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  1. controlling leapfrog 48 with scs

    Hey thanks for the replies. I didnt get an email about new replies, so sorry for my late reply. SCS doesnt support DMX out (in none of the levels), just MIDI. Yes i could buy this upgrade kit, but i need it just some weeks each year, so i would prefer a solution with an DMX interface. Running the Submaster with the Macro works perfect, so i have to find a solution to convert midi to DMX. Do you have aby Idea? Or is there any other Idea running "GO" without the upgrade Kit? Thanks a lot Jens
  2. Hey I am using a leapfrog 48 (without upgrade kit) and show cue system professional. (windows 7) Is there any possibility to run the next q by hitting the go button in show cue system? My idea was to send an dmx to the console but I can only run submaster via dmx in. and scs can't send dmx. Any idea? Artnet? I don't wanna hit two go buttons any longer or hit time cues. Thx Jens
  3. Android Remote now available

    Hey jon May u add me to the beta testers too? I am using Sony Xperia z3 Thanks Jens
  4. Android Remote now available

    Hey got the newest apk from the Google Play Store. Its very slow and for me its not possible to get faders mooved properly. For me it would be enough to be able to control each Preset Fader so i dont have to walk so many times while changing the lighning. The best would be the ability to control the Submasters and the Go button by remote. Maybe all these things are already solved in the next version/ the beta version. Jens