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  1. Cross fade chase

    I'd just like to add, having had this desk since its launch, this is still the one thing that catches me out and I keep forgetting! It just doesn't seem logical to me, and I'll probably still be coming back to the forum next year to remind myself how I do this! :-)
  2. Recording individual parameters in palettes

    Thanks Jon, I knew about the tagging feature and thought I'd untagged all the other parameters. I probably just made a mistake, I'll have to go back and try again!
  3. How do I record a specific parameter in a palette? I'm using my moving head profile, it has gobos, prism, focus, rotation etc... all on the "Beam" control. How do I set up a palette so that it just records the prism in, and another with the prism out? Same with rotation, say I hit a rotate clockwise palette and it just rotates the currents selected gobo? At the moment, when I record a beam palette it seems to record every beam attribute. I'm certain I'm just doing something wrong.
  4. Fixture editor: Auto create palettes

    Yes the Carallon system, I couldn't remember the name of it! They've been saying it's "coming soon" for at least two years. I'm still not entirely sure what the need to differentiate "beam" and "shape" is though, or what the advantages are...
  5. Manual fade times

    Ah, thanks. I think I got that working! Shame it needs to use up a valuable MFF, but it's better than nothing and probably better than a fixed time in the setup options.
  6. Auto Palette confirmation

    Can you add a confirmation box when hitting the "Automatically Create xxx palettes", it's really annoying if you've named the gobo palettes and then accidentally touch the "auto generate" button and all your work is gone in an instant! Easier to do than you might imagine when using a touch-screen and scrolling etc...
  7. Manual fade times

    Thanks for the quick reply ziglight, I only have PhantomZerOS at home and I don't know how to press multiple buttons on that with a mouse I can try it at work on Monday on the desk, but can you tell me what pressing TIME while changing pallets actually does? Haaaang on.... There isn't a TIME button on the FLX..... Are you winding me up?
  8. Fixture editor: Auto create palettes

    Out of interest Jon, what's the Zero 88 companies dictionary definition of "soon"? It gets used a LOT, like the Shape feature will be implemented "soon", the fixture library will be changed "soon", a user manual will be coming "soon"... Lot's of stuff has been coming "soon" for a least two years now. I spoke to you at ABTT last year and it was coming "really soon", well now it's almost ABTT again, and we're still waiting....
  9. Manual fade times

    Is there a way to set manual fade times? For instance, when I'm busking a show with moving lights and I go from one position pallet to another, they always transition as a snap. but I'd like to have them move over say 2 or 3 seconds so it's not as jarring. Same with the colour attribute, instead of snapping to a colour pallet, I'd like it to fade. I just want my changes to be more subtle during a gig... I could turn the intensity off before making the changes, but it's quite nice to be able to move the lights to different positions during a song sometimes. What would be really nice is the ability to set a fade time that is stored in the pallet, so I could set up the same positions but with different times associated with them. Say a snap (0s), fast(2s), medium5(s), slow (8s). But as a bare minimum I'd like to have a default "manual" fade time option in the "Defaults" setup page. Maybe this is already a feature? But if it is I can't find it.
  10. Cross fade chase

    Excellent, that's what I was looking for (and missing)!
  11. FLX "presets"

    Thanks, it's good to know it's possible but a separate "looks" function would seem more logical. Presumably doing it using the current method would use up a Colour pallet (or whatever you choose) but also store beam / intensity or whatever else you selected. Could get messy and confusing if you have lots of pallets and you use recall a "colour" pallet and suddenly find out it's moved the position too...
  12. Understanding Effect Waveforms

    I'm struggling to get to grips with the Effect Waveforms with my RGB fixtures. I've been trying to make a smooth fade across the RGB spectrum, so starting at Red fading through to Yellow into Green to Cyan then into Blue and finally Magenta before fading back to Red and moving evenly across all the colours in between. I don't want it to stop at any point in the cycle and I don't want it to dip to black... just a consistent colour fade that goes round and round. How do I achieve this with the Effect Waveform generator? If I set Red, Green and Blue to Sine then they all follow the same path so I get fade to White, then out etc... Logically I think I need to offset the Sine wave, but the options are Sine, Sine 180, Sine 270. This doesn't seem to make sense since if I offset Green by 180 it's doing the opposite curve to Red, if I set then set Blue to Sine 270 they are all out of sync so it never does the cycle I'm looking for. It feels like I need to set the Sine to 120 for Green and 240 for Blue but those aren't options.... Is my understanding of how this works wrong? I feel like I need a tutorial on how this feature is implemented. Most colour fixtures are either RGB or CMY with an increasing number of RGBA/RGBW etc... So I don't understand why the 120/240 offsets for the Function don't exist. The Step function is the same, it's 0/90/180/270... again divided into 4. So how does this work with fixtures that use three colour attributes?
  13. Cross fade chase

    So this seems like a fairly basic question, but I can't figure it out... How do I make a chase that cross fades between colours? I have my generic 5 colour wash in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Pink using parcans. So the steps I follow are: Red @@ {RECORD} to playback 1 Red @ {ENTER} Blue @@ {RECORD} to playback 1 Create a chase Blue @ {ENTER} Green @@ {RECORD} to playback 1 Green @ {ENTER} etc..... Now I have a basic 5 step chase that snaps from Red to Blue to Green to Amber to Pink and back to Red. I can speed it up and slow it down, but that just leaves the Red on for longer, SNAP Blue............. SNAP Green............ SNAP Amber. If I speed it up I get SNAP Red.. SNAP Blue.. SNAP Green etc... I can change the attributed of the chase to Ramp Up which fades up Red, SNAP out, fade up Blue SNAP out etc... or I can ramp down which is SNAP Red, fade out, SNAP Blue, fade out. How can I ramp up AND down? Is there a way to overlap the cross fade so it fades up red, and then fades up Blue as it fades down Red so I don't have a dip to black between each step?
  14. Chases on faders

    When I add an effect to a fader using the built in Rainbow effect on some RGB LEDs the default behaviour seems to be to fade it in over 3 seconds and then snap out when the fader is back at zero. How do I change this so the fader controls the intensity of the effect?
  15. Some requests and a bug

    I just plotted a show on the FLX, it's the first time I've really used it for that purpose. Up to now it's been used as a busking desk... However this was for a theatrical production and I had a couple of issues with with things the Lighting Designer wanted that I didn't know how to achieve. Firstly default times... you can set a default fade time, but that default is for up and down. But the LD wanted me to set default fade times of 3 up and 5 down. Can we have the ability to set default times for each parameter in a future update? At the moment the Copy button will only copy cues and playbacks I think? Can you also enable a way to copy channel data? For instance, I get a look I like for a moving light with colour, gobo, focus, position etc.. I want to copy that to another moving light in the rig. I don't think that's currently possible is it? Or if I find a colour in one of my LED fixtures I really like, I want to say "Group 31 Copy 141" which will make all fixtures in Group 31 the same as channel 141. On the whole, plotting the show was a fairly pain free process, coming from an ETC Ion there are obviously limitations. Having to put effects into other playbacks and using Macros in my cue stack felt a bit clunky for instance... A couple of time I used the "goto cue" function by holding the Go button and typing a cue number. Although it went to that cue, on a few occasions it didn't update the cue list to show me the current position which was a bit awkward and I don't know why.