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  1. Hi ZeuS, That’s a neat little Wireless Access Point, thanks for the link! Edward
  2. Random intensity effect

    Hi ZeuS, You can copy channel data from one fixture to another on our ORB XF consoles, but not on FLX S unfortunately. Edward
  3. gft33

    Hi Piero, Thank you for letting me know. What Fixture Library has ZerOS 7.8 got with it? As it is such a long time ago that software was released, maybe Fixture Library 33 is too large for ZerOS 7.8. Fixture Library 33 is definitely compatible with ZerOS, so it’s probably worth updating. I will check when I’m next in the office for you. Edward
  4. 7.8.0 or

    Hi Piero, Between ZerOS 7.8 and ZerOS there are only minor changes and bug fixes, so if you are happy with ZerOS 7.8 then you may as well stay. If you do want to update the software or fixture library, the latest versions for FROG2 are available here... http://zero88.com/forum/files/file/2-zeros-frog2/ Hope that helps Edward
  5. Spiider Flower Effekte Speichern

    Hi Marco, Are you Recording the fixture’s intensity in with the Playback too? If you’re just trying to store the Flower without intensity, you’ll need to disabled SmartTag. You can do this by pressing and holding RECORD, and tapping SmartTag from the Record Options, so that it has a Blue stripe next to it. You should now find you can record the flower to a Playback. It would be a good idea to store the Flower effect you’re happy with to a Palette first, to allow you to palette reference. Hope that helps Edward
  6. Random intensity effect

    Hi Zeus, As Jon described, the best and most effective way to achieve the effect you are after, is to record a Chase. We are looking at improving our effects engine in future software updates, so I will bear your request in mind. Edward
  7. colour &zoom in submasters

    Hi Pol, Did Peachy's answer help at all? Are you saying when you set the fixture's Colour and Focus into a Playback, you then don't want it to be changed by any other Playbacks? If so this will happen by default, if you don't have any Colour or Focus data recorded in any of the other Playbacks. Feel free to attach your Show File from the FLX S, with a description of where you're seeing the issue, and I'll take a look. Edward
  8. Advice - S24

    Hi Paul, It sounds like Tagging is the reason Fader Controls colour isn't quite achieving what you're after. When you move a Colour encoder wheel, all colour controls for the selected fixtures are Tagged, as in most instances when recording a colour, you are recording the mix of colour on stage. However if you want to be able to mix these colours on top of each other, you need to ensure only the used Colours are tagged. For example to Record Red, Green and Blue to a seperate Playback and give you RGB mixing on the faders, you need to ensure each has only its specific colour tagged (for example only Red is tagged for the Red Playback). The easiest way to do this is hold SETUP, and tap the "Colour" tab along the top of the FLX S touchscreen (this appears when you select a fixture with Colour parameters). In the Colour Settings, there is the Option for "Keep Parameters Seperate". Click "Yes", and now only the parameters you adjust with the encoders will be tagged, Allowing you to easily record only certain colour parameters to Playbacks, that can then mix when Fader controls Colour is enabled. You can read a little more about tagging here... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311 Thanks for providing a little more information on the console crashes. Let me know if you experience anything similar on ZerOS 7.9.4. Hope that helps, any queries let me know Edward
  9. Display problems on the monitor

    Hi Both, Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will look into it. Edward
  10. Hi Paul, Tap SETUP -> System Settings -> Record/Update options. You should find there’s an option for “When Held”. Ensure this has a red stripe next to it, rather than the option that always brings the Record Options into the touchscreen. Hope that helps Edward
  11. Remote APPS

    Hi Steve, Thats sounds like that’s the issue. FLX S consoles should not be connected to the internet. If there is a DHCP server, having DHCP enabled on the FLX S Remote settings with the correct subnet should be what you’re after. Edward
  12. Advice - S24

    Hi Paul, Were you suffering Lockups on ZerOS 7.9.3? FLX S first launched on ZerOS software, where we found a couple of issues with patching, that were quickly solved by ZerOS 7.9.3. ZerOS 7.9.4 was then released on Monday, which is a minor enhancement software release. The "Fader Controls..." option on Playbacks sounds exactly what you're after. Fader Controls will not effect intensity control, which will remain as HTP mixing across all Playbacks. You can read more about Fader Controls... here... http://support.zero88.com/1011405471 Hope that helps, Edward
  13. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Hi Martin, Yes, the other way is to program with SmartTag disabled, so that Playbacks are not recorded into cues. Ash is correct, FLX won't record Parked levels. Therefore during plotting, you could set your hazer so it is slowly pumping haze, and park your hazer channels. The hazer will then stay at this level, not getting recorded into any cues, until you select those fixtures and unpark them. You can read more about Parking here... http://support.zero88.com/1011403601 Hope that helps, Edward
  14. ZerOS 7.9.4 Released

