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  1. Seems to be, apart from a few bulbs and fuses that need replacing, I think we are there. At least the lighting can't be blamed if the school christmas show is awful in a few weeks!
  2. Thanks for those tips, that was incredibly helpful! I managed it in a surprisingly small amount of time too!
  3. Hello, I am very very inexperienced with lighting, but I work as a sound/media technician in a secondary school with a Jester 24/48 that we are struggling to get working in a way that we want. We have: Jester 24/48 4 x Betapack 3 42 lights in our hall. Currently the desk only seems to work on faders 1-8 and each fader controls about 5 lights at a time. The remaining 40 faders appear to do nothing. We would like to make each fader control one individual light. I'm not even sure if this is something I begin to troubleshoot on the desk or on the Betapacks. I am really stuck! Is anyone able to offer any guidance on how I would make this work in the most painfully simplistic terms possible? Thanks in advance! Alex