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  1. delay time

    You say: "You can set separate fade up and down times, and a "dwell" time (wait time) for auto followons, but you can't set delay time specifically for just the up or just the down time on the Jester range, no." It's not very useful because dwell time begin at the end of transfer not at begining.
  2. delay time

    Is it possible to add to 'time of fade in' or' time of fade out' a 'delay time' tu run a crossfading of 2 memories? (In theater, this time fonction is very necessary to late time out / time in, to have a soft crossfading). If a Channel remain @ the same % between 2 sequentials memories, does the % of channel don't change on stage during the crossfading? Is there any way to make a hand cross fading, separate up and down in RUN mode(except using SubMasters Faders) Already i use Software PC for main light board with a merging JESTER 24/48 HTP and I hesite to buy a JESTER TL in main LightBoard with the 24/48 in DMX in, as a control fading of Sub masters; I would appreciate the EDIT fonction, which allow, in RUN mode(during Reheasal or show) to modify some % of a Scene without disturbing the artists. I Use Zero 88 consoles since nos more than 20 Years and i appreciate the simplicity and thesolidity