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  1. Fixture Profile Request

    Hi Tyler Thanks for getting back to me so soon with this file. It's much appreciated Many Thanks Nick
  2. Fixture Profile Request

    Hi There! Could you provide me with a fixture profile for the QTX LUX-LD01 Spot please? I have tried to attach the fixtures user manual but the file size is too large to be attached. Regards Nick
  3. Fixture Profile Request - KAM KHM 800 v2 Haze Machine

    Hi Sorry I wasn't aware of that! I just had a quick scan on the website to try and find something similar to help. I didn't really look into the 600's manual too much. Thanks for the attached file its much appreciated
  4. Hi There Could someone possibly provide me with a fixture definition for the KAM KHM 800 v2 Haze Machine Please ??? I couldn't find the manual for the 800 so have attached the 600 as I imagine they are pretty much the same. Thanks Nick Kam KHM600 manual v1 18-10-13.pdf