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  1. Auto Cues with flash button doesn't always work

    Hi Edi, That is an odd one. No I don't think you've done anything wrong here, I believe this may be a bug. I have added this as ZOS-8518 on our software tracker, for our software team to look into. Many thanks for letting us know. Kind regards Edward
  2. Android Remote playbacks with Leapfrog

    Hi Norman I can't recreate this issue, and haven't come across this before. Would you be able to send a copy of the show file the issue is in, as that may help to find the cause of the issue. Also, what Android tablet are you using? Edward
  3. Chases

    Hi Rob, The fade times displayed per cue of your chase are only there for if the Playback is reverted from a chase as you describe. Chases therefore don't use these fades. To achieve a cross-fade between the steps of your chase, go into the Chase's Settings by holding SETUP and tapping the Playback's button, and then set the Percentage cross fade you wish colour parameters to use. 100% cross fade means that 100% of the duration of each cue of the chase, the colour will be fading. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward
  4. Problem: Encoder Wheels sensitivity

    Hi Gerhard, Ok thanks for pointing that one out, we will look into this. Ah apologies yes for Effect this won't work, as this does indeed apply to 16 bit parameters only. We will look into improving the sensitivity of the Effect parameters, in the meantime If you are still finding this an issue, you should find around 40% global sensitivity is a good compromise for all parameters if you are regularly using Effect encoders. Thanks very much! ;-) Edward
  5. Overall master fader

    Hi Nick, Yes that is possible, depending on your fixtures and the merge that you use. Is there any reason the Guest Technician wouldn't use the FLX S? Keeping one control console always makes things easier, and if the guest technician wants to use the console and just control intensities you could always use the Remote App to control the colour and zoom remotely, whilst they stick to controlling intensities. Edward
  6. FLX S24 and Solution - control of LED fixtures

    Hi Peter, Thanks for feeding that back. Edward
  7. Moving Head release on Cue End

    Hi Doug, What software version are you running, and how are you triggering your movers using a Macro? By default, Move on Dark won't Move On Dark effects. This can be configured in the Playback's settings by holding SETUP and tapping the Playback's GO button, going to the Move On Dark Tab, and choosing which Attributes you wish to Move On Dark. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  8. RigSync

    Hi Gerhard, No worries your English is much better than my German! Thanks very much for taking measurements and feeding that data back, that’s very useful. Edward
  9. Problem: Encoder Wheels sensitivity

    Hi Gerhard, Really Glad you like FLX S! To change the sensitivity of each attribute, rather than going into Setup, hold SETUP, and tap the attribute tab along the top of the touchscreen when you have a fixture selected. In here you’ll be able to define sensitivities per attribute, and you’ll also see that when holding SHIFT, you can define whether the wheels fan the parameters, or act as fine of course, which is what you may want to consider for Effect if you find it too sensitive. To set a specific parameter level, you can hold SHIFT + tap the parameter name above the encoder wheel on the touchscreen, tap Z, then type @ (percentage level) for the parameter to go to that level. Hope that helps Edward
  10. FLX S24 and Solution - control of LED fixtures

    Hi Peter, Feel free to send me your show files and I'll take a look. Both Solution and FLX S have the same Playback defaults, so you should see the Playbacks behaving exactly the same on both consoles. Kind regards Edward
  11. Overall master fader

    Hi Steve, If you haven't recorded anything onto the Master Playback, hold SETUP and tap the Master Playback's GO button. You will then be able to choose "Grand Master". The fader will then act as the Grand Master, and the Master Playback's button will act as a Blackout. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  12. Unexplained Options in UDK setup for an unprogrammed UDK

    Hi Edi, Clear Fixture is a way of choosing which values in the programmer you want to clear, as opposed to tapping CLEAR that will clear everything in the programmer. This is therefore useful if you accidentally bring specific fixtures into the programmer, as you can select them (for example 1 THRU 6 ENTER) and tap the Clear Fixture UDK. Knockout turns off currently selected fixtures that are coming from Playbacks. Therefore if you have a cue with fixture 1 on, and you select fixture 1 and tap your Knockout UDK, it will be taken to 0%. When you go into the next cue this fixture is used in it will output at its programmed level, and if you go back into the original cue you used Knockout in, again the fixture will come back on. This is therefore a temporary way of taking a fixture out of a cue, and different to the syntax 1 @., as it doesn't bring the fixture into the programmer. This is especially useful if a fixture has been accidentally knocked out of focus during a show, as you can select it and tap Knockout in the current cue, and allow for the problem to be fixed ready for the next time the fixture is used. Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know. Edward
  13. Hi Edi, Great glad you like it, any queries just let me know. Edward
  14. LCD Back light failure

