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  1. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate

    Dear Kevin, thx for you help, but I still use the Zero Tools for creating a Stick, so it could't be wrong. This is the outlook after creating the stick: https://picload.org/view/dropcdor/zerobootstick.jpg.html But I also have copy the datas in root directory, but always same result, console boot in 7.8.0
  2. Hi, I have a question about the how to do this update. I have a Frog 2 running software is 7.8.0. and I try to update to but it will not work. I did like instruction told me, create a recovery stick with the little program and plug it in to the USB near to network, but console always ignore this and boots in 7.8.0 So what can I do?
  3. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate

    Hi, it is formatted in FAT32, I use a old laptop with XP, working well (have never seen the world wide web :D) thank's for your reply, Edward.
  4. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate

    Hi, this is funny, did like the link told me, with two usb sticks (my very old 4gb an a newer 8gb) but console boots in 7.8.0 noe window for update select, nothing before I did, I just made the stick boot able with windows diskpart, in that way it works well a avolites titan. any ideas what I can do? best regards
  5. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate

    Hi Jon, thank you for the Link but I already read it. regards pip
  6. Frog 2 Firmwareupdate

    Hi Edward, thank you very much for your quick reply. I'm afraid to here console will not be longer supported, sound wars different, in the beginning of these year. But I did, like you told me and console dose not show any screen asking to install, always boot to 7.8.0 (I'm using a 8GB USB stick, is this maybe the problem?) Maybe it interessting too, the is one USB Port on the front. Now have used my oldest usb I found 4GB same result, thank have checked an older Software version 7.8.1 same result, console always boots on 7.8.0 best regards to you