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  1. Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hi Fred, We don't yet have a more specific time frame yet other than the one Jon stated - looking to be Q1 or Q2 this year. Any queries let me know Edward
  2. Overall master fader

    Hi Nick, The 24 faders on the left hand side of the console can either be channels, or what we call "Playbacks". You can assign any of these Playbacks, plus the Master Playback fader under the touchscreen to be what we call a "Grand Master" fader, which allows you to control the overall output of the console. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward
  3. Problems with Remote-Switches

    Hello, After redesigning the Setup User Interface, this feature unfortunately isn't working. We have logged this as software issue reference ZOS-8379, due to be fixed in the next software release. Apologies for this, if you require this functionality I would recommend installing ZerOS 7.9.2 here... https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/zeros/file/129737291044 Any queries let me know Edward
  4. FLX Artnet ip-only network with ARRI Skypanels

    Hi Richard, You say the Skypanel’s Gateway is set to, do you mean subnet? If not what is their subnet set to (this should also be Have you tried disabling ArtNet, exiting Setup, reentering Setup and re-enabling ArtNet? This will do another manual search for devices. Are the Skypanels appearing in Network Devices in Setup? Hope that helps Edward
  5. Dimmer check Jester board

    Hi Philip, What Jester are you using and dimmers are you checking? Personally to check several dimmers in one go I would address them all to DMX 1, and then that way you can test every dimmer all in one go. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  6. Update failed?!

    Hello, Sorry to hear this. It sounds like to software update failed to install correctly. Therefore you will need to reinstall the software, and to do this you will require an external keyboard. The guide below talks you through how to do it... http://support.zero88.com/1016899781 Hope that helps and solves the issue, any queries let me know. Edward
  7. DMX Patching

    Hi Jimbo, Yes this is correct. Another function on the Jester to consider is Auxiliary control. Basically this allows a further 24 channels of switched control. Page 27 of the manual talks through this. Auxiliaries however don’t get recorded into your cues. Other than that there’s not really any other way of doing this, as you can only have 48 separate fader controls for your rig using the Jester 24/48- and you have 153 channels of control required. Submasters on the Jester are basically individual cues on faders. When in program mode, rather than tapping STORE to record the next available memory, tap a button under a fader, and then tap STORE. This lighting look is then able to be faded up in Run mode, using the bottom row of faders across 2 pages. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  8. DMX Patching

    Hi Jimbo, The Jester allows you to patch the console so that any fader can be any DMX address. A channel fader however can only be 1 (or multiple) DMX addresses at a time and won’t change patch throughout the show. When the manual describes the ability to change the patch without affecting memory data, it means you’ve got the ability to change channel fader 1 from DMX address 1 to be DMX address 256 for example, despite having recorded several cues/ submasters using channel 1. Then whenever Channel 1 was used DMX 256 is output at the recorded level, instead of 1. Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know. Edward
  9. Main playback cue on a separate display

    Hello, Yes we are looking into this for a future FLX software update, this can already be done on ORB and Solution series consoles. Kind regards Edward
  10. Moving Lights in Playbacks

    Hi Jon, Playbacks 8 & 9 have got "Fader Controls Position" enabled. This means position will always be scaled by the fader. Therefore when the fader is at 0%, they will be in their previous position, whether that be from another Playback or their home position. Therefore disable fader controls position on Playbacks 8 & 9 in their settings. To enter a Playback's Settings as described above hold SETUP and tap the Playback's button. If you then don't wish to see the fixtures snap to their new position, you can set a fade on this move by holding VIEW and tapping the Playback's button, and tapping the position fade cell and use the encoders to set it. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  11. Moving Lights in Playbacks

    Ok, thanks for attaching your show file, will take a look tomorrow. Edward
  12. Output Window and Blind Mode on a S48

    Hi Stefan, Glad you like the FLX S! Source, Preview and Blind mode are all removed from the FLX S to keep it simple. These features are on all the other ZerOS consoles though. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  13. Moving Lights in Playbacks

    Haha just beat me to it!
  14. Moving Lights in Playbacks

    Hi Jon, To do that you need to disable "Release on Lower" for that Playback. To do this hold SETUP and tap the Playback's button to enter its settings. Then tap the "Raise & Lower" tab, and tap "Disable Release On Lower". That way the Playback will leave them in Position, but the fader will be able to take down the intensity. To then manually release (or turn off) this Playback so that the movers return to their home position, hold CLEAR and tap the Playback's button. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  15. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Thierry, Great glad that solved it! You can find out what RigSync is be reading the article here... http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/995963301/What-is-RigSync.htm Kind regards Edward
  16. Update 7.9.3 problem

