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  1. Manual fade times

    hello hold down the TIME button while changing pallets... or affect TIME to an empty playback-fader (you'll find it in "SETUP + FLASH[Playback]"
  2. scroll function for playbacks

    Hello Edward yess I for sure know to use groups... my question is what the "group button" on the I-Pad-App is expected to do ??? I guessed that it should activate a GROUP but it doesn't for example the syntaxe you gave : "GROUP 1 @ 70" brings up channel/device 1 to 70% (and not as expected "Group1-selection") !!!!! exemple : my group1 contains channels 1 to 5 ! the command on the I-Pad Remote App: "1 THRU 5 ENTER" activates selection of channels 1 to 5 but "GROUP 1 ENTER" activates only selection on channel 1 !! note that : on the Solutiondesk : pressing GROUPS button; than [special Page2) and "1 ENTER" activate the channels 1 to 5 and a second command as "@ 70" bring up these channels at 70% intensity (just to say : the command-line ability is there; but it dont work on the Remote-App !) direct-DMX-access while focussing can be useful (for me...) -- maybe you have put a stage-service-light onto a dimmer just to get it on or off while focussing but without necessarily patching it into the show-file... the DMX direct command is ideal ! -- you bring up a channel but there is no light.... maybe the patch is wrong, maybe the lamp has broken... bring the DMX up will help to see -- you have 4 dimmers on a given channel but for focussing you might wish to light them up one after the other.... (instead all of them together) -- same scenario; you bring up a given channel where 4 dimmers are patched; but you want one of them not to output -> you just bring it down with the DMX command leaving the three other "on" -- testing : without need to remember the (crossed) patch for a given show; and knowing the "dimmer-locations" of my theatre its sometimes quicker to test by DMX-command (patches are changing all the time, depending on companies and shows; my electrical dimmer-implementation in a given theater is allways the same and "labeled" !) that said : DMX command is useful but one could live without; I am happy that it exists on the Solution Desk... so whynot put it also in the APP ? its just à little wish yesss I easily understand that... but in the sound-universe for example you have Remote-apps (I-Pad or I-Phone) for consoles which are able to show up 60 channels ! maybe only 6 or 8 ou 10 at a time; but with the finger-scroll you head to any channel you want in a second... (and without having to press NEXT 15 times...) the ZerOS-Remote app already has this feature for pallets... so why not implementing it for the playbacks too ?? (just one more little wish... )
  3. scroll function for playbacks

    Hello the Team you did a great Job with the new Remote-app which is better than the last version I appreciate especially the Command-Line-Syntax It would be great to have in the Syntax also a "DMX-button" as on the Solution desk (very useful while focusing question : the button "Group" on the Syntax, what is it expected to do ?? (how to use it ? - grouping commands ? but how ?) and is there any chance to get one day scroll-function for playbacks ? specially on the playback page things are not easy at all !!! -- only 6 playback on a page at one time !! (and 34 pages) -- and we have to go UP or DOWN one page after the other -- no scrolling forward or backwards -- no shortcuts to head to a given page when launching the Remote-app we are on page one (playbacks 1-6) say I want to access playback 137, I have to hit the up-botton 22 times !! (or the Down-Button 10 times!) even to go to playback 43 makes already 7 times "change page" we have scroll-function for Pallets; is there a chance to get scroling also for playbacks ? or at least some sort of a menu to chose a given page ... thanks
  4. Editing Cues in Playbacks

