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  1. ZerOS 7.9.2 Group Page Issue

    Good afternoon guys, I have upgraded to ZerOS 7.9.2 a week ago so I've not had much time to get used to it but I have found an issue. I wanted to create a new set of Groups on Group Page 1 because I have Desktop 2 on our touch-screen set where it is split into 4 windows. Top left window Groups, Top right window Positions, Bottom left window Beamshapes and Bottom right window Effects. When I moved off Desktop 2 to another Desktop and then moved back to Desktop 2, if you had left the desktop with each of the windows where they had been scrolled down to say page 6 or page 10 for example, when you return the windows will have reset to page 1 again and this is very frustration (is there a way to stop this from happening?). Therefore I wanted to create all my most needed Groups to show on page 1 to help with this reset issue. The main issue is that when you create your Group and attempt to save it to MFF 1 for instance, you get the warning message Group 11 is already programmed. What do you want to do? If you save it saves it to MFF 11? and it happens exactly the same in reverse (if you save to Group 11 it gives you the warning for saving to Group 1)??? So far this has only happens on Groups Page 1 and 2. Leighton
  2. ZerOS 7.9.2 Group Page Issue

    Hi Jon, No worries. I know you've been away. Yes MFK's sorry Jon. I'll take a copy tonight. Where shall I send it? L8
  3. ZerOS 7.9.2 Group Page Issue

    One thing I have noticed is that the touch screen doesn't have the same issue. It's just the MFF??? I wonder if the touch screen being plugged in is causing it?
  4. ZerOS 7.9.2 Group Page Issue

    I've also found that it always looks to write onto another programmed MFF and not a blank MFF???
  5. ZerOS 7.9.2 Group Page Issue

    Also just found the same type issues in saving Colour Pallets!!! This is now restricting my use of the desk and need some urgent assistance is needed please! Thanks Leighton
  6. Hi Guys, I was so excited to get my first touchscreen today. I purchased the iiyama Pro Lite T1531SR from your list of recommended touchscreens as I didn't want to risk getting anything not tested. I had just used it on software version 7.6.0 and it worked a dream. Sadly after sucessfully installing 7.8.2 the screen wont now work??? HELP!!! Regards Leighton
  7. Zeros Software 7.8.2 Released Stopped My iiyama ProLite T1531SR

    Upgrading to 7.9.2 has now solved this issue. Thank you.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm desperate to get a fixture profile for the following 2 fixtures. Stairville Show Bar Tri 18x3W RGB Stairville Show Bar Tri 18x3W RGB.pdf Varytec Truss Light COB LED 30W Varytec Truss Light COB LED 30W.pdf I have had basic profiles created from the team here but they only give access to choose the programmed colours and effects yet the colours can be control via RGB to mix any colour. It's so frustrating to not be able to mix your colours to match the scenes you have created. I currently can't use the Show Bars because of this and I've had them over 1 year now and my use of the Truss Lights is limited. I've had a go at creating the profiles myself to no avail (I am a newbie at this so there's no surprise there). All I want to do is mix my own colours via the control wheels. I've attached the manuals to both fixtures so if anyone could help a frustrated volunteer i would be forever in your debt. Many thanks Leighton
  9. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Thank you Edward for all your help. All fixtures up and running. The desk upgrade is next this week so you may get pestered again Thanks again Leighton
  10. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Thank you kind Sir. I'll give it a go and report back.
  11. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Yes that's correct. I shall try that next time I'm down there. Thanks once again Edward. I have noticed though that I need to add the generic RGB+D or I can't dim the fixture unless I mix the colours to to lower levels which is an issue if I want to fade all fixtures at the same time. If I add 18 x RGB+D that makes 72 channels and not 54? Will that cause me an issue?
  12. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Hi Edward, I tried the instructions above last night but with no joy. I get as far as "Select the start address you chose for the fixture, and on the next patch page add the quantity which in this case will be 18" but I don't get asked for a quantity. It just assigns it as a 3 channel fixture I wonder if it's something to do with my desk configuration?
  13. Iiyama Prolite T1531SR Usability

