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  1. Fixture Profiles

    James, sorry I missed this reply. Up to yourself, I'm using iW-1918s on 14ch iS-200 on 18ch and the others on tour mode hopefully Thanks, Gregor
  2. Fixture Profiles

    James, thankyou! Here are manuals https://www.warmlight.at/media/pdf/41501_MANUAL_GB_V1.pdf https://www.warmlight.at/media/pdf/41522_Infinity-iW-1915-E.pdf http://www.highlite.nl/silver.download/Documents@extern@Manuals/43545_MANUAL_GB_V1.pdf http://www.highlite.nl/silver.download/Documents@extern@Manuals/43550_MANUAL_GB_V1.pdf Much appreciated!
  3. Fixture Profiles

    I have tried and failed using the fixture builder. Does anyone have fixture profiles for Showtec Fixtures: iW-1915 (14ch) , iS-200(18ch) , Spectral M3000 (tour) , Spectral M1000 (tour) ? If not, who can I contact to help create? Thanks, Gregor