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  1. Position palletes on fader?

    Hi Ovidijus, To record positions onto Playbacks without intensity you will need to ensure SmartTag is off. To do this, when you press RECORD to program your first position without intensity, tap the "SmartTag" soft button in the Record Options popup. You will find your position is now saved with no intensity. SmartTag will now remain disabled until you enable it again in the same way. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  2. Several questions about 7.9.2

    Glad that's helped. With Solution consoles you do have the option to purchase a Remote Triggers expansion card. Then once you have your Solution programmed, using MIDI you could trigger the Solution from your computers - that may save having to have a third arm! Kind regards Edward
  3. is there a way to.....

    Hi Simon, This will be implemented once the other Copy features are implemented on FLX. Kind regards Edward
  4. Next and Previous

    Hi Simon, Currently you can do this when Highlight is active. To do that select a light, hold SHIFT + tap HOME, and you can then use the Left/Right arrow keys to move to the next/previous fixture. In the next software release coming soon holding SHIFT + pressing Left/Right arrow keys will select the next/previous fixtures without highlight being active. Hope that helps Kind regards Edward
  5. Several questions about 7.9.2

    Hi Thierry, Welcome to the forum! 1- There isn't any green on buttons within the Playback Settings window in ZerOS 7.9.2. Where you will see red/green options is within the Record Options and Update Options pop ups. In these there is a button for each attribute. When the button is Blue it means that attribute won't get recorded. Tap again to go red, and it means only tagged parameters within the attribute will get recorded, and tap it again and it will go Green, which will record all parameters within that attribute. 2- If you are using a show file from a previous version of ZerOS, the Playback defaults are set to "Trigger on Raise Disabled" and "Release on Lower Disabled". To get the desired effect, you will need to enable this. Therefore hold SETUP + tap the playback buttons of your already programmed playbacks -> Raise and Lower -> Enable trigger on raise and release on lower. You can then OK this, press SETUP -> Defaults -> Cue Stack Defaults -> Raise and Lower -> Enable Trigger on raise and release on lower. 3- This sounds like Playback 7 didn't release before you played Playback 6 again. Therefore setting trigger on raise and release on lower as detailed above should sort that. 4- There are a couple of options for this. The first option is to park the channels at full. To do this hold SETUP + press INSERT. Using the drop down select "Park", and using the Shifted drop down select "Unpark". Then snap your mover power dimmer channel faders to full, press SPECIAL -> Button Function Select -> Select your mover channels using the buttons under the faders, and then press INSERT (Park). You can then press SPECIAL and change the buttons back to flash if you wish. These channels will now be Parked at full until you select them again, and hold SHIFT + INSERT to unpark them. This won't be effected by the Grand Master. Alternatively you can patch Relay channels in place of these dimmer channels. To do this press SETUP -> Patch Wizard -> Generic Fixtures -> Relay -> DMX Address -> Tap the MFKs to put them on. Then exit SETUP, select these relays using the FIXTURE MFKs, and you can then tap BEAMSHAPE, and you will be able to turn the relay on and off using the encoders. Set it to fully on, and then tap RECORD -> BEAMSHAPE, and then an empty Beamshape palette. The relay On will then be recorded there, and you can also record a palette with it switched off too. This will not get effected by the Grand Master/Blackout. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  6. Starway servobeam2R

    Hello, Please send this Fixture Request to the email address below where one of the team will be able to make it for you: FixtureSupport@zero88.com Kind regards Edward
  7. Ayrton wildsun500

    Hello, Please send this request to the email below where one of the team will be able to make this for you: FixtureSupport@Zero88.com Kind regards Edward
  8. iOS 11 ready?

    Hi Sven, Yes both Zero 88 apps are iOS 11 ready. Edward
  9. Multimedia dmx software

    Hi Pierotec, ZerOS consoles will accept MIDI timecode input to trigger any cue stack, and MIDI Show Control to trigger the Master Playback (Playback 0). Edward
  10. Q-ty of DMX channels

    Hi Denys, Solution consoles have a maximum of 2048 DMX channels via the physical DMX outputs or Ethernet based outputs- it cannot be expanded. Only FLX consoles can be expanded to 8 universes. Kind regards Edward
  11. Multimedia dmx software

    Hi Dan, We recommend QLab from Figure53: https://figure53.com/qlab/ QLab can run audio and video, and can also send MIDI triggers to the ORB XF console. You would therefore program on the ORB XF, then to run the show you would put in MIDI cues into QLab, and then can run lighting, audio and video from your Mac. If you don't have a Mac, a piece of software for windows called "Mulitplay" is also popular. Kind regards Edward
  12. Hi Denys, No this issue fix is not implemented in ZerOS Kind regards Edward
  13. Fixture tools actual version

    Hi Denys, The current version of Fixture Tools is 2.6 available here: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/de/Knowledgebase/Article/View/49/0/zero-88-fixture-tools---version-26 Kind regards Edward
  14. How to downgrade from 7.9.2?

