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  1. ZerOS v 5.1 cant update from v 2.

    Trying to update our Frog 2 from v2 to v5. I have tried both the USB format as well as CD. Upon restart, the console spins the disk (CD) or recognizes the USB, but the console does not go into the update. I have followed the the update instructions carefully and made several attempts. Any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Reel FX DF-50 Hazer

    I am trying to operate a Reel FX DF50 hazer from our Frog 2 console. The Reel FX web site describes the DMX option of the DF-50 to be a single address to provide proportional control. How do I set up the console to recognize the DF-50 and apply this simple control? I do not see the DF50 in my fixture list. Thank you