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  1. select Cuelistview for Playback 1 ...

    Hi Thomas, To view different Playbacks on Solution consoles running ZerOS 7.9.2 hold MEMORIES and tap the Playback button of the Playback you want to view. Hope that helps, Edward
  2. Bonjour, Keith va régler cela pour vous via votre email à support@zero88.com Sincères amitiés Edward Hello, Keith will sort this out for you via your email to support@zero88.com Kind regards Edward
  3. Hi Kevin, That's great thank you. Yes they work with the style. I'm sure you've already seen this but if not/for others attached is the Fixture Editor User Guide that talks about how to name parameters etc. For the long name, use the Fixture's model followed by a space, then colon, then another space, and then the Mode name. If no specific Mode name then just put the channel count. For the short name, type in as longer name as you can including the mode information within the character limit! Kind regards Edward Fixture Editor User Guide.pdf
  4. Hi Kevin, Thank you for those, will add them to the library to be included in GFT release version 35. In future feel free to send fixture files you've created to FixtureSupport@zero88.com and we'll add them to the library. Cheers! Kind regards Edward
  5. Offset Attribute - What is it.... what does it do please....?

    Hi Mac, Offset is used to fan and spread effects across lights. If you have multiple lights selected running an effect, and dial the offset wheel you will see no change to your lights. This is because you would be offsetting each light by the same amount, therefore they continue doing the same thing. For the Offset encoder to act as a "Fan", you'll need to hold SHIFT as you dial the Offset Encoder. To change how the Offset wheel behaves when you hold SHIFT, hold SETUP and tap the EFFECT button. Then hold SHIFT, and you will see the red stripe on the Wheel Behavior buttons change. You can then keep shift held and select Fan Middle" for example, OK the window, and now when you hold SHIFT and dial the offset your selected fixtures will all fan middle. In ZerOS 7.9.3 planned to be released within the next few weeks dedicated Offset buttons are provided along the top of the Effects Palette window to allow you to quickly fan effects across your lights. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  6. New Effects Pallets - To include position pallet information

    Hi Mac, Effects Palettes will by default only Record the Effect with its associated Size, Speed and Offsets. Therefore Position data will not get recorded in with them. To create the effect you want you will therefore have to apply your Position Palette, followed by your Effects Palette. You can then Record this to a Playback/UDK. The only way of including Position data in an Effects palette is to do a Record All. To do this rather than tapping Record, followed by an empty Effects palette, hold SHIFT and tap RECORD and then tap your empty palette. You will notice this brings "Record All" into the command line, and "Snapshot" will be highlighted in the Record Options pop up. Doing this however will also record Intensity, Colour and Beam data into the palette as well as Effect and Position data. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  7. Hi Mac, The file doesn't seem to be attached. Feel free to email it to me (email is in my signature). Kind regards Edward
  8. Dear All, Zero 88 Fixture Library version 34 has now been released. For full information, please visit: http://zero88.com/software/library This release contains 6155 fixtures from 290 different manufacturers. For a list of fixtures in the library please click here. The library is released in 2 formats: Full version for desks running ZerOS software (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX Series, FROG2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96). Filtered version for other Zero 88 desks. This removes data that is not used by these other desks, so that the file is smaller. When using a floppy disk (original Frog series, Illusion 500) it is recommended that the floppy disk be freshly formatted before using it. Download & Installation The correct format of the library for your desk can be downloaded by clicking the product name below. The library (.ift file) should be placed in the root directory of the floppy disk or USB stick. ZerOS desks (ORB Series, Solution series, FLX, Frog 2 and Leap Frog 48 & 96) To load this file into your console extract it to the root of a USB stick and plug into your console. Then tap SETUP, tap "Load File", then select the GFT.ift file. JesterML & JesterTL The fixture library is installed on the desk at manufacture, however this can be updated from USB if required in Setup -> Update Fixture Lib -> Update Library. Frog Series and Illusion 500 Use 'Common Fixture Manager' (included in the Fixture Tools download) to select the fixtures you wish to use, and save this as a file to a floppy disk. Diablo The fixture library is used with the Diablo Fixture Manager PC software. Sirius 250/500 Use the Fixture Type Editor to import fixture types from the fixture library, and then use the ‘Export Sirius UFT’ function (under the ‘File’ menu) to generate data in the correct format for the Sirius 250/500. Further details of assigning fixtures on the desk to fixture types in the fixture library can be found in each desk’s operating manual. Additional Fixtures If you need a fixture type which is not in the library, please read the following thread: http://zero88.com/fo...xture-profiles/
  9. Chauvet par hex 12

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for that. Don't worry updating that file further - those fixtures are already in the Library. Kind regards Edward
  10. Chauvet par hex 12

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for making that. I have ensured that the Chauvet COLOR series fixtures are clearer in the next fixture library update. Default values for Hue: 0, Saturation: 255, Intensity/Value/Dimmer: 255. Kind regards Edward The Chauvet COLORdash PAR-Hex 12 can be found in Fixture Library Release 34 here... Kind regards Edward
  11. Playbacks change the whole show :(

    Great glad that helped! Any queries just let me know. Edward
  12. Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Hi Kevin, Currently you can't change the function of the fader buttons when in channel mode - they are select buttons. However we are looking at giving the option to configure the buttons to be Select, Flash, Solo and Latch functions. This option won't be coming to ZerOS 7.9.3, but will be soon after. Kind regards Edward
  13. Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Hi Peter, I have been playing with your showfile and can't seem to recreate the issue after changing addresses/leaving the console for a while. Do you know when the buttons/faders stop becoming responsive, is it after a long time of operation? Kind regards Edward
  14. Hi Mac, Feel free to send me your showfile for me to take a look at the cause. The only time a colour swipe shouldn't be applied to colour palettes containing just RGB data is if you have many lights selected in different colours when you Record your palette. Edward
  15. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    Hi all, As Jon has mentioned previously, Pixel Mapping will be coming to ZerOS, and we do have an alpha version. However, there is no date for this to be released yet. Edward