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  1. Here are profiles for: Cameo LED MiniPAR COB 30W Stairville Mini Stage PAR 4x8W RGBA Regards, Kevin cameo_cob30_stairville_miniRGBA.ift
  2. Thanks Ed. I tend to post them here then if other users need them, they know they are available. In the Stairville, I've decoded all of the preset colours into the Detail tab. These aren't documented in the manual so I had to work them out by comparing with a Lee gel swatch book. Please check the fixture names are in accordance with Zero88 style - sometimes I'm not sure how to name these things and how to derive the short name. Thanks! Kevin
  3. Chauvet par hex 12

    Thanks Ed. Let me update this fixture with those defaults and I'll add the fixture image too (forgot last night), then I'll email it across to you. The attached should be fine for geevee as he doesn't want the 3ch version - but I'll update the attached anyway for him later when I've made the mods. Thanks! Kevin
  4. Chauvet par hex 12

    Hi geevee, It wasn't clear to me which was the fixture definition in the Zero88 library for the COLORdash Par-Hex 12, so I've built fixture definitions fresh from the manual for 3,6,8,12 and 13 channel modes. Find attached. Please give this a go and hopefully you'll get your lights working. On the 3ch fixture I'm not sure what to set the defaults to for HSI/HSV so maybe Ed could take a look at this and add to the Zero88 library. Many of these definitions have multiple pages of parameters, so press colour/beamshape repeatedly to get to the other pages. Where the mode does not have a dedicated dimmer channel, I've added a virtual dimmer so you will need to use the Brightness button and wheel. The Home values are R=G=B=dimmer=255. Let us know how you get on with this! Regards, Kevin cd_parhex12.ift
  5. Chauvet par hex 12

    Hi geevee, Yes I mean the 12 buttons on the right! Good stuff. Ill take a look at the fixture definition today against the manual (unless Ed beats me to it). Have you made sure the fixture is set for the 12 channel mode and you will find there is also a dimmer channel so make sure you select Brightness and wheel up to get non zero. I suspect you are used to the 6 channel mode then just has a channel per colour. Also try selecting the fixture and pressing Home.
  6. Chauvet par hex 12

    Hi geevee, First just to check, is your desk a Fat Frog or above with dedicated fixture support? (Within reason) you can have as many channels as you like for a fixture. Your 12 or 13 channel fixture will be fine. Where there are more parameters per attribute, then you page through in multiples of 3 with the attribute button. So say you have 7 colour parameters, then you will have 3 pages (3+3+1 usually) of colour parameters, and cycle through those pages with the Colour button. Have you written your own fixture definition for your PAR Hex or is it from the Zero88 library? If you want to attach it, and a link to the manual here, then we can check it out for you. Regards, Kevin
  7. Matrix/ Pixel mapping

    Maybe careful not to beat up the user base for asking about features that have been previewed
  8. Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Cheers Ed! Good to know, thanks. I think I need yet more new glasses as Howartp does clearly say he's trying to select channels not flash them. I think the term "bump buttons" threw me!
  9. Using bump/flash keys to select fixtures

    Ed, I failed quite early on trying to help out with this one. So after having the issue loading a 7.8.5 show, reported elsewhere, I failed to find out how to change the Channel-mode MFF buttons from select into channel flash buttons! Setup+MFF button (Channel mode) does not bring up any kind of setup window along the lines of those same key presses when the MFFs are set to Playback mode. I found nothing in the manual, so took it that these buttons can't actually be flash/solo/whatever buttons and they are always select buttons. But I'm thinking I must be wrong in this conclusion.... So how do I make the MFF buttons into channel flash buttons as if I understand correctly, that's what we're trying to do here! Thanks, Kevin
  10. Playbacks change the whole show :(

    Check you are in Tracking mode with Smart Tag on when you Record.
  11. Splitting a gft file

    Good stuff. If the fixture you need is not in there then you can request it following these instructions, if you send them a link to the manual: http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7787-requesting-new-fixture-profiles/ ...but I'd also encourage you to have a go at making the profile yourself, using this Windows utility: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/de/Knowledgebase/Article/View/49/0/zero-88-fixture-tools---version-26 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Floppy-External-Drive-Portable-Windows/dp/B00SWQ4G86/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506948480&sr=8-1&keywords=usb+3.5+floppy
  12. Splitting a gft file