    Hello, Just so you know, in ZerOS 7.9.2 you can still update palettes and groups by pressing and holding their respective MFKs. I'm sure you've seen the training video, but just in case you haven't the YouTube link below gives an overview of the operation changes of Solution, which also applies to your Leapfrog 48: ZerOS 7.9.1 was for FLX and Orb consoles only, therefore it isn't compatible with Solution/Leapfrog consoles. For Leapfrogs the software release before ZerOS 7.9.2 is ZerOS which you can get here: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/366/156/ The link is for FROG2 as ZerOS is what it runs, but if you run the USB creator and format a memory stick (preferably a Zero88 memory stick), and then boot the Leapfrog with the memory stick plugged in it will install the software. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Kind regards Edward
  15. How to fade the colour

    Hello, I've had a play with your showfile and this looks to be a software issue- we will look into fixing this (reference ZOS-8046). To avoid this issue, what I would recommend is (double press CLEAR) raising only Playback 50 and selecting channels 25>31. Press COLOUR, tap the screen above the first encoder which says "Red" and you should see "Tag [Red]" come in the command line. Then press UPDATE, select "Remove" from the Update Option window (press and hold Update so that it comes in the internal monitor), then Press Playback 50's button. This means you just have 47% green on this fader and have removed the red, and so now to create your green you just leave both Playback 49 and 50 up, and then when you want to fade the Orange out pull down both faders. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  16. Phantom visualiser?

    Hi James, No I'm afraid not. Jester doesn't have Networking capabilities for visualisation streams/ Art-Net/ sACN, therefore that wouldn't be within the scope of PhantomJester. Edward
  17. Thanks Ian, Yes after resetting the console this error message will clear and you will be back up and running. Edward
  18. Topset and Pan/Tilt swap - moved features?

    Hi Mike, As per ZerOS 7.9.2, these are set in tabs along the top of Edit Fixtures in SETUP. There is a dedicated tab for Topset, and Pan/Tilt Swap comes under the Alignment tab. Hope that helps, Edward
  19. Hello, Error 004 on a Jester most likely means the internal battery has died. Changing the battery in a Jester is a simple fix, and the battery's can be purchased in most hardware shops. If you're confident you can open up the Jester, it's a CR2032 coin battery to replace. Edward
  20. Phantom visualiser?

    Hi Brian, No there is not a visualiser for Phantom Jester. The way Joseph hooks up his Jester to the visualiser in his YouTube videos is the only way of doing it: DMX from Jester converted to Art-Net/sACN and input into a PC running visualisation software. Kind regards Edward
  21. Backup/Update Leap Frog 48

    Hi Jan, What software is currently running on your LeapFrog 48? On the basis you are using the newer ZerOS LeapFrog console in the Outputs Window tap Other Windows -> System Information and this will display the software version. We recommend updating to the latest version which is ZerOS 7.9.2, however there are big changes to the LeapFrog in this version. For information on the software and the download click the link below... http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/587/ To save your current show before backing up, if you are running older software tap SETUP -> Files -> Save Show Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  22. Updating a Cue and Chase in Cue Stack

    Hello, When you press UPDATE, turn off SmartTag in the Update Options pop-up before pressing ENTER/ the Playback button. Your cue should then be updated as expected. Next time you Record/Update a cue you can turn SmartTag back on in the same window. We will update SmartTag to avoid this happening in the future. No there is no plan to bring back Chases straight into cues. I would suggest for what you want to do is program your "chase steps" on the nearest Playback fader to the Master Playback, and then trigger it from the master cue stack in your desired cue using a Macro. You can then use the Playback button to advance through these "chase steps" on your new playback once its triggered, and then press your Master Playback Go to advance to the next cue containing a Playback Release Macro of your new playback. You can repeat this on different Playbacks if you need several different chases or stacks to be triggered by the master. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward
  23. Releasing channels

    No worries glad you got it all up and running! Edward
  24. Zero Wire RS-232 cable pin

    Hello, Thanks for that, we'll look at adding that to the knowledgebase. Edward
  25. Attribute Brightness on wheels

    Hi Michael, The brightness attribute is applied automically to the console encoders/wheels dependant on the console model. For example the old Frog series fixture control had a dedicated BRIGHTNESS attribute for the Dimmer, whereas on the Solution consoles this is included under the POSITION attribute. Therefore this cannot be set in the Fixture Type Editor. Hope that helps, Edward