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  1. Edward- Z88

    Updating the speed of a Effect chase (7.9.3)

    Hi Kevin, Apologies for our delay in replying. We're looking into this still at the moment, but yes this is a bug affecting Intensity effects when updating them. This is logged as ZOS-8368. The best way to avoid this issue is after editing your effect speed, rather than tapping UPDATE tap RECORD, and save it as an effect palette. Then use this palette to update the cue with the edited intensity effect. Alternatively if you are viewing the Playback containing this Effect, you can use Speed Override to change the speed of the effect live. Will feedback when we find out more information. Kind regards Edward
  2. Edward- Z88

    RigSync pulsing ShowTec active SunStrips

    Ah ok well thanks for letting us know! Edward
  3. Edward- Z88

    RigSync pulsing ShowTec active SunStrips

    Hi Peachy, Thanks for letting us know. We haven’t come across anyone else with this issue. However it sounds as if your SunStrips are not truly DMX compliant, and are receiving the RDM protocol used by RigSync and trying to interpret it as DMX data, which you’re seeing as a flicker. If you wish to use the SunStrips on the same DMX Output that has RigSync enabled, try addressing them to a DMX address in the second half of the universe (for example DMX 256-512) as this may stop the flickering. Kind regards Edward
  4. Edward- Z88

    Effekte beim Solution nicht aktiv

    Hello, Yes as suggested tap “Create Effects Palettes” again. This can be done on Solution by tapping EFFECT, and then page down on the MFKs to get to the last page, and you should find the Create Palettes MFK. These effect palettes are then compatible with your new fixtures. Hope that helps Edward
  5. Hi Fred, What you can do is add a Virtual Intensity channel to the fixture using the Fixture Editor software with a default of 255. Then set the Shutter/Strobe to be scaled by virtual intensity with its default set to intensity at maximum. This then allows the fixture’s channel fader to scale intensity, and you can then use the encoder wheel to access strobe. Hope that helps Edward
  6. Edward- Z88

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Hi Thomas, On Solution, the display in the bottom right corner is the 2-Preset Time (the same time palettes take when TIME is held) set under Special, not the Programmer Time. To see the Programmer Time tap SUBMASTERS and you'll be able to see the Programmer Time playback's position in seconds or minutes. To activate programmer time you'll need to tap the Playback's button. You will then see it go from dark to light blue in the MFF Window. Again on ORB Series, check that you've tapped the Programmer Time Playback's button to activate it. This is indicated in the bottom right monitor display which will go red, and also shown in the MFF Window on ORB XF. You can open the MFF window by holding SHIFT + FADER FUNC. Hope that helps, Edward
  7. Edward- Z88

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Hi Chris, Glad you like the videos! How did you know about what video is lined up for Christmas Day?! Edward
  8. Edward- Z88

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Hi Thomas, Yes Programmer Time is available on all consoles running ZerOS 7.9.3. Solution & ORB therefore have 2 methods of fading palettes, using a Playback to set the Programmer Time, or if you don't want to use a Playback holding TIME and tapping the palette you want to fade into. As you say this time for Solution consoles is set under SPECIAL, which is the same time the 2 preset cross fade uses. Hope that helps Edward
  9. Edward- Z88

    Phantom Zero 7.9.3 has a bug

    Hi John, Yes try Ian’s suggestion. I haven’t come across Security Essentials popping up saying there’s an issue, so maybe try giving it a go again. Kind regards Edward
  10. Edward- Z88

    How do you (usually) use your Solution?

    What issues are you finding with the encoders? We spent quite a bit of time for ZerOS 7.9.3 getting the sensitivity right for all consoles, are you finding they aren't as you'd expect? Edward
  11. Edward- Z88

    How do you (usually) use your Solution?

    Hi James, In ZerOS 7.9.3 you are able to adjust wheel sensitivity per attribute by holding SETUP + tapping the attribute you wish to setup. Edward
  12. Edward- Z88

    WYSIWYG and Phantom ZerOS

    Hi Tom, Have you got a Phantom Unlock Dongle plugged in to the laptop running Phantom and ensured that the ArtNet settings match those on Capture? (for example a matching Universe for each port). What are the IP addresses and subnets of the 2 laptops? I would set one to be: (subnet of and the other to be: (subnet of Have you tried plugging both laptops into an Ethernet switch, rather than directly into the other laptop? On Phantom, in Setup (SHIFT + F10) under "Network Devices" do you see the Capture Laptop appear? Kind regards Edward
  13. Edward- Z88

    Moving head effect direction

    Hello, To change the direction of an effect dial the "Speed" wheel down, and you will find it goes into negative values, which means the effect direction is reversed. Hope that helps, Edward
  14. Edward- Z88

    FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Haha yes we did notice that at the time of recording and were thinking about doing it again, but we figured people would understand what he meant! Edward
  15. Edward- Z88

    how to transfer cues manually ?

    Hello, It sounds like for this you need to use Speed Override. This allows to speed up or slow down the cue transition using the Speed Override pot. Therefore set an estimated time you think it will take to transition from one cue to the next, then press GO to advance into the cue, and during the fade you can use the Speed Override pot to adjust the speed live. You can assign Speed Override to a fader if you wish by holding SETUP and tapping a blank Playback (submaster) button, and then choosing Speed Override. This will then work in exactly the same way the pot does, and 50% fader travel will be no override. The latest software is ZerOS 7.9.3, not, which is available to download here... https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/ZerOS/folder/42009315015 Hope that helps, any queries let me know Kind regards Edward
  16. Edward- Z88

    how to transfer cues manually ?