    Use the Fixture Editor to make up a collection with the fixtures you want. http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/de/Knowledgebase/Article/View/584/0/legacy-desk-fixture-library
  13. If they are colours C14 onwards (I.e. not the default palettes created by the desk which are C1 to C13, see manual) then this could suggest bad colour detail in the fixture profiles youre using. There is a bug which shows some whites with an empty/black sample. Also it;s possible that lots of the generated colour palettes relate to a "colour wheel" definition in the fixture definition. The fixture may have to have another control channel set for these to work. I had some confusion with this recently: http://zero88.com/forum/topic/8004-zeros-79260/#entry31152 (That post is on the beta-test forum which might not be visible to you. The essence of the text was: "Initially no fixture selected - all boxes grey. Select RGBWA LED fixture (54@25 Enter) Some boxes turn blue - 1C through 13C which are the desk "auto generated" colours, then a bunch of palettes extracted from the detail tab in the fixture definition. This latter bunch do work, but are settings from a "colour wheel" set of fixture predefined colours, so don't actually work unless another fixture channel (under beamshape as we often do for "control" channels) is set appropriately." (Sorry about poor initial reply - tricky using a phone when it keeps auto-"correcting" for you )
  14. Frog not booting at all

    JP did you make any progress with this?
  15. pixel mapping

    I think Sven is now suggesting that all "4 features" are probably late - 3 weeks to pull the rabbit out of the hat before he gets really miffed!
  16. Clear/Reset Options

    I've finished the show and I want to reset the desk back to a fresh state ready for setup of the next. I want to remove the current show and everything that is specific to this show. I can use Clear All - but that leaves the patch in place for all dimmers and fixtures, including their modified names. I can use Reset Desk - this removes the patch but also removes my additional fixture definitions, so I need to reload them from USB (ok, a simple job). Factory Reset - what does this do in addition to Reset Desk? The manual doesn't clarify this. Thanks, Kevin
  17. Clear/Reset Options

    Understood. Factory Reset - sure, makes sense. Definately needed. Reset Desk - This is the one I'll probably use most and restore my fixtures each time. Clear All - Not sure I see why this is useful, but I guess it's just a "gimme" as it does all of the buttons above it "Clear Memories, Clear UDKs, Clear Macros". ...just to let you know there are plenty of us owner-users out here not just Hire companies and school children
  18. Hi, Is there an easy way to set the numerical value of non-intensity channels? The usual Home for an LED is R=G=B=255. To get R,G,B to a value of 0 requires some furious rotation on each respective encoder which takes some 5 seconds per parameter. This is a little clunky. I tried holding the encoder centre button and typing on the keypad in the hope that this might work (nope). Sure, usually we'd use some pre-programmed palettes or the great range of filter look-ups on the FLX. But just sometimes you need to get those values to 0 because you don't want a non-zero value tracking though a cue stack. If not, enhancement ZOS-xxxx? Thanks, Kevin ETA: Encoder behaviour is the default (Proportional) but the acceleration curve seems pretty shallow with rotation speed.
  19. Hi Ed, Thanks for the quick feedback - good tip, thanks. Regards, Kevin
  20. Discussion: Tips for the perfect effect engine

    Hi Ed, Thanks for the update! Jon gave us some release proposals info a while back, maybe you could publish this for the upcoming releases? http://zero88.com/forum/topic/7175-flx-software-whats-next/#entry28062 Thanks! Kevin
  21. Hi Zero88 guys, Could you please look into Legacy Product info access in the Knowledge Base via the various links on the UK Zero88 product pages. Sometimes I get to the German KB pages, sometimes the UK pages. On the UK pages, the product listings are a bit lacking/ad-hoc. For example tonight I was looking for some information on Alphapack2. This is not listed (under Dimmers) on the KB accessed via the link here: http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/286/dimmers However I've been on the KB page for AP2 in the past - I've linked documents in my Forum posts. But tonight I can't find the AP2 KB page. Maybe I found it via the German KB previously. By using the search "alphapack" I manage to get to this document - but is this page an orphan page in the KB? http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/82/0 Anyway if you can ensure that (at least recent) discontinued products are available on the UK KB I'd be grateful! :-) Much appreciated, Kevin
  22. Discussion: Tips for the perfect effect engine

