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  1. Chaser / Scene autostop

    Ok =) Thank you. Mario
  2. Chaser / Scene autostop

    Hello, i'm from Germany and hope that i can explain my problem in English ;-) Im from an Puppetheater and as we got renovated we became the Jester88 24/48 Lightconsole. Everything is fine, only one thing i dont know: "is it possible?" So, in our show somtimes came 2 -4 light scenes in Quick succession. now i want use the GO button. so i can 1.) Programm in the CUE and pusch 2-4 times the GO-Button quickly, to Have Flasching Light and Changes and stop at a Static Scene or 2.) Programm a cheaser an pusch GO-button twice, so the light change happen and stop at an Static Scene. 2.a.) I programm an Cheaser an paste 40 times the Same Lightsetting and use a very long Fadingtime Is there an other way to get this... Mabye i think i could make an Chaser and set Fadingtimes and on the Last step i set SNAP so the Cheaser stop at this Step. But this dont Work ;-) For Example: A scene in the Show Start with a Sunrise So i want 1. Dark Light Scene (Static) PUSH GO 2.1 Red light Fade in (Chaser Step 1) 2.2 Blue came Acrross (cheaser Step 2) 2.3 Blue Fade to 100%, Red Fade Out, Yellow and White Fade in to 100% (Cheaser Step 4) 2.4 Bright Light Scene (static) PUCH GO Next Light Scene (Static) Is this somehow Possible whit the Jesser88 24/48 And yes, i know With MIDI it would go when i make an Audiofile For the Show and Set A MIDI Note for The GO BUTTON, but this is no Option currently. Greetings Mario Magersuppe