    Hi Peachy, Glad you solved the issue and are now running ZerOS 7.9.4. Edward
  15. Houselights / Independent Faders

    Hi Martin, The easiest way to do this is to Program with SmartTag disabled. SmartTag is an option you may have seen in the Record Options pop-up, that opens when you tap RECORD. If SmartTag is disabled, when you tap record only tagged parameters will be recorded. Tagged intensity parameters are displayed as red values in the output window, and tagged parameters are displayed with blue backgrounds behind their encoder displays. This therefore means channels from Playbacks will not get Recorded, as they are blue values rather than red. You can turn SmartTag off in the Record options pop up, by tapping Smart Tag so that it has a blue stripe next to it. The link Kevin sent a link to, is Jon explaining another useful programming tool for this, which is an Inhibit Playback. What you can do, is record your cues normally with SmartTag enabled, recording your whole lighting state for each cue including the haze. However, in the Playback settings of your Hazer Playbacks, change the fader function to Inhibit. This Playback now acts as a Grand Master for the Hazer. Therefore when the fader is at full, the haze level from the Recorded cues will be output, but if you need the level taking down you can use your Haze Playback to inhibit the level of haze. Hope that helps and makes sense, any queries let me know. Edward
  16. Remote APPS

    Hi Steve, What router are you using? Is it set to assign DHCP, and if so is the FLX S set to use DHCP? Edward
  17. Showtec Shark Wash One

    Hi Kevin, Thanks very much for that, will ensure it is included in Fixture Library 36. Edward
  18. Advice - S24

    Thanks very much for the excellent review! And don’t forget the FLX S48 doubles the Fixture count, number of Playbacks, Groups and Palettes to 96 of each. Edward
  19. Fixture Needed (Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash)

    Hi Shane, This fixture is included in the latest fixture library, available to download here... http://zero88.com/forum/files/file/8-fixture-library-full/ However if you don't wish to update their fixture library, please find the individual requested fixture for you to load in... Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash.ift Any queries let me know. Edward
  20. Submaster controlling the dimmer channel??

    Hi Carpo, The quickest way to record your Fixture groups to a Playback fader, is to double tap the group you want so the fixtures come to full, tap RECORD, and tap the flashing Playback button you want their intensity stored to. If you need more programming tips, feel free to email me directly and we can talk through what you’re after. Edward
  21. Submaster controlling the dimmer channel??

    Hi Carpo, Could you expand on this a little? Have you got one Playback with an intensity effect and one with a intensity chase? If so intensity on Playbacks will always mix together HTP (Highest intensity value takes precedence). Intensity from Channel faders is a little different, as it has highest priority, which is why the CLEAR button lights to allow you to clear these Red values, and allow your Playbacks to take control. Edward
  22. Effect Chaser with Sunstrip 10ch

    Hi Fred, No update on this one yet I’m afraid. We’ve been working on ZerOS 7.9.4, which is an enhancement/ bug fix software update due to be released within the next week. Your best bet is to plan your rig allowing for each segment of the sun strip to be an individual fixture. Any queries let me know Edward
  23. ML Position move time

    Hi James, There is no Real-Time Clock on FLX S consoles. The Time displayed when the console is locked is the run time, which is fixed in the latest software. Any queries let me know Edward
  24. ML Position move time

    Hi James, Looking at your show file, you have "Fader Controls... Colour, Beamshape and Position" enabled on the Master Playback. This means rather than these attributes using the cue fade times, they will be instead scaled by the fader's position. To disable "Fader Controls", hold SETUP tap the Master Playback's GO button. Then, tap and disable "Colour", Beamshape" and "Position", so that they have a blue stripe next to them, rather than red. As a separate note, I noticed from your show file you are running out of date software. Keep an eye on our website over the next week, as we will be releasing software version ZerOS 7.9.4, that I would recommend you installing on your FLX S, as it will bring new features and enhancements. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward
  25. Hi Daniel, Yes Derek is correct, copy the unzipped .exe to the root of a USB stick, plug into the FLX S, and tap SETUP -> Load File, and load in the file. The software update will begin. The process you describe is the old way of performing software updates. Hope that helps, any queries let me know. Edward