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  1. Hi - ref the above....have now managed to build a file myself which seems to give me the basic functions I need but if anyone happens to have the 'pukka' file that would be better thanks Jonathan
  2. Hi I have a Jester ML24. I am new to lighting (well DMX) and am slowly getting my head around this desk! I have worked out how to assign a moving light fixture to one of the buttons (top right) but can't seem to be able to remove them or even overwrite them with a different lamp. When I go back to assign it won't offer me that 'channel' anymore as there is already something assigned. The only way I have found to remove them so far is to reset the desk to factory settings which is clearly a tad extreme! I'm sure this is obvious and I will groan when I know how! Many thanks Jonathan
  3. Hi wondering if anyone has a fixture file for the above I'm new to the wonderful world of DMX....last time I did lighting there were strand box faders on the wall (I'm normally an audio person these days). Got a Jester ML24 and a few of these Showtechs (and a few others) but darned if I can get the beasts to work. Had a bash at editing my own file but screwed that up! Any useful help gratefully received. Man thanks Jonathan