    Hi Jon, Should ZerOS 7.9.2 now make my Iiyama Prolite T1531SR usable? Regards Leighton
  14. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Hi Edward, Just a quick update. I now have both types of fixtures colour now being controlled via the encoder wheels. I have had to use 4 channel generic to be able to dim but all working fine. Thank you so much for your help. Next week I'll try the individual LED install on the Show Bars and let you know but for now I can use all my fixtures. Thank you
  15. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Brilliant! Thanks Edward. I can't wait to try this. I'll let you know how I get on
  16. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    We have a Solution desk Edward. This information will be a massive help. Thank you Last question. When I start assigning the separate generic fixtures to the individual LEDs in each of the four Show Bars, how do I choose the LED when installing the fixture?
  17. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    So how do I select the individual LED's? I have four of these so does that mean I need to add 72 fixtures?
  18. Desperate Fixture Profile Request

    Hi Edward, Thanks for such a quick response. I will give this a try next week and I assume this is the same for the Truss Lights also? If the 54 channel mode could be created that would be fantastic as this is the reason we bought this fixture. I'm currently running the DMX cables in for them as I'm putting them on their own universe. I would love to be able to start using them in this mode for Easter if possible Edward? Many, many thanks Leighton
  19. timing palettes

    Hi Jon, I think I might have covered this with you in the past but we also use the pushing Time Button and one of Palette MFK Buttons etc at the same time for fading in palettes etc. If you hold the Time Button down for more than a second it then changes it's operation to a scroll button between the Colour, Beamshape, Position modes but we can't find a way of changing it back unless we turn the desk off and back on. Obviously if this happens whilst in the middle of a live event this is not possible and causes us a massive problem (if you have a remedy for this please let me know ). So is it SHIFT whilst pressing TIME Button (next to the NAME Button) or TIME MFK on SPECIAL Page 1 to turn this on? Thanks Jon Leighton
  20. Proposal: RIP Submasters?

    Hi Jon, As a weekend warrior and not a full time user I might need some help understanding your proposal and how it would impact our use of our Solutions desk. As a church, we have many untrained/unskilled volunteers with only myself maintaining and programming the system. Our use is as follows... Submasters 1-5 contain basic generic lighting sets [Page Locked] Submasters 6-10 to contain intelligent lighting operation (this is new to us due to purchase of new fixtures. We currently control these from Pallets etc directly). Will this new proposal help us with programming easier control (for our volunteers) of our intelligent fixtures?
  21. New Fixture Requests

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have the driver profiles for these fixtures please... STAIRVILLE MINI STAGE PAR 4X8W RGBW 40° (8 Channel) ADJ COB CANNON WASH (10 Channel) VARYTEC LED TRUSS LIGHT RGB 30W COB STAIRVILLE SHOW BAR TRILED 18X3W RGB (54 Channel)Thanks Guys Leighton
  22. New Fixture Requests

    Thanks Jon your a star. I'll apply them tonight. Much appreciated. Leighton
  23. iWatch

    It would be a God send if an Apple Watch app was created. Even to simply dim fixtures on and off for focusing etc whilst up the ladder. At least then I wont worry about dropping my phone!!!
  24. Zeros Software 7.8.2 Released Stopped My iiyama ProLite T1531SR

    The display was bought on-line from box.co.uk last week and it arrived yesterday. Sorry for the delayed response Jon. Here are our Solution desk details...
  25. Zeros Software 7.8.2 Released Stopped My iiyama ProLite T1531SR

    Good morning Jon, Thanks for your quick reply. Strange it was working fine on 7.6.0 and not after after successfully installing 7.8.2? Anyway, I've tried to Calibrate the monitor and either nothing happens and you have to click enter to cancel or the first calibration square turns orange when you touch it and then nothing happens??? I'm so frustrated as I was so careful to make sure that we ordered a recommended screen and we have our very first delivery of intelligent fixture being delivered within the next few days which is the whole reason for buying this monitor. I did try looking for the function to record inputs but it's not where it used to be and couldn't find it? I know your currently looking into it but a speedy solution would be appreciated Jon. Thank you Leighton