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  1. Midi show control from scs to orb

    Hi I am trying to get SCS (show cue system) to trigger go on on the orb using midi shoe control. Has anyone tried this ?
  2. Midi show control from scs to orb

    Hi All Yes i have the beta version on my desk now and it works!! MSC working fab using a usb midi cable and Show Cue Systems. Thanks for your help Edward and Jon.
  3. Midi show control from scs to orb

    Hi there. I have tried a emu USB to midi lead and that has a led on it that flashes when receiving midi. I have also tried a scarlet audio interface with a midi output and USB in from laptop I am wondering if I have a setting wrong on the orb as it says at the bottom of the cue stack midi not detected
  4. QLab Timecode Help?

    Thank you Edward. Have u tried this with scs by any chance.
  5. QLab Timecode Help?

    Hi Jon with the new version now using play backs. what play back is used for msc please?