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  1. Remote Monitor

    Yes i already enabled it, but i tried it today again and he does find the table when using manual connect but otherwise it does not work. The pc and the leapfrog are both connected to the same network and the ip from the leapfrog is
  2. Remote Monitor

    Hi, Since sometime, I haven't been able to use the remote monitor app, Android version and Windows. I'm not sure since when this happend but I think it was after an update. I use the LeapFrog 96. Thank you, Thomas Beunders
  3. USB help

    So... Now i tried to download again on my pc at home wich has Windows 10 on it. And now it has downloaded. So it Works now. But thanks for the help
  4. USB help

    Yes i also tried it with another USB device and another pc
  5. USB help

    So i tried it, i thougt it worked but it doesn't it still has the same problem.
  6. USB help

    Great that worked!!! Thanks
  7. USB help

    It is the same error as labby and i am the administrator
  8. USB help

    I have Windows 7 but when i try to use the usb installer it still has an error