    Hi Thierry, Happy New Year! Hmm that's odd. I haven't seen this before. Would you be able to email me your show file that the graduated intensity is present in? If you could let me know which Playback is causing problems, I'll be able to see if I can replicate the issue. Kind regards Edward
  17. Can't get remote app to connect

    Hi Jason & Derek, They should be available for download today. Kind regards Edward
  18. Main playback cue on a separate display

    Hello, On FLX consoles, the cue list window can only be in the bottom half of the Programming Desktop on the External Display, or in the Internal Touchscreen when the External Monitor is disabled in System Settings. In ZerOS 7.9.3 we made improvements to connection settings which meant a new app was necessary. There was an iOS app update over the weekend which brings support for older iOS devices. Check to see whether the update is available for you in the App Store. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  19. Phantom Zero 7.9.3 has a bug

    Hi John, Mandy will be visiting PLASA Glasgow so you will be able to chat with her, however we have chosen not to have a stand there this year. Edward
  20. Can't get remote app to connect

    Hi Jason, We have enhanced the Remote connection to ZerOS consoles which has required an update to the apps to be compatible with ZerOS 7.9.3. The iOS version has already been released, however we are still waiting for the GooglePlay store ZerOS Apps to be updated. Edward
  21. Brace yourself it's Panto time

    Hi Simon, Hope you're well. I have replied to your email, but this issue seemed to have been caused by the Master Playback being set to LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) Intensity Mixing in it's Settings. Setting this back to HTP resolved the issue. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  22. Updating the speed of a Effect chase (7.9.3)

    Hi Kevin, Yes ZOS-8389 is to do with Allow Stomping not working correctly, LTP Intensity Mixing is correct. Stomping is used to automatically release a Playback once all of the parameters it is currently controlling are given a new command from a different Playback. For example if Playback 1 is controlling fixtures 1-6 at 50%, and Playback 2 is controlling fixtures 1-6 @ 75%, when I put Playback 1 to full the fixtures would go to 50%, and when I add in Playback 2 the fixtures would go to 75%. If I took Playback 2 down the fixtures would drop to 50% as Playback 1 has them at that level still. However if Playback 2 has “Allow Stomping” enabled it is allowed to “Stomp” over Playback 1, and therefore as soon as it goes above 50% Playback 1 actually releases. This is useful for example if you have a different dance on each Playback that you want to work your way through. Hope that makes sense! There are a few FLX T-Shirts left! Kind regards Edward
  23. Updating the speed of a Effect chase (7.9.3)

    Hi Kevin, Again apologies for our delays on this one! Yes using LTP is the correct way to do this. Allow Stomping is a method of allowing Playbacks to automatically released once every parameter has been given a later command from a new playback. This however appears to not be functioning as expected, so I have logged this as ZOS-8389. How I woukd do this is setting Playback 1s fader to control Colour under it's Settings. That way to snap the Colour in, you can snap the Playback up over the top of the Master Playback, but then to release you can fade out the Playback where the colour will fade into the Master Playback's colours. There is no way of setting some Playbacks to ignore LTP rules for attributes. Therefore the only way to prevent the colour changing when you advance to cue 2 is to remove the colour data. This can be done by selecting the fixtures whose colour want to remove, tag colour, tap UPDATE and choose "Remove" from the Update Options. Then tap the Playback's GO button to finish the command. Hope that helps and all makes sense! Kind regards Edward
  24. Updating the speed of a Effect chase (7.9.3)

    Hi Kevin, Apologies for our delay in replying. We're looking into this still at the moment, but yes this is a bug affecting Intensity effects when updating them. This is logged as ZOS-8368. The best way to avoid this issue is after editing your effect speed, rather than tapping UPDATE tap RECORD, and save it as an effect palette. Then use this palette to update the cue with the edited intensity effect. Alternatively if you are viewing the Playback containing this Effect, you can use Speed Override to change the speed of the effect live. Will feedback when we find out more information. Kind regards Edward
  25. RigSync pulsing ShowTec active SunStrips

    Ah ok well thanks for letting us know! Edward