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  1. Blind Mode Question

    Hi. Firstly, thanks to everyone helping a newbie out! All this memory stuff is very different to my old full manual 2 group days.. Next question is about blind mode. When I enter it and select a cue to edit, it doesn't show on the outputs screen, even though it's all in grey. Is this deliberate so you still have a handle on what's happening or is it something I'm missing.. As I'm wanting to see roughly what will be up so I can change it I need to see what channels are what level.
  2. Possible Problem?

    Ahhh. When I first worked it out I was doing it that way but somewhere I got confused and started moving fixtures instead. The mouse and keyboard are any.. I've used whatever's to hand. Last night was a Dell keyboard and a Cherry mouse. A few days ago it was an HP non-media keyboard and a Dell mouse. When loading, the Z loading screen blurs and freezes, no loading bar appears and the logo is grainy for want of a better word. I'll try and upload a pic or email it next time.
  3. Timing question

    I see. OK I'll work with that! Thanks.
  4. Timing question

    Wonderful.. And so simple. Lol. Many thanks!
  5. Possible Problem?

    Hi yet again.. When I change a fixtures channel it doesn't work until I reboot the desk. I'm sure it used to! So say DMX 34 needs to be in channel 4. I change it but it stops working. If I put it back to channel 34 it will work again! This is in relation to normal legacy dimmed channels. Also if I accidentally leave a keyboard or mouse connected the desk won't start up, it crashes and freezes on loading screen.
  6. Timing question

    Last question.. How do I insert a. Cue? As in 4, 4.3, 4.4, 5, 6.. Etc
  7. Timing question

    Ignore the last part of that, I just figured it out.. Lol.
  8. Timing question

    Hi again! Just a quick question.. Am I right in thinking the FLX timing on cue is fade up = this cue and fade down = last cue? Even though both are on the same visual line? Also how do I edit levels on a memory and then resave it?
  9. Newbie Question...!

    Yeah, I follow that. I've been busy elsewhere so haven't played much with them recently but I'll go back and try that! Thanks both of you, I appreciate it!
  10. Newbie Question...!

    Hi. I was wondering where I'm going wrong! Thanks to forum members help I loaded on a profile for the Chauvet COLORPiX battens and have had them working great. But only in 4 channel mode due to not being very familiar with the desk! Now I've decided to try and push myself a bit further I've changed their settings to 36Ch mode but can't figure out how to make them work properly! For instance, changing a color only changes the first lamp in each.. What am I missing/doing wrong? I'm not very familiar with modern memory desks etc and am trying to pick it up so any pointers would be very welcome! I have a pantomime on soon and was hoping to replace the aging Patten 137 battens with the new LEDs.. IF I can figure out how to set the colours properly! Many thanks in advance. :-)
  11. Sort of Help Request - FLX

    Very useful. I'm getting to grips with the software and desk and finding it really useful. Thanks for the help!
  12. Sort of Help Request - FLX

    Hi Ok, so I'm getting used to using a memory desk after having used a manual for many years! I've worked out how to program the fixtures to dimmers and soft patch, I've managed to work out colourising LEDs even and that setting them above my normal lights on the channels is a good idea..! However I can't help but miss the good old "hit the flash buttons for specific lights" days on music nights. I've sort of worked out how to manually create a chase using my selection of colours and that tapping the button below sets a tempo but I always liked changing on the fly to suit the music. Is there a way to run the desk in a kind of semi-manual mode? Eg: Assign certain LED light colours to a certain fader and make the flash work as a flash button rather than a select button? Probably a terribly nooby question I know but I'm still trying to pick this up and the Stage Electrics training day is 2 weeks off..! The guide is quite useful but it doesn't seem to mention any way to do it, (although I'm just skimming it really I admit).
  13. Fixture Request FLX

    Wonderful! All loaded and working! I'm in your debt..! It's really appreciated, thank you.
  14. Fixture Request FLX

    I very much appreciate any and all help!
  15. Hi. Really sorry to bother anyone but I'm totally new to the world of FLX having only used a Fat Frog in mostly manual mode! I'm teaching myself to use the FLX but there's one type of our new LED lights that isn't listed: Chauvet COLORdash Batten Quad 6 Can anyone help? I don't yet understand the fixture creation tool!