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  1. Tracking for idiots

    Thanks Kevin! I'm sure it's easy when you know what you're doing. I'll give the "cue only" option a go for my edits thanks! I've never had a problem with tracking before expect for the edits. If I do press shift+record and then choose "record all" will that take effect for that cue only I assume? Thanks again!
  2. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Hi Jon, I don't suppose you have a rough date for these making it into a release do you? Many thanks Rob
  3. Tracking for idiots

    Hi All, I'm slowly getting to grips with the FLX and think it's a great desk. Unfortunately I'm a bit dim and I'm getting confused by tracking (stop laughing!). The last desk I used didn't have tracking (if a light was selected when "program" was pressed it was stored, if it wasn't selected it wasn't stored), so whilst I understand the principal, I'm not really used to it. When I'm programming, I'll go back into a scene I have saved (for example let's say in cue 4) and add a light and update the cue. Now in cue 5, which is a blackout, this one light that I added in cue 4 is still lit and I have to edit cue 5 to remove it. The same thing happens in reverse, so if I go to cue 6 and take a light out, in cue 7 it's also missing and I have to add it back in again. I'm sure there's a simple button I need to press to avoid this, but as I'm not very intelligent I haven't dared to play with the tracking settings for fear of breaking it beyond my limited intellect. Any advise would be appreciated!
  4. DMX Values

    Come in this morning and the desk is showing DMX values (eg. 255) rather than intensity value % of 100. I've not changed any settings, does anyone know how to change it back?
  5. Understanding tracking?

    Hi Jon Have you had chance to look at the show file I emailed across yet? Thanks Rob
  6. Understanding tracking?

    Emailed to you Jon. Thanks.
  7. Understanding tracking?

    Thank you for your response Jon, I'll try what you have suggested today. I was sure that "smart Tag" was already enabled though! Many Thanks Rob
  8. Understanding tracking?

    Hello!! I'm about to lose the will to live and will most likely be crying myself to sleep tonight. Working on a show, I've had a lot of problems this evening programming. Show file is attached but on certain cues (4 thru 7) the move on dark isn't working unless I record the cue as "cue only" with no tracking. Also, I am using 2 x Mac 700 Profile which, in the most part, seem to be moving on dark as desired, however I am also using 2 x Robe 600 LED Wash which simply do not move on dark at all. Ever. Very frustrating and very confusing as I'm sure it's just me doing something wrong, but I don't recall having similar problems last year! Is it something to do with tracking or is it another issue? Tracking is set to basic if that is any use. Any assistance would be really appreciated. The show starts in less than a week and I am getting nowhere! Thanks Rob Sinbad the Sailor 12-02-22.isf
  9. Chase Speed / new effect?

    Hello All I'm slightly confused. I have some lovely LED strip bars which are split into 8 segments each. I have created a chase where the each segment follows the other. I have set the speed to the maximum 600 beats per minute but it's still far too slow for the effect I am after. Is there a way to increase the speed of the chase to a custom level? Also, with the same LED strip bars, when I go into effects I can't see a random strobe option. Is there an easy way to create this? Thanks everyone! Rob
  10. Last cue of playback (chase) stays active

    Sorry for the delay! Show file attached! OMC Patch 2017.isf
  11. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Thanks for the confirmation.
  12. Last cue of playback (chase) stays active

    On the list!
  13. Move in Dark problems when jumping cues

    Hi Jon I don't suppose you know if these have been implemented yet do you? Thanks Rob