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  1. kgallen

    Groups/Palettes - UI enhancement requests

    Hi Edward, I need to check this as I was doing that originally and it wasn’t working until I typed the second GROUP.
  2. kgallen

    Purging "old" fixture definitions

    Usually I have my whole custom set as one collection written out from the PC Fixture Editor tool (I split out the new ones to a single entry if I upload it to the Forum for you to add to the released library). So this means I read in the whole lot again. But also usually I do Clear User first so I don't get double everything. The "issue" comes once I've started some detailed desk setup and don't want to use Clear User - which as you say wouldn't help with patched fixtures anyway as they get held in the showfile. I usually version-number everything I do, but hitherto haven't added a version ID to individual fixture modes, so maybe I will have to do start doing that. Thanks for considering the issue anyway. No idea how all this will change when the Correlian (???) library change happens! Regards, Kevin
  3. FLX I've been developing the fixture profile for a new light (Showtec Shark Wash One, see other posts). This means I read in my personal fixture library a number of times as I develop/debug it and Update the patched fixtures. Because I've started to set up palettes, e.g. position palettes, I've not wanted to unpatch the fixtures or use the "Clear User" option in reset. So I read in my fixture files from USB again. The result of this is that the desk has multiple definitions for the same named fixture. It's hard to know during fixture update which is my "new/updated" fixture profile because the Manufacturer->Fixture->Mode/Channels list has multiple entries for the same fixture, nothing to differentiate them other than order - last=newest? It also means that n-1 of them is a definition I no longer want, because the latest is the "greatest"! How can I manage this on the desk? Clearly at the mid-point of my process there will be the "old" fixture definition - currently patched and "used" in the showfile - and the updated one that I want to move to. At that point I want to get rid of the "old" one(s). This presumes I can identify which is the "old" and the "new" other than assuming the list has the newest at the bottom. Is there a way to work out which is which, or can the UI be enhanced to help? Can I purge "old" fixture definitions manually? Of course the desk holds lots of "unused" fixture definitions, so it's only the older duplicates that I want to get rid of. Sorry, that was probably clear as mud... Thanks, Kevin
  4. (Sorry to the OP for going off topic, hopefully you have your answers - maybe I should start a new thread). So I managed to get to this head page for FLX, where indeed there is a decent list of articles. http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/ Maybe the list is long enough now to have some sub-headings? Not more sub-pages though please! I'm not sure I find the "new" Knowledgebase that easy to find stuff in though. Hopefully you can keep adding these useful articles but then put some on-page structure there so the list is manageable. Although now being a little contradictory, these pages need to work on a small phone screen as we're likely to be in there when at the venue trying to drive the desk! Thanks, Kevin
  5. kgallen

    Grand master control of fixtures

    Crikey , Tribo, you went through the mill with that a bit! I'm one of the lucky ones and so far I've never had an issue with my Fat Frog being fussy over floppy disks! (Although now I have an FLX the FF hasn't been out for a couple of years... I must check the battery hasn't leaked!) Enjoy, anyway!
  6. Edward - these Knowledgebase Articles are great, but how do we find them? With the link above I got directly to the page of course, but otherwise how do I find a catalogue/list of them. I went back out to the "head" page and tried from fresh to find this page. Where is it/are they? I think you need to create some sort of top level index or list so we can find them otherwise they are of no use. Also they should be tagged with whatever software version they relate to or operate from/to. Thanks, Kevin
  7. kgallen

    Grand master control of fixtures

    Weird. The FrogOS on the floppy is an uncompressed file isn't it? Might be time to check the battery unless you've changed it recently (below assuming your Fat Frog has a VGA output):
  8. kgallen

    Advice on how to program this?

    Aha, makes sense because of the Auto-With. Thanks Edward!
  9. kgallen

    Advice on how to program this?

    Intrigued - why isn't this a 4-step chase with tracking of the intensity on the non-snapped fixtures? Then using tap tempo to set the beat?
  10. kgallen

    Error Code 003 even after new battery and desk reset

    Adding this link to the Knowledgebase: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Jester-12-24-24-48/975061181/Jester-Error.htm
  11. Hi Ed/Jon, Here are fixture profiles for the Showtec Shark Wash One, not in the gft35 library (Zoom and Spot are in there, not the Wash). Regards, Kevin (I thought I posted this last night, but I don't see it, sorry if this is a duplicate entry). Showtec_Shark_Wash_One.ift
  12. kgallen

    Showtec Shark Wash One

    Hi Edward, Having had a detailed play with this new fixture there were many parameter range errors in the documented DMX map (spec v1.0) versus the actual unit (firmware v7.11). Could you please replace the fixture definition I provided above with the one attached below. Thanks and regards, Kevin Showtec_Shark_Wash_One.ift
  13. kgallen

    old fixture librarys

    You've posted on Blueroom about your LED bar 24 channel mode. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=71305&view=findpost&p=562223 Same answer as above. However Ed/Jon might comment on how to handle such a multichannel fixture on your desk in 24 mode - you might be advised to configure the desk to see it as eight 3-channel RGB fixtures (or whatever multiple of "identical" functions it is) in order to support chases/sequences. Kevin
  14. kgallen

    old fixture librarys

    Yes, the released fixture libraries always support the older consoles - although you might have to chop it down a bit to fit onto a floppy disk. You need more information on the "6 DMX Channels" bit, you should find in the manual what each of these channels controls. There will be red, green, blue, probably dimmer, maybe strobe, probably colour macro in there, but you need to know which channel controls what parameter. There will almost certainly be a fixture in the library that has the correct mapping, but there are so many of these generic/no-name fixtures on the market that you're unlikely to find it listed in the library. Best course of action is to find the DMX channel descriptions in the manual, and link the manual here, then one of us can build you a fixture definition to save you hunting through the library for something that matches. The official route is to email a link to the manual to FixtureSupport@Zero88.com and then someone at Zero88 will make one for you. Of source if you have a Windows machine, there is the Fixture Library tools you can use which is what we all use to write fixture definitions for ourselves. Kevin
  15. kgallen

