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  1. Programming help

    This issue has now been resolved.
  2. Programming help

    I'm using a Fat Frog in partial mode, tracking on (--), replay tag add. I know the desk doesn't have a 'move in black' feature so was wondering what the best option is? My current way is inserting an auto cue each time but can be a pain when trying to remember the right attribute each time. I'm trying to create some effects for disco/music shows. Do I create a chase with the movers then record them in memories/subs? I have tried this way with the 2 movers but doesn't work, possibly an issue with tagging the fixtures which I obviously don't fully understand? If someone would kindly clarify that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. No control from moving heads

    Thanks for your reply. It seems the fixture reset back to 6 channel when powered on/off.I also changed DMX address to 200 as suggested so now have full control. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have 2 Stairville MH-X25 LED heads but I am unable to control them on my Fat Frog. There is DMX signal and is running in 12 channel mode start address of 501 (only running 1 at the moment) but unable to control? Any ideas?
  5. Fat Frog Custom Fixture

    Apologies for bumping this thread but just to clarify this issue is now sorted by connecting a PS/2 keyboard.
  6. Fat Frog Custom Fixture

    I have tried loading another fixture which I found on here and am still having the same problem.
  7. Fat Frog Custom Fixture

    I have updated to the latest software and have created a fixture in the editor as it wasn't in the latest library release. When I go to assign fixture from floppy disk, it allows me to assign the manufacturer but not the fixture type (page 55 no.9 in manual). The arrows, + and - buttons do not work so I cannot cancel either. I can only press enter which comes up with 'error you must select a fixture type first'. I then have to reboot the desk to get rid of the message. Any ideas?
  8. Fat Frog Custom Fixture

    Thanks for your reply. Will look into this.
  9. Fat Frog Custom Fixture

    I picked up a second hand Fat Frog a while ago but have only got round to looking at it. How do I found out which software version its currently running? How do I create a custom fixture for some LEDs? Thanks