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  1. Other questions about FLX

    Hi Kevin, Thank you for all your answers I know what i have to do now... upgrade to 7.9.1! I was a bit anxious to upgrade before but i think i don't have the choise now! I will check what you've tried! Cheers. Matt.
  2. Other questions about FLX

    Thanks for everything! I'll check as soon as possible! When i say "preset" that means "palette" actually. I often update color palette or group, the name editing before disappearšŸ˜• Regards
  3. Other questions about FLX

    Hi, I'm using the FLX desk on V7.8.5, I'm looking for some tips... -Is there a function "move" (preset or playback) hide somewhere? actually I'm using "copy" to do that with the playbacks but it's quite boring with presets... -When update or merge a preset, this one lose its name.. Is there a way to keep it without writing again after update? -Can you remind me the highlight function with UDK, i didn't find it yet on the forum.. I'm using the FLX for more than six months, it's a nice, easy and powerful desk, i will be glad to have all this tips;-) Sorry for my english. Matt.