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  1. Load new page on playback

    There is a "Page Holdover" function. Probably within the Setup+Playback-button settings or maybe the general Setup. I think it's the same question as this one in the FLX forum:
  2. Chases

    Thanks Rob. Sorry for the "Noddy" questions, I know you're no beginner with the desk! Over to the Z88 guys... If I get chance I'll try and create a setup this week with some LEDs and see what I get. Kevin
  3. Chases

    Hi Rob, I’d expect this to be the colour fade times of the cues in the playback where the sequence is recorded. Are you finding this not the case? if you split the playback into non chase cues can you run the cue stack with fades as expected? Are you on 7.9.3? Kevin
  4. Is this it? https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1741/5055/files/pixelstorm-cob_manual_rev_a.pdf?9282580857687819222 It's got 8 different modes, one is 68 channels. Is there a particular mode you're interested in before we spend the time coding them all up? Is there a particular way you intend to use this fixture that might guide how we structure the fixture? So, you say you've got 12 of them and using the 68 channel profile would thus require 816 DMX channels, and you can only address 512 with a Fat Frog, so you're not going to be able to do full pixel control with this desk (wonderful though it is...). Have you had a go at using the Zero88 fixture tools to define this fixture and thus tune it to your intended use cases? http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/ORB-XF/975405071/Fixture-Tools.htm
  5. Post a link to the manual in the Fixtures forum and it shall appear!
  6. Jon's offline now, I'll have a go before he comes back and explains properly. I think you've got the desk modes slightly inside out. This is my understanding from asking similar questions: Non-tracking = snapshot = record everything always. Like Full mode on the Frog series if you had one of those and how most "basic" memory desks operate. This generally works fine if you've only got generics/dimmer channels. Basic tracking = Tracking + SmartTag on (SmartTag=record changes for fixtures with intensity>0%). Unless you're doing something special and you're using the desk in say a theatre, then you'll probably live in this mode as "it just works". Advanced tracking = Tracking with SmartTag off -> user has to manually control all tagging and thus is in full control of what gets recorded. So far I've not had to go here... Kevin
  7. Ah ok, I see, it's a multifixture/composite bar. Good clarification, Jon....
  8. (OP - please ignore this comment for now please see Jon's query below). Well if you want individual control of each spot, then each spot needs a unique DMX start address. For example spot 1 is DMX=1, spot 2 is DMX=15, spot 3 is DMX=29, spot 4 is DMX=43 - or any addresses that are separated by at least 14 because your spots need 14 addresses in their 14 channel mode. No spot can have a start address above 499 because all 14 addresses need to fit within DMX channel numbers up to 512. If you give them all the same DMX address they will all do the same thing as they are seeing and responding to the same instructions. Have I understood your question correctly?
  9. I think it means that if a playback is active (MFF is up), then if you change playbacks page, that MFF continues to function as per the original playback page. When you release that playback, the MFF will then move to relate to the current page. Kevin
  10. Tracking for idiots

    That's useful to know, although SmartTag works so well I haven't needed to run scared back to a non-tracked mode. I often ended up back in full mode on the Fat Frog when partial scared the bejeezus out of me!
  11. FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Hey, that was the last FLX t-shirt that you promised to me, you just sent to get irradiated!
  12. any help welcomed

    Hey Jon, you can get away with it (aside from professional pride ). Ian on the other hand just clearly wasn't keeping up with the product range...
  13. RWT - Green Output Channel Lights always on

    He's there ^^^^ iank99 ^^^^ (This is a non-commission based advert, somehow I've not negotiated a cut of the profits yet... )
  14. Part numbers for fuses and fuse caps

    This link will get you going with the fuses. I'll have to take a look at mine for the holders... Fuse holders probably as here: RS 344-5591 (MOQ=5 though...) Farnell 1703163 Rapid 26-3082
  15. FLX hints & tips Advent Calendar

    Are you boys working on the "Easter Egg Calendar" yet? We need a regular "fix" now you know. Tyler will be able to have an egggggg..ggg.ggg...cellent time making them.
  16. I think I can do Clear Fixture for you:
  17. FLX S24 and Solution - control of LED fixtures

    Check the colour fade time in the cue (defaults to 3s) [a submaster is really a single-cue playback], which will affect the fade time for the colour when going into the state. Also with Setup+Playback Button, under Raise and Lower, look at the colour fade time (I think that defaults to 0s), which will affect how quickly the colour releases once the fader lowers. Have a play with those two settings - it can be confusing at first but once you think about it, it (usually) makes sense! Kevin
  18. Hi Edi, Slightly (/completely) not answering your question, but this article might help you out with your experiments in this respect: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-faders-FLX-Series.htm Regards, Kevin
  19. Move on Dark - Need Clarification/Help!