    Hello, What software version are you running? If you are running ZerOS 7.9.2 or later the operation of the console is very different to how the original manual describes, as outlined in this document... http://nr1.s3.amazonaws.com/kb/2AD62C9/3879A76B/3AF10D9F/1/changes to operation of solution consoles within zeros 7.9.2 and later.pdf The latest manual can be found here... http://zero88.com/manuals/IM9210 - Solution Manual Issue 2.0.pdf The software version can be found by clicking "Other Windows" in the top left of the Output Window, and then clicking "System Information" from the drop down. When you say transfer I presume you mean Copying cues? If you are running ZerOS 7.9.2 or later copying cues is done in the Copy window you have been seeing. If you are viewing the cue list containing the cue you wish to copy, tap COPY, type the cue number you want to copy from, press ENTER, then type the cue number you want the copy to be numbered as, and then tap ENTER. You will then have made an exact copy of the cue. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  17. Edward- Z88


    Hello, Yes that would be great, please send to: EdwardSmith@Eaton.com Kind regards Edward
  18. Edward- Z88


    Hello, Really glad you like the features of your FLX S48. We have just released a new software version for FLX S which I highly recommend you installing. We have found a couple of issues with patching that I guess is what you described as the "teething problems"! These issues are fixed in this version which you can download from our website here... https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/ZerOS/folder/42009315015 Download the ZerOS - 7.9.3 (USB).zip file, and extract it to the root of a USB stick. Then on the FLX S tap SETUP -> Load File, and select the software file and the console will perform the software update. Software updates wipe the console's memory, so make sure you save the current show first to USB before updating. The new software also changes the way the console behaves so that by default you have the cue list in the internal touchscreen. You can change this in SETUP -> System Settings -> Monitor Enable/Disable - this option changes which monitor the VIEW key effects. When you say "lines" on the screen, could you give a little more description or even take a photo and send it over? We haven't come across this before and so it would be good to know what's going on there. Is this still happening after updating the software? In the next software update we will be moving over to a new fixture library that will prevent the duplication you have described. Hope that helps, any queries please don't hesitate to get in contact. Kind regards Edward
  19. Edward- Z88

    Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hi Joe, Speed Override only effects the Playback you are currently viewing (by default this is the Master Playback). To View different Playbacks hold the VIEW key and press the button of the Playback you wish to view. The Speed Override will then effect this Playback. Hope that helps, Edward
  20. Edward- Z88

    How to update a chase

    Hi Ziglight, Just to clarify, SmartTag is still tracking, and will Record the changes of fixtures, however will also automatically tag parameters that have changed from the previous cue, or intensities that are above 0% from a different source. It will also ignore parameters of a fixture with an intensity of 0%. Therefore in your example, with SmartTag enabled you could update the first cue and all subsequent cues will have changed colour, until there was another colour change. The way you described was non-tracking/ Cue Only. Tracking can be enabled/disabled from SETUP -> System Settings Juste pour clarifier, SmartTag est toujours suivi, et enregistrera les changements d'appareils, mais marquera aussi automatiquement les paramètres qui ont changé de la cue précédente. Il ignorera également les paramètres d'un appareil avec une intensité de 0%. Par conséquent, dans votre exemple, avec SmartTag activé, vous pouvez mettre à jour le premier repère et tous les repères suivants auront changé de couleur, jusqu'à ce qu'il y ait un autre changement de couleur. La façon dont vous avez décrit était non-suivi. Le suivi peut être activé / désactivé depuis SETUP -> Paramètres système Hope that helps, Edward
  21. Edward- Z88

    How to update a chase

    Hi Thierry, I think how I would do this is program a completely blank cue onto a Playback, and in that cue have 2 trigger macros for both chases. This Trigger Playback can then be raised and trigger both chases simultaneously. You would then need to record a second blank cue containing two release macros in the following cue, as lowering the trigger playback wouldn't release the chases automatically. Hope that helps, Kind regards Edward
  22. Edward- Z88

    How to update a chase

    Hi Thierry, Great, yes when editing a chase you can treat it as a normal cue list, and usual tracking rules will apply. Kind regards Edward
  23. Edward- Z88

    Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hello, You can't put Effect speed onto a Playback fader. However what you can do if you program an effect onto a fader, is enable Fader Controls Effect. To do this create your effect, tap RECORD, and then tap the Playback you'd like it on. Then hold SETUP + tap the Playback's button, and enable Fader Controls... Effect. This means that as well as controlling the fixture's intensity, the Fader also scales the speed of the chase. Alternatively, program a Group that has the lights included in the effect selected. You can then live select this group, and then go to the effects tab, and then use the Effects Speed encoder wheel live to speed up or slow down the effect. The other option is to Record the Effect onto the Master Playback, as you can then use Speed Override to control the speed of the Effect. Speed Override can be found under the Z key, or as you found can be put on an empty Playback by holding SETUP + tapping an empty Playback. Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  24. Edward- Z88

    MSC Control with Multiplay

    Hello, Just to clarify, MIDI Notes can be used to turn on/off Channels in Preset Mode, and Submasters in Run Mode. MSC can then be used to control the cue list in Run Mode. The different controls this can perform can be found on page 61 of the manual... http://zero88.com/manuals/jesterml manual 3.0.pdf I am not aware of using PCStage, so we'll have to see if the OP comes back to give you an answer. Kind regards Edward
  25. Edward- Z88

    Solution failed

    Hello, It would also be worth connecting an external monitor to the Solution if you don't have one to see what that is displaying. That may help identify the problem. Kind regards Edward

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