZerOS 7.9.2. Where you will see red/green options is within the Record Options and Update Options pop ups. In these there is a button for each attribute. When the button is Blue it means that attribute won't get recorded. Tap again to go red, and it means only tagged parameters within the attribute will get recorded, and tap it again and it will go Green, which will record all parameters within that attribute.


    2- If you are using a show file from a previous version of ZerOS, the Playback defaults are set to "Trigger on Raise Disabled" and "Release on Lower Disabled". To get the desired effect, you will need to enable this. Therefore hold SETUP + tap the playback buttons of your already programmed playbacks -> Raise and Lower -> Enable trigger on raise and release on lower. You can then OK this, press SETUP -> Defaults -> Cue Stack Defaults -> Raise and Lower -> Enable Trigger on raise and release on lower.


    3- This sounds like Playback 7 didn't release before you played Playback 6 again. Therefore setting trigger on raise and release on lower as detailed above should sort that.


    4- There are a couple of options for this. The first option is to park the channels at full. To do this hold SETUP + press INSERT. Using the drop down select "Park", and using the Shifted drop down select "Unpark". Then snap your mover power dimmer channel faders to full, press SPECIAL -> Button Function Select -> Select your mover channels using the buttons under the faders, and then press INSERT (Park). You can then press SPECIAL and change the buttons back to flash if you wish. These channels will now be Parked at full until you select them again, and hold SHIFT + INSERT to unpark them. This won't be effected by the Grand Master.

    Alternatively you can patch Relay channels in place of these dimmer channels. To do this press SETUP -> Patch Wizard -> Generic Fixtures -> Relay -> DMX Address -> Tap the MFKs to put them on. Then exit SETUP, select these relays using the FIXTURE MFKs, and you can then tap BEAMSHAPE, and you will be able to turn the relay on and off using the encoders. Set it to fully on, and then tap RECORD -> BEAMSHAPE, and then an empty Beamshape palette. The relay On will then be recorded there, and you can also record a palette with it switched off too. This will not get effected by the Grand Master/Blackout.


    Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


    Kind regards