    Hello This does not work on my console (without external keyboard); the command line on "special-page" 2 does not show the slash "/" (I did not try with the remote app, will try this later...) I tried this one : hit LOAD and enter the number of the desired Cue; all playbacks are blinking; select the one you need (hit its flash-button); and it will load the Cue into the programmer; this workes most of the time but fails sometimes => sometime another Cue is loaded into the programmer.... never understood why this fails (rarely) better thing to do : bring up the Cue you want edit; edit it and hit update; select the right Cue if there are more than one choice and hit ok.... its done ! (just be careful not recording unwanted light-states into your cue...)
  5. Hello Ed and thanks for the response... I wasn't sure if this is a bug or just something I don't understand in any case it changed since 7.8 and I am not comfortable with.... (I use those Cue-Stacks not as theatre-sequences but more as container for various Cues where I can chose just the one to use at a given moment (-> concert use....) - for example having several colors for a given Fixture-group in just one playback
  6. I have a question about sequencer stacks on Playbacks when (in the playback Setup) trigger on Raise and Lower are enabled, the GO-button also act as Solo => even with the master fader totally down, each GO triggers the Cue at full output and even stays at full output !! I have to take the fader to the top and then pull it down to have a dimmer function when trigger on Raise and Lower is disabled, this strange behaviour also occurs the first time when starting the playback (for example after : Clear+Playback and then hit GO with the fader down -> every Cue is output at "full") strange thing : I raise the fader and pull it down again and now I can hit the GOs in "blind-mode"... very strange behaviour and I am not shure that this works like it should... I am not very happy with it !
  7. De - select all button for the future

    okey, thanks
  8. De - select all button for the future

    Hello I don't have a Jester-ML (so I can't verify); here is my question : selection of a single fixture is done by pressing a MFK multiple selection of a range of fixtures is done by pressing multiples MFKs one after another (= addition), or pressing the first and the last MFK of the given range with other consoles (example ETC) a double-click on a given MFK select this given fixture but deselects also all the others... is this also that way it works on Jester-ML consoles ??? in the case of "yes"; the "deselect-all" function would be : double-click on a "not selected" MFK (it turns "selected"); then hit it once again and your done....all fixtures will be "deselected"
  9. Firmware 7.8.4 for solution

    its all there (on the Homepage Zeo88) !!! whats the problem ??? http://www.zero88.com/software/zeros/index.shtml then : "previous versions of ZerOS..." https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/zeros you can go back to 7.4 if you like to.....
  10. new Zero Apps (Remote and Monitor)

    Hello the new Command-Line function in the Remote App is very very useful (much more easier now for testing and highlighting fixtures and channels, dimmers etc etc) I have just one question what would be the Syntaxe (or things to do) to record a lighting state (Cue) into a playback other than playback-0... I couldn't find that yet.... thanks !
  11. ZerOS - Public Beta Release

    I suggest to add some more critical informations in your "Changes to operation of Solution consoles within ZerOS 7.9.2 and later.pdf" file as for exemple Palettes and Groups recording: before : just press and hold down the MFK-button now : RECORD -> attribute MFK -> MFK choice
  12. ZerOS - Public Beta Release

    great job ) ZerOS 7.9 is a real milestone !!! getting some bugs fixed and this will be a real great software that gives a new life for Orb and Solution generation desks , some sort of rejuvenation and revitalization !! (I love it)
  13. Hello the new apps now work fine as far as I can see we have the CommandLine window as a Menu-Item which is fantastic !! thanks a lot !!! ) just a little question the wheels don't appear (no image); but this is not a problem at all... I even prefer the empty screen (as it is) as long as the finger- movement does the job and that works fine !! I am just wondering (and did not find) how to change "wheel-pages" (with more than 3 parameters for a given attribute)? sliding seems not work.. in the colour window; as someone else told before: the white colour is labelled "black" in the playback-window (in the app) the Flash-button lits blue when activated; the fader position is a small bar (not always clearly visible) would it be very difficult for the developer-team to fill the space below the fader-position (or the fader position itself) with a lighter colour ? maybe blue ? that would be marvellous with an instant view of each fader position !! thanks and friendly greetings
  14. ZerOS - Public Beta Release

    thanks, Jon... Remote App works fine again... yipehh thanks but there is still the bug with personal wheel-groups (not recognized)
  15. Issue with "select stack" on OrbXF with 7.9.1

    hello maybe you should try on your console... in my case and with the Solution Desk the function that you related stills works as it should (and with the latest "public Beta OS" ) on Solution desk the combination is MEMORY button + the Flash button of the desired Playback (but maybe Orb is completely different... I don't know !!!)