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  1. I dont really need any control of it, its just going to be like a background thing to add to the mood. It will only be runing on a cycle for about a minute or 2 before i change to the next scene. is it possible? faraz
  2. I dont get how to do this! Choose "dimmer" as fixture type and assign a dmx address, now the fixture has only a HTP channel and you can control a generic lantern with it. Id like to be able to have the fixture wheel as a dimmer Faraz
  3. I have read the user manual, but im still confused as to how i do this? This function would be really usefull! Someone please help! Faraz
  4. Hi Guys, I got a Fat Frog this week, literaly. My GCSE Drama Exam is Next Tuesday, of which i am doing lighting as my option so my GCSE depends on this!! I am sort off getting used to the Frog's interface but i cant get my head round this problem. I have a scene, which is set in a club. The actors dont move much, so i can have particular spots or general cover on them but seeing as its a club i thought it would be cool to have a few colours rotating in the background? So i would have the stage permenantly lit, but with maybe 3 different generic laterns cylcing through a few colors extremly slowly. I have made a chase on the desk that works great, except the only problem is how do i get this to work with my other cues? If i put it on a submaster it seems to loose its accuracy of speed, and i would rather have it intergrated with the show. Is there anyway i could add it onto a cue like a layer or something? or possibley have the chase trigger at the same time as the cue? Sorry if this seems kinda stupid, just trying 2 get 2 grips. Cheers Faraz