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  1. FAT32 or NTFS for USB stick to record and transfer shows

    Hi Jon, I have not gone into exactly what is not getting copied but will do this evening. Are you saying that I should ignore the prompt i.e. copying without all properties......??
  2. Evening all. It seems my FLX desk will only recognise a FAT32 formatted USB stick. The problem is that my PC (Win7) gives me the bothersome problem of not copying files with all its properties if being copied to a FAT32 formatted USB stick. Has anyone else come across this problem and if so how do you get around it please....??
  3. Offset Attribute - What is it.... what does it do please....?

    Thanks Ed, I will have a play with that later.
  4. New Effects Pallets - To include position pallet information

    Thanks Ed, recording to a playback it is then.
  5. I have read the manual and it mentions offset however does not explain what it does. Can anyone help please...??
  6. Hi, I am attempting to set up a set of new pallets to include within them various effects and associated sizes and speeds etc. I have a position pallet named 'Home Effects' which brings my movers around to a starting position and I then add an effect and adjust size and speed (I will make a separate post regarding Offset). I was hoping to record this to an effects pallet however on doing that the 'Home Effects' information is discarded so the movers are not operating as required. Am I doing something wrong or is this simply not possible using pallets....??
  7. Thanks Ed, file attached. Rgds Mac
  8. Thanks..... I have not played with the fixture editor as yet so will have a look...... I was trying to keep away from it but hey ho.... time to dive in.
  9. Hi All. I am going back to stage one to set up my desk as I have quickly realised that the programming becomes so much easier with a healthy and flexible set of pallettes available. Unfortunately when playing with the colour pallettes when automatically creating them there are a number that appear without the colour slash (logo) indicator on them, a number that appear with the wrong colour slash (logo) indicator and a few which repeat the colour but with either no or the wrong colour slash (logo) indicator. Am I doing something wrong.....?? Any help much appreciated please.
  10. Touch screen not working

    oops, I am such a numpty !!!
  11. Hi, can I please have an FF for an ADJ VBar Pak LED Bar. I have attached the manual. Rgds Mac ADJ V Bar.pdf
  12. Touch screen not working

    Pinky........I would not be too hasty in immediately saying there is a technical fault with the desk. I had the same problem with my desk when getting it new a few weeks back. I persevered and the issue was the desk not seeing the touchscreen. I updated the software and hey presto... it worked. Is your touchscreen on the compatible list on the Eaton website. Dont worry if it is not as this is being added to all the time.
  13. FLX one to one training..... and happy to pay for it....?

    Thanks very much Ed, email on the way.
  14. Hi FLX guru's. I have just taken hold of an FLX desk and a wing. I am well educated in the general approach to setting up a controller and using it. My experience to date has been on Freestyler but obviously the FLX has more to offer. There are so many questions and ideas I have for the set up but find the new programming and execution approach of the FLX a little extraordinary. No besmirch to Zero88 it is just my previous experience that is lacking to transition to use the desk. Is there anyone out there that would be happy to put a couple of hours a week aside and via Skype tutor me through the fundamentals please. I have an event in Sep I am working towards with a new controller (FLX) and fixtures so a complete step change from what I am used to. I just come across some stuff that is not on the logical thought process and need that in depth knowledge. Happy to pay for the guidance. Just to say the Zero 88 team have been great and I have been on a training course with them. I just feel that some one to one understanding what I have and where I want to go would be a huge advantage to me. If you can help please message me. Best Rgds Mac