    Zero 88 12/24 error code 003

    Double posting just annoys those who might want to help you - you won't get a quicker reply. See my reply in your post in the Jester section:
  16. kgallen

    Error Code 003 even after new battery and desk reset

    Power cycle it again as I think it will re-write the codes into the RAM which should now not forget them. Edit: Just found this article where Ian describes how to sort this after replacing the battery:
  17. kgallen

    Numbering Cues

    Ahhhhh I seee, this always confused the heck out of me - usually when I accidentally press <enter> on the cue number field, panicking I was renumbering it!
  18. kgallen

    Flx s48 not working

    Means your fixtures take 6 DMX addresses each so you have to space them at least 6 addresses apart. You could set this higher if you like, say you like them addressed every 10 addresses set the offset to 10.
  19. kgallen

    Elara Zero88

    They certainly are! My first own-purchase lighting desk was an Alcora (Mk1) - and bought from Ian too, way back in 2000. I still have it, and it comes out every now and again when I want something straightforward and light. Also since mine has DMX and analogue outputs it can fit into pretty much any dimmer system.
  20. kgallen

    Elara Zero88

    Hi Mostyn, I don't know what your use case is (theatre, busking, etc), but just be aware that the Elara is a "submasters desk" where you programme lighting states to each submaster fader. This is different to a cue stack desk, which is more typical for a theatre use model. The Elara's sister desk, the Alcora, is a cue stack desk. Regards, Kevin
  21. kgallen

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hi Eric. Just to clarify one point suggested by your text - none of the Zero88 consoles have motorised faders. I’m not sure if this was what you meant by ‘flying faders’. Kevin
  22. kgallen

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Hi Eric, I understand and I can agree with you if the controlled fixture has a single controllable parameter, like intensity, then I can understand, as we all operated for many tens of years, that you grab the fader and the light comes on. But fixtures are not so simple any more. They have intensity, colour, beamshape, position etc etc, several, to many tens of parameters. This can't be handled on a fader, another workflow is needed. Of cource, if one fixture needs to be selected, then of course FLX can do that - indeed the faders are by default channel intensity faders, and pages of such - and with wings then under the fingers. However this approach gives you control of the intensity parameter only. Most of your rig looks to be multi-parameter kit - you list more LED sources than possible conventional. The quantity you list looks uncomfortably large for any fader-per-channel based work surface, whether that be Zero88, ETC, Strand etc etc. It sounds to me like you should go and try a number of lighting desks, or even get a demo. For Solution and FLX for example, you could attend one of the training courses, that might be a good approach to look at the Zero88 offerings for real. In addition, get a knowledgeable supplier or user to demonstrate each desk with a range of fixtures that model elements of your typical setup. Zero88 appear to have a fairly sizable French and German following, many experienced and knowledgeable members post on the forums here, especially the FLX and Solution forums. Take a browse and make some contact and get the real user experience from them! Good luck, it's a big decision! Kevin
  23. kgallen

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    You don't need faders - in fact that's the last thing you need. You need to set up some Groups, Palettes and Playbacks with the sort of stuff you will need for the show. You can do this away from the venue. Then when you're at the rehearsal you can update your position palettes for the exact mover position then you go Group, Palette, Record - bang, bang, bang on the FLX touchscreen, you're done. None of this shoving faders about then hunting for colours and gobos around the Solution buttons. FLX has 10 pages of 24 playback faders, which you can overlay - do you really need 24 playbacks from a pick of 240 under your fingers at once? You need to donate your brain to science if you can manage that lot. If you want more faders to call up stuff quickly whilst you're busking then add a wing. Well that's how Ed and Jon would do it anyway - it's all beyond me at my age!
  24. kgallen

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    Have you checked the latest fixture library for your exact models? or: - write your own with the Fixture Editor tools (I always do) - ask Jon/Ed to write the fixture definition - send a link to the manual and say which modes you want.
  25. kgallen

    Solution - Solution XL VS FLX - FLX S 48

    FLX any day of the week. From user comments on this forum Solution appears to be running out of processing power with the more recent firmware. It's the oldest platform still in the current range. For FLX S you would need to confirm these can support your fixture count/DMX address range. I suspect you'd be looking at the S48 rather than S24 (you do already suggest this in your OP). I think you would only consider a Solution if you wanted the large panel user interface. But then you have to carry the thing. If you really need to-hand access to faders, then the FLX+Wing would seem to be the way to go, expanding as you needed. FLX has development life - it's on the "up" curve, Solution is on the tail of it's life (I suspect, I don't work for Zero88). Solution seems pretty much as expensive as FLX (don't look at the web prices, get a proper quote) - it's a physically bigger machine to manufacture (more faders, LCDs etc) rather than a "more powerful" machine. I came to FLX from Fat Frog, motivated by the size/weight reduction for humping the thing around and the persistent introduction of LED fixtures to the rig - but actually still retaining a large conventionals base too. Your requirements are diverse enough that I think FLX is the most appropriate platform from this range to give you scope and longevity. And to save your back. ...Just one user's brash comments: YMMV!

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