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  1. Smart tag

    Please free to correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that SmartTag will basically record everything that is required to ensure the look you set up on stage is recorded as seen. If you are unsure of how to work with tracking then it is the easy option for ensuring your cue's are recorded correctly.
  2. Hi Ed, Does the Speed Override control only work with the Master Playback? I had a bit of a test the other day and wondered why I couldn't get anything responding to the override fader I'd set up. If this is correct then that would explain why I had the issues. Thanks Joe
  3. Position's Feature

    Hi, Before we bought our FLX we were told by one of the reps who came and demo'd it for us that there were plans to implement a feature where you could import a plot of your stage space and then use that for selecting your positions for moving fixtures instead of using the sometimes tricky XY Position grid. I was just wondering whether this is still something that is planned for development. As the desk is used as our house desk it would be a great feature to allow us to quickly plot positions especially for moving all movers to one specific point on stage. Thanks
  4. Position's Feature

    I'm not in desperate need of this feature, just wanted to know whether it was still in the plans for the console.
  5. Position's Feature

    Amazing news! Thanks for that. Joe
  6. Strange FLX behaviour

    This sounds relatively similar to a few issues that I ran into with version 7.9.1. Especially the Clear button becoming unresponsive as well as faders and buttons becoming less responsive.