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  1. 9 minutes ago, Jon Hole said:

    Create a chase as mentioned above, but also set the Playback to "Inhibit". This means, a step at 80%, will actually inhibit the channel by 80% of it's current value. A step at 60% will actually inhibit the channel by 60% of it's current value, and so on.

    That Playback can be triggered (either as-and-when you need it, or just triggered in the first cue of the show and left triggered). You can then record the intensity like normal into your cues, and the fixture will randomly flicker

    Another entry for your "How To" applications note, Jon. I like it. But you can bet when I need to do it, I won't be able to find this thread. First time I've come across an application for Inhibit (I'm sure you pro's use it all the time though...!).


  2. Those settings don’t seem compliant to the table here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMX512 (MAB transmit min 12us and break transmit min 92us) and don’t stack up to 17 frames per second at 250kb/s. 44 frames per sec with MAB of 12us and break of 92us stacks up as a 22.676ms frame. So the Entec must be sending much longer break or MAB to reduce the max 44fps to 17fps. Even if the break were 1ms that still gives 23fps.

    How bad can those fixtures really be. It seems hard to envisage they could be that bad!

  3. If you're competent to do so, can you open the unit and check the jumper that sets the max current draw for the unit is still in place? On a UK unit this limits the total current draw across the channels to ensure 13A is not exceeded.

    Just an idea I don't know this is the cause. 

    Otherwise try directly emailing: keithrogers@eaton.com 

  4. Have you got a DMX terminator on the end of the line? If you have multiple chains have you used an active DMX splitter?

    Even with a 'poor' fixture this problem seems strange. 

    Can you try the fixtures one at a time with a short cable from the desk and note the results?

  5. Try setting your problem fixtures to a high DMX address, so they are forced to read the whole DMX packet.

    However what's interesting about this is that the FLX* will be sending out a full 512 channel DMX packet so the refresh rate is naturally as low as it can be (without adding padding to the break). Maybe the entec sent short packets (maybe up the the top address used?) and thus the "refresh rate" was changed to emulate full 512 channel packets.

    If the fixtures can't take a fully formed 512 channel DMX packet then they must be *really* rough! Even "off the web" Arduino DMX receiver code isn't that bad!

  6. If I understand you correctly, you have RGB LED tape and the driver (not really "controller") is 3 channel.

    This is fine, you can have a "virtual intensity" channel - so 4 channels on your lighting desk and 3 DMX channels to the driver.

    There will be an RGB+virtual intensity already in the fixture library, or just build one in the Fixture Editor.

    Or attached which is one I built myself for RGB LED tape:


  7. 23 hours ago, Jon Hole said:
    • Ignore fixtures at 0%

    Hi Jon,

    Regards my ongoing query about how to handle gobo rotators that only have a beamshape attribute and thus not getting recorded with SmartTag, do you think that adding an intensity channel to the gobo rotator fixture definition and defaulting this to 100%/255 would be the best workaround? Can you see any downside of this "phantom" intensity channel? Could it be a virtual intensity channel that wasn't set to scale any other parameter or is that a "fudge" too far?

    The other way would be to create a composite fixture with a lantern/dimmer as we'd do with a colour scroller.



  8. Emmanuel, I'm going off topic with Jon a little now, please ignore!

    Hi Jon,

    13 minutes ago, Jon Hole said:

    (Kevin, is that correct?).

    My only experience with the 2-way fader setting was as below, when Edward and I found a playback lockup bug. As you've confirmed with your analysis and report above this is not relevant to Emmanuel's scenario.


  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    The Go button will fade on the basis of the fade settings in the cue. If you have those fade times (up/down/colour) etc set to 0s then they will snap. If these values are non-zero then the crossfade should be dipless between the two lighting states. Note that cue 1 by default is set with fade times of 0s; the default for other cues in the stack is 3s. Of course you can change all of these on a cue-by-cue basis.

    However it sounds to me like you might be using a playback in "2-way fader" mode (that's on FLX, I assume also on FLX-S series), which you would have set with Setup+MFF button menu. I would also expect that to follow the up/down/colour set in the cues, since that fader mode is just a different way to trigger and release cues in playbacks. However I do know there is a bug (certainly in 7.9.3) with 2-way fader mode but that was it locking up rather than exhibiting the symptoms you describe.

    Can you upload your showfile here then someone can take a look at it and give you some feedback on how it looks?



  10. Hi Emmanuel,

    If you just record a sequence of cues into a playback this will just happen naturally:

    set up lighting state


    set up next lighting state


    set up next lighting state



    Then when you're done you use the GO button to step through this cue list.

    Is this your work flow or are you using some other method?


  11. 35 minutes ago, robhurt said:

    I tried everything I could think of

    I guessed my words would be pretty useless and that you would have tried absolutely everything, whilst screaming "Wha' the f**?", I know I would have been! I hope you get sorted for the show and that there is an explanation and easy fix!

    Good luck!

  12. Hi Rob,

    3 years on Zero88 kit since a few years back - but I'd be very surprised if Zero88 didn't help out regardless. Where are you geographically, can anyone else help? I'm Bristol/South Wales area, but I think you're West Yorks?

    Have you phoned Jon? Could you get a loaner desk tomorrow?

    Have you power cycled the desk? Unplugged the keyboard and other USB stuff?


    ETA: I see from BlueRoom that you could be sorted (assuming your house power supply is ok...). Have you got a UPS you could put in-line as some protection? Seems remote "moral support" is about the best I can give!

  13. Chases

    Thanks Rob.

    Sorry for the "Noddy" questions, I know you're no beginner with the desk!

    Over to the Z88 guys... If I get chance I'll try and create a setup this week with some LEDs and see what I get.


  14. Chases

    Hi Rob, I’d expect this to be the colour fade times of the cues in the playback where the sequence is recorded. Are you finding this not the case?

    if you split the playback into non chase cues can you run the cue stack with fades as expected?

    Are you on 7.9.3?