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  1. Fixture request - Elumen8 Kudos 150

    UPDATE: Dont worry about the above request. I didnt realise or think to check that The DMX protocool/fixture adresses are the same as the CM 120 so that fixture profile works fine with the CM 150 Steve.
  2. Hello, Would anyone have or be able to help me with a fixture profile for the "Elumen8 Kudos 150" please? I couldn't see it in the current Zeros library list. Here's a download link to the manual, https://prolight.co.uk/product/kudos-cm-150 (It was to big to upload to the forum) T.Y.I.A Cheers Steve.
  3. Android Remote now available

    Excellent news Jon thanks! Could I please be added to the beta forum to take part in new release testing? Also is there a forum Admin that could change my username please? I ment to sign up as Gingersteve91 and accidently typed Gingerstve91 I didn't realise untill I had signed up. I Can't find anywhere to change it myself. Thanks Steve.
  4. Android Remote now available

    Also I'm still running a Galaxy S3, I'd be happy to test the new beta app with my S3 and the OrbXF
  5. Android Remote now available

    Hi Jon, Is April still looking likely for the new Android app?