    Hi Mark, I'll attempt a half-baked answer until Edward comes along, as you might be trying to do this now. In theory you don't have to do anything for move on dark, the desk just works it out for you. It's possible, depending on whether the movers are used in your previous cue (0.3?) you don't actually need your cue 0.4. If your movers are unlit in 0.3 then just record 0.5 with the position/beamshape/intensity you want. When cue 0.3 has run, say your movers fade out in 0.3, once they've done that the desk will "move on dark" them ready for the intensity build in 0.5. If you need the 0.4 step to do the move, it's possible the desk is not recording those parameters because the fixture intensity is at 0 - if you're using Tracking+SmartTag then this might be the cause (Edward can clarify this). I think the way around this would be when you RECORD your 0.4, in the Record window that pops up, turn off SmartTag (assuming you're using SmartTag usually, make sure this is back on for the next cue you record). If you've just moved the movers and set the gobo etc, then the position and beamshape attributes should be "tagged" so these should get recorded into the 0.4 cue. Then when you record 0.5, the intensity should be up but the position/beamshape should track from 0.4. Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on. Kevin
  20. Tracking for idiots

    Hi Edward, Really? If you update a cue and use Cue Only, surely internally in the desk database it has to then go and change the following cue to reinstate the fixture value that was updated Cue Only in order to remove the tracking behaviour. i.e in updated cue n, the fixture takes the update value then in cue n+1 the fixture has to be set back to the values from cue n-1. This wouldn't be necessary in Non-Tracking. Sorry - an academic comment really, we'll not get into exactly how the software is architected, I'm just surprised it's "the same". Kevin
  21. Tracking for idiots

    Yes it just makes that record/update operation record everything. The following cue you record will just record the changes again. If you set the desk into the Non-Tracking mode, (I believe) it will always record everything (intensity, colour, position etc). However if you have anything other than dimmers patched, you'll probably want to use the Tracking mode (I just use "Tracking Basic") because that takes most of the worry out of LTP attributes like colour and movement. Not sure if it will help, but there are a few external documents linked here that talk about tracking. The ETC one is ok.
  22. Tracking for idiots

    Rob, Don't be daft, denigrating yourself. It's new to me too. Fortunately usually tracking "just works", certainly with SmartTag on With your edits, what you needed to do was select "Cue Only" in the Record/Update window. Otherwise the change "tracks" into the later cues - that's what tracking does - the "Record" operation with SmartTag only captures the changes from one cue to the next rather than everything. This means that is a light isn't set to change, it's not recorded. If you want to store "everything" - and I usually do this for blackouts, then use Shift+Record, which comes up as "Record All", and does just that, so all intensities get recorded in the blackout cue, and this "blocks" any lights that are tracking from "bleeding through". Stand by for a much better explanation from Edward or Jon! Kevin
  23. any help welcomed

    The Frogs absolutely do support virtual dimmers in the fixture definition . It was introduced in software 10.10 and bug-fixed in 10.12. See: http://nr1.s3.amazonaws.com/kb/2AD62C9/3879A76B/3A210339/32/FrogOS Release Notes v10.12.pdf Of course the fixture definition has to define the virtual channel, which should be the case in Zero88 Fixture Library releases. We've been here before... I'll find the post in a minute! Here :
  24. Touch screen not working

    Hi Phillip, Do you mean the screen built into the FLX or an external touch screen monitor? If the external screen, after you have started the Calibration, press the Update key and then see if the monitor is responding to touch. If the internal screen, sorry the Zero88 guys will have to help you out... Kevin
  25. any help welcomed

    Hi Andy. Latest Frog software is 10.12 but you can update the fixtures independently. Either look to a more recent fixture library from Zero88 with the fixtures you need or alternatively create your own fixture definition file using the fixture editor tool. All are downloadable from the Zero88 website. FrogOS 10.12: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Frog-Series/975242041/Frog-Series-Overview-Software.htm Fixture Library 34 (also read info on fitting on a 1.44MB floppy disk): http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-products/Legacy-Consoles/Jester-ML-TL-Series/975203021/Fixture-Library-Release-34-Jester-Series-Frog-Series-Illusion-500-Diablo-Sirius-250-500.htm Fixture Tools: http://support.zero88.com/975064841/Floppy-disk-Console-Fixture-Library.htm Kevin