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  1. DMX problems programming

    4 kam bar mk111's http://zero88.com/manuals/7340300_jestermanual_3_4.pdf
  2. DMX problems programming

    Im not using dimmer packs im using kam bars which have 15 channels of DMX each with channel 2 being the dimming channel. I am using 4 of these kam bars giving me a total of 60 channels of DMX to have individual control of every light and colour. Can you advise how to set up the desk in this manor please. Sam
  3. DMX problems programming

    I was trying to add a dimmer DMX patch to one of the faders but it seemed that i could only have it on one fader when i put it on another fader it took it off the previous one?
  4. DMX problems programming

    I have recently bought a jester 24/48 desk and I am programing a new show. But it seems I cant assign the same dmx to more than one preset. Any thoughts? Sam