    Hello, Sounds like the display PCB will need replacing. Drop us an email at support@zero88.com and we will be able to get things sorted for you. Edward
  15. Hi Edi, Cues with SmartTag enabled at the time of recording or updating cannot have data stored for a fixture with intensity at 0%. Therefore when it comes to updating a cue and removing its intensity data, SmartTag needs to be disabled. In the guide Kevin sent you a link for, the last step applies to if your LED fixture has an intensity channel or not, it is purely there to give you a switch between RGB colour mixing on the faders, or typical colour control using the colour picker etc. Hope that helps Edward
  16. Move on Dark - Need Clarification/Help!

    Hi Mark, Kevin’s correct- Move on Dark will be default automatically happen without you having to think about it, where ORB XF will prep your lights for you when they aren’t lit, ready for the next cue they are on in. It sounds like as Kevin says you have SmartTag enabled, which means fixtures at 0% won’t get recorded. Therefore if you do wish to record at 0% intensity, tap the SMART TAG button so that it isn’t lit for when you record this cue. By default Move on Dark won’t prep an effect, however this can be enabled in the Stack settings. As Move on Dark reads ahead to the next cue your fixtures are used in, you are able to copy/ Move cues around and Move on Dark will continue to function. We recommend users always run the latest software, which currently is ZerOS 7.9.3 available here... This software does change the operation of ORB XF, so if you are going to update it would be worth taking a look at the document below... http://support.zero88.com/988876801 Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  17. Output Window and Blind Mode on a S48

    Hi Stefan, Preview & Blind modes are more professional features, and so for a small simplistic console, these features had to go. Thanks very much for the request, I have logged this on our software tracker as ZOS-8426. Any queries let me know. Edward
  18. feature request - template files

    Hi Brian, Thanks very much for the request. I have logged this on our software tracking system as feature request ZOS-8425. Currently a similar way to do this is to load in "Setup & Palettes", which allows you to just load in those parts of a show file, and leave the rest of the console empty ready for programming. Hope that helps Edward
  19. Tracking for idiots

    Hi both, Kevin's descriptions pretty much sum it up, sounds like leaving SmartTag enabled, and being in cue only mode (tapping "Cue Only" in the Record Options screen so that it has a red stripe next to it) will be your ideal programming method. I'll let you into a secret here, SmartTag with Cue Only enabled is exactly the same as being in "Non-Tracking" mode. However when in Non-Tracking mode, we just hide the buttons to make it less confusing. Hope that helps, Edward
  20. Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hi Fred, We don't yet have a more specific time frame yet other than the one Jon stated - looking to be Q1 or Q2 this year. Any queries let me know Edward
  21. Overall master fader

    Hi Nick, The 24 faders on the left hand side of the console can either be channels, or what we call "Playbacks". You can assign any of these Playbacks, plus the Master Playback fader under the touchscreen to be what we call a "Grand Master" fader, which allows you to control the overall output of the console. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward
  22. Problems with Remote-Switches

    Hello, After redesigning the Setup User Interface, this feature unfortunately isn't working. We have logged this as software issue reference ZOS-8379, due to be fixed in the next software release. Apologies for this, if you require this functionality I would recommend installing ZerOS 7.9.2 here... https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/zeros/file/129737291044 Any queries let me know Edward
  23. FLX Artnet ip-only network with ARRI Skypanels

    Hi Richard, You say the Skypanel’s Gateway is set to, do you mean subnet? If not what is their subnet set to (this should also be Have you tried disabling ArtNet, exiting Setup, reentering Setup and re-enabling ArtNet? This will do another manual search for devices. Are the Skypanels appearing in Network Devices in Setup? Hope that helps Edward
  24. Dimmer check Jester board

    Hi Philip, What Jester are you using and dimmers are you checking? Personally to check several dimmers in one go I would address them all to DMX 1, and then that way you can test every dimmer all in one go. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  25. Update failed?!

    Hello, Sorry to hear this. It sounds like to software update failed to install correctly. Therefore you will need to reinstall the software, and to do this you will require an external keyboard. The guide below talks you through how to do it... http://support.zero88.com/1016899781 Hope that helps and solves the issue, any queries let me know. Edward