    Jan - did you ever get any alpha code to have a play with? I'm interested if there has been any progress with the development of the Effects Engine for FLX - I don't recall seeing anything in any of the recent Betas. I know the Zero88 team have (it appears!) been busy with the new FLX S24/48 desks and this should be good for the longevity of the FLX brand. However I'm eager to see some of the much promised and much awaited features that have been raised and discussed on this branch of the Forum actually make it into the released software, e.g. Correllian fixture library, Effects Engine. My reading of some of Jon's comments looks like the team have been a bit stalled resolving Solution compatibility issues and trying in vain to continue FROG2 support. Hopefully these are now out of the way and there will be more traction on the FLX wavefront and maybe a more predictable schedule? Let's hope that Jon and Ed come back from PLASA enthused and motivated to bring us both great new ideas and solid fundamentals over the next months! A rallying cry not a criticism...! We all want to love this console unashamedly - but the Forum has been relatively quiet for some weeks even months now, especially the generally active contributors - and I'm hoping that user's aren't drifting away...
  23. Clear/Reset Options

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread.. with a question that I should have asked Jon at the time... Jon, did you by chance ZOS-xxxx my original requirement to have an option to clear all show-related data? It would be "nice to have" this option Thanks, Kevin
  24. Knowledge Base for Legacy Products

    Hi Jon, Looking good! Worth you having a read through each page to make sure the context and references make sense. Some read like an email to a customer, refer to non-existent attachments or are a bit blunt. I realise you don't want to spend too much time on this but a couple of lines for each product would be nice to see with release and discontinued dates. I was going to say I couldn't find Linebacker (under Legacy Data), but then I found it under "consoles" (note you used lower-case C unlike the other sections ). Just keep the layout clean with all the data on there, with a search that works and is not too fussy - better that you return more hits that could be false positives as your database will not be that large. Search looks good on this new site - on the existing KB site, "alphapack2" (no spaces) returns nothing which is not useful! (Oh and tonight for some reason, trying that out took me straight to the German KB site as I was mentioning above!) If you can add other "service" data for the old stuff where you're less worried about IP and service centre trade then that would be good. I understand you'll always be worried about "No user serviceable parts inside" but for some of the really old stuff "user" might be as good as there is. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Kevin
  25. Frog not booting at all

    Hi JP, POST will not be "one IC". POST will form part of the boot firmware running on the CPU subsystem which will check various hardware functions on the desk. If you haven't, it's worth reconnecting your floppy drive as POST will likely check this, and at least will be trying to load the software driver for this device. Can I check you are waiting a little time before deciding that POST or boot has failed? I just fired up my FF and it took 25 seconds between power-on and the desk being ready, having loaded the in-memory show file. However from your report it looks like the BIOS boot is happening, but the application firmware is not loading. Can you get a copy of 10.12 (http://zero88.com/support/index.php?/de/Knowledgebase/Article/View/56/0/frog-range-operating-software-release-1012) firmware onto a floppy disk and insert this into your floppy drive before powering on the desk? It may be that something is corrupt due to the dead battery. The only externally available Service information I know of just has the details I added in my post. Schematics are not released for this product. I'm not Zero88 myself so I don't have access to any more information, sorry. If these ideas fail, since your Fat Frog is starting to boot, but is getting stuck I think you ought to give Keith Rogers at Zero88 a call on Monday. He'll be more than happy to help you and will know what to check given the symptoms of your desk. Here are his details: Keith Rogers Service Manager - Eaton's Lighting Systems keithrogers@eaton.com DD - +44 (0) 1633 833 101. Sorry I can't help you any more at this stage. However feel free to post again if you have more info and I'll see if I can suggest anything. Regards, Kevin