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  1. ML48 Chases

    We've got a Jester ML48 which we mostley use for club nights, I've programmed 2 chases onto 2 submasters, which I want to run at seperates speeds. submaster one: 14 Stairville 5ch LED par submaster two: 5 Showtec 3ch LED par When move the fader for submaster one up, and set the speed, every thing is oke, but when I move the fader for the second submaster up, the chase one submaster one stops. What am I doing wrong? I've reset the desk, used RGB dimmers fixture instead of the orginal fixtures, but nothing helps gr Jelle
  2. Fixture request stairville

    Thanks!! It seems to work great! :-)
  3. Hy, Since I couldn't find the fixture on the desk (Jester ml 48) and I also couldn't find it in the fixture library release or the forum, I'm hoping some one can help me. I need the fixture for the Stairville Led par 56 (5ch) http://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_led_par_56_alu_schwarz.htm greetings, Yell