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  1. Random-Stagger

    Hi, i would like to ask when will be added function "random" into effect window and is it possible to add also function "stragger"? ( I use that function in light factory of zero 88) Thanks a lot, Petr
  2. Random-Stagger

    They are both coming?
  3. Arri Skypanel S60

    Could I please have a profile for Arri Skypanel S60 . Thank you. http://www.arri.com/skypanel/ Petr
  4. Arri Skypanel S60

    Thank you .
  5. Random-Stagger

    Hi,I would like to ask about adding function "Random and Stager" .10 month ago the answer was " both coming ". Could you specify the date? Thanks
  6. Playback on ipad

    Good morning, I would like to ask if it is possible to turn off "Playback" in an apple ipad.? There is only possible to switch on., but there is no way to turn off. ( only at folders on boards) Thaks Petr
  7. Playback on ipad

    I am sending video to your email.Thanks Petr
  8. Random-Stagger

    Hi , I am still looking forward to new update which was promised upthere. Could you give me better info about? Thanks Petr
  9. Could I please have a profile for Futurelight PLB-5R and Eurolite par 64 rgbaw49x3w short. Thank you. Petr
  10. Could I please have a profile for Showtec Phantom 300 Spot Showtec Phantom 300 BeamThank you. Petr
  11. Random and Shake

    Hi All, I have the ORB-XF and I would like to ask about if you are going to add a random or shake fuction in the effect window in the next update? I miss that fuction quite enough and it would be very helpful to have it there. Thanks Peter
  12. Random and Shake

    Thanks for the answer and is there ZOS-5804 somewhere there to download? Or ZOS-5804 will be added in the next update software 7.8 ? Thanks for answering Best regards Petr Hi, I use "shake function" at the light factory of zero88 which is similar random function. Thanks